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Bring Me The Disco King

Official Releases
Reality (2003)
Reality Ltd. Ed 2CD (2003)
Reality Tour Edition (2003 Australian pressing)
Reality Tour Edition (2003 EU pressing)
Underworld OST (2003) - Loner Mix
Reality DualDisc (2003)

Reality DualDisc (2003) - video promo from the short film 'Reality'
8th September 2003 Riverside Studios, London Reality Tour Edition DVD (2003 Australian pressing)
8th September 2003 Riverside Studios, London Reality Tour Edition DVD (2003 EU pressing)
22nd / 23rd November 2003 The Point, Dublin A Reality Tour DVD (2004)

Unofficial Releases
Loner Mix from the Underworld OST Rock God, Please!

8th September 2003 Riverside Studios, London NDR 2
7th October 2003 Copenhagen Reality In Mermaidland
8th October 2003 Stockholm Reality Hits The Globe
15th October 2003 Rotterdam Bring Me The Rotterdam King
16th October 2003 Hamburg Coloured
18th October 2003 Frankfurt Feed Me No Lies
20th October 2003 Paris You're Coming With Me
20th October 2003 Paris Bercy's First Reality
26th October 2003 Stuttgart Pfff... It's Stuttgart
27th October 2003 Munich Christmas Songs
3rd November 2003 Berlin The Hero Is Back Home
22nd November 2003 Dublin Straight To The Point
23rd November 2003 Dublin The Fantastic Voyage

19th January 2004 Denver She'll Drive The Big Cow
2nd February 2004 Los Angeles My Reality
21st February 2004 Sydney Simon Says Quicksand
9th March 2004 Tokyo Arigato King!
11th March 2004 Osaka Last Night In Japan