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Kristeen Young - Saviour Machine

Live at The Way Out Club, St. Louis 30th December 2002
Tracks 11-16 featuring Tony Visconti on bass.

Kristeen Young sang backup and played some keyboards on Heathen.

From the illustrated db discography:
"Saviour (Young/Bowie?): in the summer of 2002, an MP3 turned up of this
song, a duet between Kristeen Young and David Bowie. Apparently, this song
will be featured on her forthcoming Tony Visconti-produced album, titled Breasticles."

01. Wake The Dead
02. 21st Century Ride
03. Automatic Love
04. Breasticles
05. Incubator
06. We Want More?!
07. Bite Down
08. Valuable
09. Touch Tongues
10. Saviour
11. Tony Visconti intro
12. Boys Keep Swinging
13. Conversation Piece
14. Black Man
15. The Man Who Sold The World
16. Heartland Soul
17. Reveille
18. Rock Radio
19. Don't Go Back To School
20. Saviour - studio version with David Bowie