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Friday, November 5, 1999

Jesus said: "Beloved children, TODAY put blessed salt around the perimeter of your property and the foundation of your house. Sprinkle Holy Water around walls (inside) of row houses and blessed salt around the outside free walls.

Bless also all doors and windows and always bless yourselves, families, pets and other creatures.

In water stored outside, water not used for drinking add a bit of blessed salt and Holy Water. I will bless your efforts.

Food and water stored inside will be blessed upon entry into your consecrated house.

Make haste and prepare for all that you are responsible for; humans, animals and property. The awful day of the Lord draws closer and is very near.

Prepare as I am telling you. Put your souls in the state of grace and consecrate all to me. Listen and follow My instructions. It is never too soon to begin but the day is coming when if you do not obey it will be too late.

Follow the Shepherd. Know My voice and I will lead you to safety. Prepare your ark today for We will leave port shortly. "

November 30, 1999

Jesus said: "...As they [the evil people] scan your cities what they see is similar to the mouth of a young child when the baby teeth are gone but before their adult teeth grow. There are gaps between the teeth. So too I make houses blessed as I've told you to do as gaps in rows and between single, humble homes. Some apartments will appear as all walls without entry doors except through the unblessed apartments. There will appear to be no way to enter.

These gaps will look natural to these evil people for this is My Way and it is My Will to protect My own. I gave you all My instructions before the bitter cold weather arrived. If you have not yet taken care of your house and property then I remind you to "get a move on" for before much time lapses it will be too late.

Evil is everywhere and has many eyes. Chips are in all your electronic devices that you use daily at home or in the office. These chips are in cars, implanted into newborn babies and used in animal shelters. Soon these chips will be in everything so as to trace your every action, every spoken word and every move. YOU WILL BE MONITORED. Wiring going into or out of your house will be hooked up outside your home or workplace without your having any knowledge of it. These plans are being activated NOW..."

December 26, 1999

Jesus said: "...The time for justice has arrived and IS at hand. The midnight hour is here. All that was spoken to you of old by Our God, by Me, Your Jesus, My mother Mary, Joseph and many saints and angels as well as through all My present day messengers is now coming true. You will live the life you've chosen; a life without Me. Therefore you WILL know the justice of Your God.

Those who cleanse their souls, pray and become My loving children following My Will as best as you can while repenting and forgiving I WILL strengthen and lead you through the valley of darkness.

If you are prepared as I've instructed you over and over again you have nothing to fear for I will send My angels to lead you, to aid you, to assist you and shed My Light upon you and your paths. Darkness WILL NOT overcome you.

Again bless your homes, families, animals and yourselves with Holy Water, Holy Oil, and keep sacramentals on your person, on your pets, around your homes and in your other buildings where any type of life will be kept. Keep prayer in your hearts, on your minds and lips. Give all service to Me. Trust in My power to assist you and protect all that is Mine. Keep hope in your hearts and PRAY. Remain in a prayerful state and follow all My instructions. Always discern. Let no evil near you. Keep your eyes fixed on Me and your ears open to My Word. Keep Me always in your heart and PRAY!

But a few hours remain before justice begins and for you, My children, to change ALL your sinful ways. You can and will be forgiven if you but ask. Seek Me now and find Me awaiting your return. My mercy is for everyone. Absolutely no one is rejected by Me. I LOVE ALL! I LOVE YOU! Seek Me in the darkness of your sins and I WILL become the Light to lead you home for I AM THE LIGHT IN THE DARKNESS. Ask Me to become the Light of your life. PRAY My dearest little sinners--PRAY! "

June 14, 2000

Jesus said: "Make straight the way of the Lord, make straight His path for His time is nigh. The battle is rapidly progressing to its peak. Ready your hearts and souls immediately. Hasten to the Heart of Your Savior. Be covered by Mary's Mantle of Protection. Seek strength and fatherly protection from Joseph. Repeat often the prayer to Holy Michael, My Archangel.

Waste little time making sure your home, property, pets, animals, vehicles are also under My Divine Protection. USE THAT HOLY WATER, BLESSED SALT AND OIL POST-HASTE. Immediate precautions MUST be taken.

Evil is everywhere and pursuing every human on earth. He is super- powerful and deceiving. He WILL perform acts to fool you and to confuse you. His tactics are subtle and cunning. He is turning families against one another. He is spreading hate everywhere and dwells in My Church, governments worldwide, industry and even small business. He is alive in young and old alike. He spreads his malicious deeds into schools, hospitals, clinics and gatherings of every kind. He has people fighting against truth and misinterpreting My Words, whether from Scripture or through My chosen locutionists-- end time prophets. He is causing havoc the world over. IGNORE HIM!

Use all your sacramentals frequently for I give you these as a means for protection from evil..."

July 5, 2000

Jesus then said: "Beloved ones, your world is being bombarded by the evil spirits. They are attacking within My Church, your government, its leaders and withholding much pertinent news from the people. Before much longer your freedom will become a totalitarian society. You will be ruled by a One-World Government and you will not be able to buy or sell, worship openly or even
travel any distance. You will be governed by martial law and the Antichrist will force all to worship an idol. Smart cards and chips will become mandatory. Diseases of all kinds will become uncontrollable and no medication will cure your ills. Your air and water, thus all you eat, drink and breath, will be polluted. Skin rashes will be common place and eyes will burn and become dry. Along with all the above you will be deprived of electric, gas and all utilities.

Sin, the likes of which has never before been seen, will run rampant. Fear will consume many hearts to the point of death. Hatred, jealousy and greed will control mankind. 

Because of your leaders your country has already been given into the controlling hands of evil. My Church is divided by a great schism. My True Church is lead by Peter's successor, your Pope. The false church is totally estranged from him and its rulers and leaders are changing My Mass and teaching false doctrine.

The sky is full of satellites to follow your every move and your phones and other electronic devices, including your cars are implanted with chips. You are at the mercy of evil men.

What you do not know can and will hurt you. You must become knowledgeable of My messages, My directives. You must pray and pray and pray. You must consecrate yourselves to Me daily plus all your families, pets, homes and property. You must use sacramentals on your person and in your home. You must repent and convert today. You must have hope and trust in Me, obey Me
and live My Will only..."

February 19, 2001

Jesus then said: "My Word is Truth. My Word is Love. My Word is warning you.My Heart loves you. When will you listen to Me? When will you do as your told? Must a person tell you what to do, or must you listen only to God? Do I not know what is coming in the future? Do I not tell you? Do I not warn My people as I said I would do? Do I lie, or am I all truth? Am I not all Love and Truth? Do you not believe My Words?

These things are happening in your world today, and worse is yet to come, and it's coming quickly. For I am lowering My Arm, and no one will hold it back any longer, because of the terrible sins of mankind. So few people love Me, so few people honor and adore Me, and fewer still obey My Commandments and My Words. So few people today believe My messengers. I chose these children of Mine around the world. Their words are being confirmed because they are of Me. Do not listen to anyone whose words are not confirmed for they are of evil.

If you hear these words to other messengers, to others of mine throughout the world, know that it is true. Do it! Do not wait for someone to tell you what to do. Listen to Me, obey Me, do what I tell you, for the time is short, and the cold will get worse, and the shortages will be a reality.

If you do not lay-in what you can according to the size of the place you live in, you will be sorry. Don't be like the foolish virgins, be wise as the others were, for your bridegroom is coming like a thief in the night. And he is coming soon. I tell you, if you have a closet, lay-in one of each. 

If you have a basement, lay-in much of each. If you have a barn, store it up for yourself and animals, all creatures, for they depend on man, as they depend on Me. You must listen to Me as the creatures do, and depend on Me, not on one another. Do as you are told, be bold and go forth in My Name. Why are you fearful? Did I not save your neck, and I would take care of you? Do as your told and go forth. Put in your reserves now, tomorrow may be too late.

There is a war going on now, and America is part of it. Your country, the United States is a part of it. If the other countries of the Far East aim at you, you will have no electricity, no natural gas, there will be no stores open to buy, and people will panic. There will be riots and killing and stealing for people will want it. But I will protect those who listen to Me.

I will take care of what you have. And those of you who put up your sacramentals as I have told you, bless those windows and doors, put My signs around every wall and window, let it be seen by the world. For I have promised you, your homes will not be seen by the evil ones. They will pass you by as they did in the Passover.

I will bless My people who listen to Me. Who love honor and obey Me. Do it while there is time, and the time is now."

Louise now receives a vision: "I even see fires around the country. I see floods. I see a lot of major cities, their not anymore. They're being either burnt or flooded out, or bombed out. I see The Lord's refuges standing loud and clear and bright, but people can't see them, they don't know where they are. They're right in front of their noses, but they can't see them.

Jesus then speaks again: 'Not everyone will have to go into caves, for not everyone can travel that far. For many are crippled, some in body, that is their limbs are crippled, but others are crippled because of diseases and they can't go. Then I will make those refuges if you want your place to be a refuge, then obey Me, and have that house consecrated to Me by a priest. A good priest! Have that home blessed. Have your property blessed. And bless your cars. Bless everything in My Name, and you will be safe. Do not obey
Me, and you will pay for it.

I am doing what I can do for My people. And I am talking to you through other people. I am using them. If you hear a confirmation, do it! Pray, and I will tell you what to do. Fear not, for I live in the hearts of My children. Open your heart to Me. Let Me in and hear Me. You know not the days that are left. You do not know what evil is up to, but I do, and yes your God is the conqueror. But there will be much to go through between now and the days when the new earth and new Heavens appear. Yet I will take care  of Mine, and Mine will take care of others. Obey Me."

June 9, 2001

Jesus then said: "Well, My children, are you rising from your slumber? Do you see My signs raging all around you? Are you waking from your sleep?

These signs--floods, fires, insects, droughts, illnesses are just a few of the visible signs that I am sending to WAKE MY PEOPLE UP!

Are you in the state of grace? Have you confessed ALL your sins, and do you have true, heartfelt sorrow? If not, you'd better do so immediately for you know not where Our Father's hand will strike next.

Do you have your blessed sacramentals in place? These are the signs of the lamb and, when placed around your homes and property, as I've instructed you, are a sign for evil to pass over you. Act today for there is NO time to procrastinate.

Have you stored up provisions for yourselves, the animals and for anyone that I will send to you? Do you have fire wood and blankets and all I've told you to have on hand? Shop today, for tomorrow may be too late.

While the southwest of the USA is baking, the northeast is bobbing up and down. Some states are flooded while others are dying from drought. Winds rip through some states and cities while mudslides bury others. Avalanches can and will still occur in your mountain areas around the world. Earthquakes are happening daily--everywhere. Your news media is mum about most all of these natural disasters and, sorry to say, so are most of My preacher-sons and teaching children.

Volcanoes are erupting daily around the world but again they are kept secret. Storms, of every type, are raging in every country and you are on the verge of war. WHY DO YOU NOT LISTEN TO AND OBEY ME, YOUR GOD?

You are living in turbulent times. My signs are everywhere. These floods will carry disease and insects far and wide through the air, and on the winds. Devastating illnesses will result, and most water is already unfit for human OR animal consumption. Food is tainted and your air polluted. 

Disease. Illness. Death..."

 September 25, 2001-1:45 P.M.

 Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please  cover me with your Most Precious Blood."

 Today I come to warn you: all MUST be in readiness for the hour is at hand. Evil men, the world over, are preparing another attack that will affect the entire earth and all its inhabitants. No one and no thing will be spared.  They are resorting to chemicals, germs and insects, all of which are deadly.

 This is to cause long suffering until death finally frees my children. These  fools will also breathe in and eat and drink these toxins. Their intent is total destruction. They will also self-destruct.  All food and water will be contaminated. Are you prepared? If you've
 listened to Me and My warnings you will be ready at any given time. Keep your eyes on Me and witness My signs in the sky. Listen to all I've told you and continue to obey Me. In love and mercy I warn and teach you.

 Complete your preparations quickly for evil lurks at every corner. After  all the messages I've sent to earth, very, very few pay any attention. 

 New York City was a horrible wake-up call for thousands in USA and various  countries. The next attack will be far worse and very soon. You are living Scripture's final chapters.

 The mighty battle must rage. But one day all evil and all sin will be wiped away forever. Then will be the Era of Peace I spoke of. After that I will return.

 Today I am with you spiritually and in the Holy Eucharist. Be obedient and faithful soldiers for on that final day--THE LAST and FINAL JUDGMENT-- I will collect My own, My faithful, trusting, loving, obedient, tiny remnant and escort you home with Me in Paradise ( Heaven ) eternally.

 But beginning TODAY, the trials and tribulations will increase. You need My strength and peace of mind and spirit to see you through. Spend much time with Me; listening, reading Scripture, rereading My loving messages, in prayer (prayer is very important to your peace of mind) for in this way you grow closer to Our Father. Allow His Love to lead you. Become one in Us through complete self surrender.

 I've told you many things to set aside for these treacherous days ahead. Now this grave hour is near and you will also need a mask ( gas ) to keep these chemicals and germs from entering your body through breathing. These weapons will increase headaches, eye problems, illness in your vital organs and skin rashes and burns and finally, death. Have these (masks) ready for all your family members, all who live with you, for even the indoors will NOT be safe.

 Again I tell you this through My Mercy and Love. Begin!!!

 *Note: News Channel TV 6, Philadelphia --5:30 P.M. today talked about gas
 masks and showed them.

SEPTEMBER 28, 2001-10:10 A.M.

 Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

 "This is the day the Lord has made. Let all people rejoice and be glad"

 I speak to you in MY time: past, present, future, today--for I AM. Today mighty things will happen, great sign to make you aware that I am God and that I am in complete control and that I allow all to happen to awaken you.

 Heaven and your One Triune God exist. Truly, I tell you, Hell and the Devil exist. Earth, Hell and Heaven are staging a mighty war and all on earth are witnessing its results; its devastation.

 Today is the day for reckoning with your God, your Savior. Today THE mighty war is raging around your earth as I foretold you through my beloved son, St. John.

 Today all must be prepared and ready. The cold of winter has already descended to many areas on earth. The chemicals have been dropping from the sky by evil men in unmarked planes for some time already. This has been witnessed by many people in many areas.

 Poisons have been and are used widely, as pesticides. So, My dear ones, earth IS a living chemical and you and all living things are breathing, eating, drinking toxins. Your bodies are contaminated. Man is waging a chemical war against his very own life.

 Destruction of the worst kind has and will continue to cover the earth until the dust and debri will darken the sun and My Angel will blow the trumpet announcing the arrival of suffering and death. ( Rev. 6:8 )

 Your ( worldwide ) proud and arrogant leaders who do NOT believe in God, love, life, mercy, humility and do NOT follow the commandments given to Moses for all generations, all mankind, until death will perish by their own actions. The day of vengeance is upon you. Most of you will live to see it and its deadly effects.

 Today I speak to you, I warn you, I ask you to prepare. I beg you to pray, sacrifice, repent and do penance. I ask you to destroy your pride and ego through humility and to rid the world of hate through love and forgiveness.


 Today--follow Me! Accept Me into your hearts. Live My Will. Become one in Me. And, today as never before--PRAY!!! Today ransom your souls from Satan and accept My redemptive powers and love for YOU!

 Today consecrate your entire being to Me and receive My strength, My mercy, My unending love and yes, peace in your hearts. Choose Me! Choose Heaven! Turn your backs to Satan, sin, evil. I WILL hear your heartfelt prayers but these prayers MUST come from your heart NOT just your lips.

 Today will see many changes in your world and in your life. Make your decision for time is very, extremely short.

PRAY today and make every day a day filled with loving prayer . This urgent message is for YOU--each and every individual. Your decision determines your eternal destiny--Heaven, The Trinity and peace, joy, health, happiness OR hell, the Devil, fire, suffering and brimstone.

 PRAY and decide on eternal life with your God, Jesus, your ever suffering Redeemer

OCTOBER 2, 2001, 10:25 A.M. - 


    Louise started to receive a message from Jesus and said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood." Dear child, anyone who walks through life with no problems, no ills, no trials cannot be of Me. ( take up your cross and follow Me.). My life began, not in My parents home but, in a cold, dark stable. Even my cradle, that Joseph so lovingly made, had to be left behind. My adult life, while out teaching, healing, performing miracles; bringing My Father's Word to all people, was spent under the sun and moon and stars. I had to walk everywhere. I who am God and created all, had absolutely no comforts. Our meals were berries, fruits, and fish we caught. We drank from the lakes, seas and rivers along the road of our travels. We cleansed our bodies and clothes in these same bodies of water. Also, dear children, we had no family nearby and if it became cold we had to find wood and build a fire (we also built fires to cook or warm our meals ). Trees protected us from rain and storms. Some kind people invited us to their homes for rest, meals, refreshment and to clean our garments and bathe our bodies. 

    You have everything! Yet you are constantly discontent. You seek more and more, bigger and grander. You are spoiled and do not wish to walk in My footsteps or behind Me for it is too uncomfortable. You are far too materialistic and pleasure seeking. I, who made all, your God, Creator, Savior, Redeemer Jesus, had so little while you, the created, want and have so much and still remain angry, discontent, hateful and arrogant. Where is your humility? We (Father, Son and Spirit) rarely, if ever, hear you thank Us. You will learn. You will change. Daily I will strip you of all materialistic love and self-pride and ego. I will have you respect ALL I have given you. I will make all people respect all life. My people will follow Me. People will love, obey, return to Our Father and carry your cross each day. I will bring you to your knees--to prayer--to accept your God and be grateful for little things. One day, every nation will walk together under the banner of love--love for God and love for one another. Then you will live true peace: no more wars, hatred, pride, jealousy-- only true love and My everlasting peace. Open your hearts. Live My Father's Commandments. Take up your cross and follow Me. This is TRUE love and makes you a true follower of Me, Jesus. Your world is headed for a devastating disaster, yet, if you listen and obey My teachings, YOU CAN change your life and the world--one prayer at a time. Live in My Love! See yourself change and others will follow. Bring Me to everyone! Reflect Me! Correct YOUR attitude. Mellow your temper. Treat all as you wish to be treated. Respect ALL life. Give without expecting return. Prayer is your armor. Prayer is your shield. Make prayer your battle-cry. Cry out My Name, Jesus. This IS your power! I AM your power! Defeat evil! Defeat the Devil! PRAY!!!

NOTE: Many families have blessed their homes as discussed above (sacramentals, blessed salt, etc.) by placing small (1 ") blessed St. Benedict Crucifixes above the exterior of each window and door of their home. Some recommend placing blessed Miraculous Medals there together with the St. Benedict Crucifixes. St. Benedict Crucifixes are crucifixes which have a medal of St. Benedict embedded on its back.

On several occasions Jesus has spoken to John Leary about the significance
of sacramentals, and in particular that of the St. Benedict Crucifix.

 OCTOBER 5, 2001, 11:00 A.M.

 Louise started to receive a vision and then followed a message from Jesus
 and she said, " Jesus, please cover me with Your Most Precious Blood."

 I see: A heavy ochre colored fog has settled upon the earth. No light can penetrate it yet, it is not dark. There are signs indicating gas stations  which, I take this to mean that this yellow/ochre fog is a chemical gas.  The people with gas masks, God is protecting. The others are breaking out in boils and their skin is blistering. Here and there, there are flames. The smell is obnoxious--like sulphuric acid.

 If someone lights a match or lighter, an instant explosion takes place. Only God's remnant seem protected in transparent cubes where nothing can harm them. His faithful ones seem to be at peace. 

 I hear: Chemical warfare is upon you. Little will be spared. If you listen to Me and do all I ask, to the best of your ability, I will take care of you.

 This smog is already settling over many great, industrial areas. Some will bear an odor; some will not. All is deadly. No one will be able to deny this very visible act of evil. The men who are preparing this vicious attack will also die from it.  I tell you again, If you are still unprepared, your very life may be at stake. You must make your decision; God or My Adversary, the Devil/Satan/Lucifer.

 Prayer, obedience, love, consecration and dedication to the Will of God is  your only hope to survive and endure these treacherous times that you are living

 You must come to Me and eat of this Bread (My Body) and drink of this Cup (My Blood) to have life within you. Repent! Forgive! Pray! Do not become faint or weary. I am your Strength, your Light and I am the only Way to Heaven. Follow Me.

 NOTE: see John 6:53-- Galatians 6:6-9 --Isaiah 40:29-- Revelations 9: 17-18  and 14:10