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Mike's Page

ok, first of all, you guys have to sign my guestbook or i'm gonna sic my squirrels after you! i am the king of the squirrels! ok, now that that's taken care of, take a look at all my anime stuff! give me some advice for my site, ok? and please don't leave stupid comments in my guestbook (the last thing I want to hear at the end of the day is someone all pissed off at me because she broke up with me and now I don't want to get back together with her, or he's jealous because he thinks I'm trying to steal his girlfriend, or he's jealous because I'm better looking than him...) Tell me good things like "Oh Mike, you're so hot!" and feel free to give me you phone number... But if you're a guy, don't go there; Just keep it to "Hey, nice page man" or something like that ;).

Dude, I'm sorry everyone. It's been like decades since I worked on my webpage here! I've just been so busy with enlisting in the Navy (chicks dig guys in uniform, right?), and now going to college full time... But hey, ALL of my college costs are paid for AND I'm getting a $14,000 enlistment bonus once I finish a year of college credits! Of course, I'll probably only get like $8,000 after taxes... but hey, $8,000!!! That's like my life savings... times 8 thousand! Anyway, I've kinda gotten myself into this weird little Inu Yasha Fetish recently (and I mean that towards the show... I have more of a personal fetish with Sango and her sexy ninja outfit than Inu Yasha), so EVENTUALLY I hope to put up a whole lot more of those pics.
PS: TO ALL OF MY PREVIOUS FRIENDS FROM PETALUMA, PLEASE EMAIL ME AT !!!!!!!! Even if you ended up hating me at some point, I'd still like to say "Hey, how's it goin'?" or "Kiss my @%&*@ you stupid @^)&@!" one last time! J/k. But seriously, email me!
Everyone else email me too! Send me a love note or something so I can show off my 50 new online girlfriends to everyone I meet! And I'll take the time to write a love note back maybe with a picture showing off my crazy sexy muscles and totally awesome hair (hopefully before I get it all cut off in the Navy). Yeah, I'm not looking forward to going bald... but $14,000....!!!!)


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