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Janjan's Mystic Tsuki Collective

Cutenesss Right?

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Update!! 2/16/02

Hey yo! Other than the fact that I renamed this site to Janjan's Mystic Tsuki Collective, there's really nothing that has changed. But I did sort of revamped .:Home of the Gakis:. But only for a slight bit, you won't even recognize what I did. Ahh wells..

P.S. Anyone living in New Jersey, Check out Thursday playing at the Krome on whatever date. Want more of Thursday? Check out for more info.


Ohayo! Okays, I update .:Home of the Gakis:. My Tokyo Crazy Paradise site. Hope you like it. If you want to send me a link or pics or anything else juz e-mail me! Arigato!


Konnichiwa minna! I haven't done much updates, GOMEN! But I did make a new site dedicated to Tokyo Crazy Paradise! I call it .:Home of the Gakis:. Visit it if you like but it's undergoing HEAVY construction. Ja ne! ^_^


Where the hell have I been you ask? Well school guess. ack! Anyhoo, I updated my Shinigami Is My Love Shrine. I put up 3 more new fics so I hope u enjoy! Be back soon!

It's taken me a while to say something about the incidents that have occured during this past week and I apologize. The truth is I can't really even begin to understand why something this tragic would occur. There are people who I know that have lost somebody in this traggic event and I give my condolensces and my prayers out to you. My prayers and my support will always be here and I just hope that everyone is safe. You can help by donating or supporting the relief fund. For more info click here. You can also help by donating blood at the hospital. I'd really have to thank those who are working to help those who are in the WTC, especially the cops and the firemen and volunteers, I respect you to the highest regards and know that you will always be my heroes. I hope everyone the best and I give my prayers out to the families and friends of the victims. Thankyou.


Hey all! Updated my Shinigami Is My Love Shrine! I put a new fanfic in there so check it out! byes!

EWWW!!! BACK IN SCHOOL!! :( owells. anyways. changed the layout AGAIN! hehe. if you want to add your shrine juz email it to me thankya!

Thanks to Lauren for submiting that pic of Aaliyah!

Hey everyone. Check out HIEICHAN'S ANIME MANGA NON-STOP. Domo Heichan!

This site is for freaks like myself who are looking for stuff on Shinigami and Yuuhi Aogiri! I made it especially for the fans of anime/manga. I'm gonna make other shrines for Hana Yori Dango. There will be others, you can count on it! Just don't expect me to make a site on Britney Spears or anything preppy like that.

And for my friends who know whut YOU SUCK MONKEY ASS is~HI!!!~ hehe. I'm trying to fix that site but I'm just lost and confused like I usually am. :O Well, more stuff will be added if I actually get around to it. So enjoy! Babyes!!!!:)

If ya wanna link or add your site to the lineup then email me.

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