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Last Updated DECEMBER 5th, 2003


Greetings and welcome to the NBP Records website!! This label was started to put out grind/ hc/ noise/ thrash and earbleeding-brutality... I always had in mind to put out a record of my own bands, and I will........ Really... So watch yourselves!! So here you are NBP Rekids!!.....and how! I have a little distro as well, so check it out...



PUNK // CRUST // HC //GRIND Messageboard

I now accept

Pay with you Credit Card for a faster delivery.
Small charges apply.
2.9% + .30 cents.
Not bad huh??
If interested, let me know first.


12-11-03 - The Unholy grave/Depressor 7" is OUT NOW!!!!!!! Mailorder for a white vinyl one now!! Only 300on white!!!
12-6-03 - The Unholy grave/Depressor 7"s are done!!! Iwill drive down to the pressing plant Friday to pick them up due to a bad case of the flu I have!!
12-5-03 -Due to problems with the mastering of the comp, it has been delayed...... But out this week UNHOLY GRAVE/DEPRESSOR 7"!! New to the distro are Funeral 7"s.
9-24-03 -New to Distro: Anubis Rising Lp and Durga 7"s. The Unholy Grave/Depressor 7" will be out shortly!

9-20-03 -2nd show I throw taking place in October 11th at the Roots again. the Unholy grave/Depressor 7" will be released next, then the 7" comp, Gate Mierda P.T., and then the HFSS/CDMP andthen the Irritate/HFSS 7". Also an Unholy Grave cd is inthe works!

New to the Distro: Mesrine/Krush 7", Embalming Theatre/Jazz Intrusion 7", Unholy grave/Mitten Spider 7",Unholy Grave "West Coast Tour" 7"!
8-5-03 -I'll be throwing my first show on August 30th with some brutal locals and a band from Mexico. The purose was to bring down Man Destroys Himself (Mexico) who play brutal Death/grind. My band Gored Face played with them 3 times in Mexico, and they are all really cool heads and totally tear shit up. It's time the locals experience this brutality! For sure on the Roster right now is Man Destroys Himself, Gored Face,and Feus Eaters...more bands TBA. Lack of Interest were invited and hopefully do this show make bring the death/grind and mad HC thrash/grinders together for a night of relentless brutality!!
7-28-03 -Updated Distro list....I have most of it up finally... E-mail efore odering or list alternativescuz I have a very small distro and sometimes things go fast!! Oh,Anyone want to buy a 1970 Nova????? E-mail me!!!
6-3-03 -HFSS/CDMP, Mesrine,Gate, and NOYFB 7"s out soon!! I'm gonna master these records in July, Sorry for the lag. I'm in the process of paying for studio time for some of my bands and actually buyinga new car. Well, not that new,a 1992-1995 Jeep Cherokee. I will finally have a car I can easly fit my whole drum set in with out scratching it all up, and I really want this spacy vehicle bacause I'll be uying a newer drum set soon. I'm not rich, but my current 7 piece drum set isn't even wood. it's like plywood or plastic. I'm finally buying a TAMA Rockstar 5 piece, and I'll be selling off myold one minus the 2 small toms. Oh yeah, and An extra bass drum which I would have used if I had a truck to haul my drums in. I'm used to using those 2 extra little toms so I'm keeping them..METAL!! I need the 5 toms damn it!! OK!! I'm just used to it... Any buyers for a 6 piece drum set? Hit me up in about 2 months!! I'm selling it really cheap!!
My 1970 Chevy Nova is giving me some problems, and I don't feel like fixing it up. Anyone want to buy it???? Also, Unholy Grave/Depressor 7" is ready togo but I'm waiting of Riotous Assembly, cuz it's a split release. This release will be out really soon.
5-19-03 -Check out the temporary LOS ANGELES PUNK / HC MESSAGEBOARD for local shows/gigs/events/trade... This will be up for only 3 months
4-12-03 -I'm having another PUNK RECORD SWAPMEET Sunday MAY 18th 2003. Click link for more info. Admission is FREE, venders set up shop FREE!!
3-29-03 -The Mass Separation / Dregs of Humanity 7" is now available!! Order a Purple vinyl one while you still can now limited to 101.

3-22-03 -Thanks to the people who ordered through PayPal. Isn't it awesome recieving your records really fast!! The Mass Separation/Dregs Of Humanity 7" is not done yet. Just waiting on the phone call from the Pressing plant to go pick them up...
2-15-03 -I ACCEPT PAYPAL... get an account and pay with your credit card or bank account in seconds....!!!PAY PAL is secure and safe....their is a little extra charge though.... like .30-.50 cents. Ask me. The Record Swap was a success. I'll be having another one in about 2 months....maybe 3. The next one will be promoted a month in advanced instead of 2 weeks, so I'm hoping for an even better turn out. Thanks to everyone who came down!I'm waiting for the Mass Separation/DOH vinyl... it will be out in a few days... 1st press....500....100 of those on purple.
2-06-03 -PUNK RECORD SWAP // PUNK RECORD SWAP!!! A record swap (meet)will take place at my parent's house this coming Saturday, March 9th. Come find new and rarePunk / Grind / Metal / Crust / Hardcore and more kind of records.... Dvd's, videos, shirts and cd's will be sold here as well!! Everyone is invited. It is free come and buy and free to sell. I have over 30 tables, so come one come all!! 3816 E. Dozier St. / Los Angeles, Ca / 90063. Use MAPQUEST for directions.
-Lots of new distro shit!
-The first NBP repress will take be done this year. Look out for the Birdflesh "Carnage on the Fields of Rice" 7" repressed later on.. This time all on black vinyl to avoid any confusion from the first pressing which were 3 different colored versions.. I have the covers printed already....

STILL AVAILABLE!!.. but for Mail order only!! no more trades!!

UNHOLY GRAVE- The Unreleased 7"
Gored Face (demo)/H.F.S.S. split cd-r Now available for $1 extra with any order.

MP3s of 2 of my bands for anyone who cares.
GORED FACE MP3- Gore Grind from L.A..
HIDEOUS FECAL SPLATTER SESSIONS MP3- 2 peice Lucha-grind powered by feces.