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Baby Universal

Official Releases
Tin Machine II (1991)
Tin Machine - Radio Session (1991) - 13th August 1991 BBC sessions

24th October 1991 The Docks, Hamburg Tin Machine: Oy Vey, Baby video
22nd June 1996 Loreley The Outside Festival VCD
22nd June 1996 Loreley Loreley '96 VCD

Unofficial Releases
edit Scrap EP
extended remix Scrap Heap

1991 Saturday Night Live Scrap Heap
13th August 1991 BBC sessions Scrap Heap
13th August 1991 BBC sessions Live In Boston
25th June or 25th August 1991 Los Angeles Scrap EP
25th June or 25th August 1991 Los Angeles Essential Equipment
11th August 1991 The Mark Goodier Show, BBC San Francisco '91
19th October 1991 Copenhagen Complete Copenhagen
24th October 1991 Hamburg We're Really Excited
29th October 1991 Paris Satan's Perfume
11th November 1991 London Love Em Or Hate Em
15th November 1991 Philadelphia At The Tower Philadelphia
16th November 1991 Washington DC The Live Tin Machine
20th November 1991 Boston After Dark
7th December 1991 Chicago Heaven's In Here
12th December 1991 San Francisco San Francisco '91
22nd December 1991 Vancouver North American Final

30th January 1992 Osaka They Belong In Rock 'N' Roll
31st January 1992 Osaka Shakin' All Over
6th February 1992 Tokyo Goodbye Mr. Ed
6th February 1992 Tokyo They Belong In Rock 'N' Roll

4th June 1996 Budokan 1.Tokyo
10th June 1996 Osaka 10th June Outside Tour
22nd June 1996 Loreley Exposed Live
22nd June 1996 Loreley Telling Lies
22nd June 1996 Loreley A Night In Loreley
24th June 1996 Toulon Battlecries And Champagne
28th June 1996 Halle Lust For Leipzig
30th June 1996 Roskilde Roskilde At Last !!
3rd July 1996 Tel Aviv Holy Unorthodox
5th July 1996 Torhout Belgium Torhout Festival
16th July 1996 Rotterdam Ahoy Again!
7th September 1996 Washington Back Outside
13th September 1996 Boston Avalon Ballroom Boston
13th September 1996 Boston AVAL ON THING