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Name: Firewalk
(or 'Fire Walk With Me')
Gender: Female
ID: eh65f Age: Pup
Clan/Tribe: Eorl's Honor/NoneStage: 1.0
Color: RedEyes: Yellow
Variations/Additions: None yet

Personal Info-
Fire-elementals in general. Loud, hot tempered, passionate, stubborn. Firewalk is... working on it. The general personality quirks the other flame types take for granted just don't come as naturally to her as she's sure they should, and she works at the application of them like a study.

Some day, she can only hope, she'll find a way to stamp out her pesky abilities to wait patiently and think before speaking.

Firewalk would also prefer to ignore the existance of her official name, 'Fire Walk With Me'. She brought it with her from her previous owner, and it is generally agreed upon in Quis' lands to be a silly and overly long thing to call someone.

Life Points: 100 Strength: 30
Speed: 35 Intelligence: 20
Cunning: 28 Defense: 30

Nip- 30d
Growl- 10% away from opponents origonal def.
Kick- 35d

Used Items Quilt-

Unused Items-