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Chinese Nasal Tufts


bred by J. P. Isom


One thing that I want to do sometime this year (2007) is to visit Beijing and meet other Chinese Nasal Tuft breeders.  If any visitor to this site has contacts there, I'd appreciate an email or other information for them. Thanks.

(You can post the information in my guestbook -- I will be the only one to see it, since I've set the book for me to check all postings before they appear.)

The birds below are simply some from my loft.

Ash-red Ringbreast Nasal Tuft Pigeon bred by J. P. Isom

Ash-red Ringbreast Chinese Nasal Tuft


Ash-yellow w/f nasal tuft cock, bred by J. P. Isom

Ash-yellow white-flight Cock Nasal Tuft


Black 2 Patch Nasal Tuft Cock Pigeon bred by J. P. Isom

Black Two-patch Nasal Tuft Cock


Pair of Blue Bar Pied Nasal Tuft Pigeons bred by J. P. Isom

Pair of Blue Bar pied Nasal Tufts



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