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The LoyalTubist Webpage

by Billy Jack Long


In the Los Angeles area, this is the only way we can get Mr. Pibb... You can't buy it in stores, except for a few specialty soda pop stores--and then you pay out the nose.  Coca-Cola has exclusive rights to Dr. Pepper in the Los Angeles area.  The closest place where I know of where you can buy Mr. Pibb in bottles and cans to here is in Ridgecrest, Califoria, where US Highway 395 and State Highway 178 meet.  If you are driving to Mammoth or Reno, don't forget to stop off at WalMart or Vons and pick up several cases of Mr. Pibb, now known as Pibb Xtra.  I like Pibb better than Dr. Pepper, other people do, too.  Notice how well used the Pibb button is!  (Not a paid advertisement--just a gripe.)

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From 1918 to 1929, this gas station occupied the site of the Fox Theater in Riverside. Click on it to find why it's so special to live here!
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