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That Damn Curfew

Live at Shea's Buffalo Theatre, Buffalo 25th May 2004 - sourced from Bit Torrent via
Note: This is a soundboard recording. However, it appears to have been recorded from Gerry Leonard's feed to the mixing desk.
The result is that his guitar and backing vocals are very much to the fore of this recording, sometimes drowning out everything else!

Disc One
01. Rebel Rebel
02. Cactus
03. Sister Midnight
04. New Killer Star
05. Looking For Water
06. All The Young Dudes
07. China Girl
08. The Loneliest Guy
09. The Man Who Sold The World
10. The Motel
11. Battle For Britain (The Letter)
12. Sunday
13. Heathen (The Rays)
14. Hallo Spaceboy

Disc Two
01. band intro
02. Under Pressure
03. Reality
04. Station To Station
05. Ashes To Ashes
06. Quicksand
07. Modern Love
08. I'm Afraid Of Americans
09. "Heroes"
10. The Bewlay Brothers
11. Queen Bitch
12. Suffragette City
13. Ziggy Stardust