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Name: DeliciaeGender: Male
ID: ep057m Age: Puppy
Clan/Tribe: Eorl's Pride/NoneStage: 0.0
Color: Dark blueEyes: Ice blue
Variations/Additions: Vampire fangs and horn

Personal Info-
Deliciae, Del for short, is Quis' closest adventuring sidekick and makes up for her occasional clutzeyness by being extremely polite, having a good memory, and basically acting much older than he is. Del has a tricky time with meeting new people- he's sure his fangs must make him look like a monster, and while out and about he's always ducking behind things that cover him from the nose down to keep them hidden. It's especially troublesome for him because he hates to be alone, but isn't comfortable being around lots of people either. Once it's clear that an individual isn't bothered by his fangs, he loosens up considerably.
Since flying on a giant hawk's back in his first real adventure, Del has become deeply interested in the idea of flying- he dreams of soaring overhead, being able to stay close to people and watch over them without anyone having to notice his presence. He wants more than anything to grow and befome a wind element, but it's a private wish, and he tries to keep it to himself.
Life Points: - Strength: -
Speed: - Intelligence: -
Cunning: - Defense: -

None yet

Stat additions: None yet
Battles: None yet

Used Items Quilt-

Unused Items-

Ball for feathered wings from Spring Hunt '04