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Name: TyphoonGender: Male
ID: eh56m Age: Pup
Clan/Tribe: Eorl's Honor/NoneStage: 1.1
Color: Tropical stormEyes: Aqua
Variations/Additions: Head & Neck Armor, Ribbon Leg Wraps, Honor element

Personal Info-
Quis thinks affectionately of Typhoon as 'the loud, paranoid paladin'. He's of a heroic inclanation, perfectly ready to risk his own well-being to save others.

The problem is that he thinks every-one needs to be saved from just about every-thing, and events more subtle than a cream pie to the face tend to fly right past his understanding.

He means well!

No, really. He does!

Life Points: 115 Strength: 35
Speed: 35 Intelligence: 35
Cunning: 35 Defense: 54
(Base: 40 + 30% from Head &
Neck Armor + 5% from Ribbon Leg Wraps)

Nip- 30d
Growl- 10% away from opponents origonal def.
Honor attacks:
Honor Bind -- 40 Damage

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