Name: Lisa Anne West

Location: Silicon Valley, California

D.O.B. September 29th, 1965 ( Libra )

5 foot, eight inches tall

125 lbs.

Dirty Blonde / Brunette hair

My eyes change color depending on my mood...

from green to blue.

36B - 25 - 29

I have always been involved in all forms of theatrics.

From acting on the stage, to doing the lights on the stage.

I am well versed in all forms of dance, especially ballet.

( I still have ballet class every Wednesday night )

I like swimming, horseback riding, roller coasters

playing pool and music of all sorts.

I started Crossdressing when I was 6 and have never stopped.

I have just taken my lifestyle a step further with every year set

before me.

I am tender, yet strong. Soft yet vulnerable.

I am very oral, passionate, and love to hold hands & cuddle.

( I love when you slip your hand in my back pocket as we walk

down the street )

I like a man or woman.

Because gender is unimportant to me.

An honest heart is what counts.

I like someone that will meet me half way. no more. no less

But you'll find I always tend to give a little bit more.

Being a Libra, I am very romantic. I like candle light dinners

as well as Taco Bell

I like Daisy Dukes as well as Donna Karin

I like someone that is fun, adventurous, spontaneous and humorous.

If you like what you read, and what you see,

please feel free to contact me.