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Name: Candi-VerumGender: Male
ID: ep103m Age: Pup
Clan/Tribe: Eorl's Pride/NoneStage: 1.0
Color: Black with yellow starsEyes: Yellow
Variations/Additions: None yet

Personal Info-
Calm, gentle, and caring, Candi-Verum is something of a safety net to his friends. He'll let you handle things however you want, only giving advice when it's asked for- and no matter the outcome, you can count on him to be there waiting to cheer you on or softly assure you that things will turn out okay. He prefers the nickname Verum over being called Candi, but he usually doesn't mention it.
More of a lover than a fighter, Verum is very mellow about battling. He treats it as a hobby, with meeting new faces being more important than the outcome of the fight. Not to mention that it's great exercise!
Other Note: Candi-Verum is the official Hufflepuff House Eorlan of the Eorlan Hogwarts Four, given to Quis because of her insane Hufflepuff loyalty.
(Visit Ravenclaw, Gryffindor, or Slytherin?)

Life Points: 115 Strength: 35
Speed: 30 Intelligence: 30
Cunning: 30 Defense: 50

Nip- 30d
Growl- 10% away from opponents origonal def.
Special attack: Hogwarts Howl - 40d, takes 50% away from opponent's next attack.

Battles: 3 wins / 0 losses

Used Items Quilt-

Unused Items-