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Welcome to my website. This site is a mixture of a little of this and a little of that -- a few things about me, my family, my activities with genealogy, publications and connections to sites that may be more interesting and informative. I am including a connection to the dna site for the Keefer dna project which I started back in 2005.
Also you will find information about publications that have been placed on CDís and are available at $15 each, the proceeds used for additional dna testing for those enrolled in the project.
For those who dislike reading from a monitor, I have recently republished several books which were written a number of years ago --
The Keefer Families, The Keefers of Illinois, and a book about my mother and her family entitled Jeanette Shotwell Keefer - Her Family.
Also Richard Alan Keeferís book A Goodly Heritage.
Last year I completed my autobiography The Time of My Life, which is actually eight books in one volume. I have also recently republished my book The Guy from Out of Town - HowTo Be Your Own Business Consultant , and a book by my friend Red Frenell Selling Your Way to Wealth and Happiness -- all of these books are available on line at
A friend recently commented that my picture, above, must be an old picture. Well, as a matter of fact, it is. I call it my
Ann Landers picture. Memories of days gone by. I only include it so you will know who it is you are visiting with.
Thanks for stopping by to visit my website, and please sign my guestbook -- it only takes a moment.

Pete Keefer