Welcome to my Suspension Series Picture Page!!!

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Here is Lisa preparing for her shoot.... Note the milk crates and ankle cuffs on the floor...... purpspnd01.jpg (44122 bytes)
purpspnd05.jpg (35122 bytes) First I stood on the milk crates, and Viky applied the bondage.....
Then the milk crates were removed and there I was...dangling from my ceiling purpspnd06.jpg (37264 bytes)
purpspnd07.jpg (28807 bytes) It was a little strenuous.... But I think it was worth it! I know it's hard to tell....
..But this pic will show you... I am about a foot off the floor ! : ) purpspnd08.jpg (26550 bytes)
rainbow01.jpg (31792 bytes) To prove that I truly enjoyed being suspended.... I changed outfits......
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Pics By Viky