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Tibet 02/03

Tracks 1-6 live at The Tibet House Benefit, Carnegie Hall NYC 22nd February 2002
Tracks 7-9 live at The Tibet House Benefit, Carnegie Hall NYC 28th February 2003
Tracks 10-16 Kristeen Young live at the Way Out Club, St.Louis 30th December 2002 - tracks 11-16 featuring Tony Visconti on bass and vocals.
Track 17 studio version featuring David Bowie.
Note: Kristeen Young contibuted some keyboards and backing vocals on Heathen.

01. Introduction and band intro
02. I Would Be Your Slave
03. Further band intro
04. Space Oddity
05. Patti Smith's Closing Comments
06. People Have The Power - Patti Smith et al
07. Loving The Alien
08. Heathen (The Rays)
09. Waterloo Sunset - Ray Davies featuring David Bowie
10. Saviour
11. Tony Visconti intro
12. Boys Keep Swinging
13. Conversation Piece
14. Black Man
15. The Man Who Sold The World
16. Heartland Soul
17. Saviour - studio version featuring David Bowie