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Brief History of Chinese Nasal Tufted Pigeons in the U.S.


J. P. Isom


   Chinese Nasal Tuft - Black Spot (wearing whistle)

Black Spot Chinese Nasal Tuft - wearing whistle.

(The following is a note I sent to a young man asking what I knew
about the history of the Chinese Nasal Tufts in the United States.)


Hello Chris,

A little history about the Chinese Pigeons here in the U.S. as far as I know it.  They were brought here about 1959 by a man named Edward Fitzsimmons. As far we know there has not been any other importation  since.  Edward  grew up in China and as a adult he brought the birds to the U.S.  He was the only one to have them until he fell into trouble with the law and went to jail. He was a wealthy man and had a caretaker  ( Edward Avila) who took care of them for a few years and then he gave and/or sold them all in the late 1970's.

 I  meet Mr. Fitzsimons in 1990 he did not have any birds at this time. He was a very pleasant man.  He took me out to breakfast and we talked Chinese Nasal-tufted Pigeons for hours. Before he left, he gave me a gift, three of the whistles that are tied to the rumps of the bird so that in flight they produce the noise the Chinese love.  I was, and still am, very excited about them.   However, I have never again been able to get in touch with Mr. Fitzimmons since that time.


My 2003 Kit of Flying Chinese Spots

Chinese Spot Nasal Tuft pigeons


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