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The Ultimate Hottie: Josh Hartnett

Welcome to the new and improved The Ultimate Hottie: Josh Hartnett. We have redesigned the format so it can be more comfortable on your eyes, less scattered and more organized, and refurnished. Check it out!

NEWS FLASH: Cutting edge news about four-- count 'em-- FOUR movies starring Josh that are in the works. Click Here to read more!! Also, I read in YM that a book about Josh Hartnett has been released. Check out the latest issue of YM with Ashanti on the cover, under the book review section for more on where you can buy the book!

Josh: Everything you could imagine about the Josh Hartnett himself. Read a bio or film history, or laugh at some funny facts!!

Fans: The place for Josh fans to be. Hangout here and interact with you fellow Josh fans. COMING SOON: Fan profiles!

Fun: Fun things to do! Here is everything from games and quizzes to giving Josh a virtual kiss!

Even More: All the extra things that didn't apply to one category, and breaking news such as magazines he's in, TV appearances, etc. Yup, there's even more!

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