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Whenever I update my site, I will come here and post what I did. So check back for recent updates and new pages... (This is basically so I won't clutter my home page with updates and stuff like that)

4/7 After going to Art's solo show I typed up a review thing and it's pretty cool, so be sure to read that here. The show rocked and I had a lot of fun~ And don't forget to check out a couple other reviews from other fans and other shows, here.

3/17 I added a review on the Robbie page, it's a review of the recent Rabbithead show I saw at the Roxy~ Please do read it!

3/5 Read Art's Solo Tour dates here!

3/8 The newest newsletter is up now: Newsletter 24

2/3 I got the newsletter up and I really want you guys to read this one: Newsletter 23!

This newsletter is kind of a goodbye to the weekly one, and now I will most likely be doing a monthly newsletter. The newsletter is going to be kind of put on hold for now, as well as the site. I am starting a new school and I won't be home near as often or online very much at all.

1/6 I got the newsletter up! Newsletter 21

1/4 The colorfinger page is up and running!

1/3 I used two different song interpretations in the newsletter this week and I got both of them linked up on my fan page. Go here to check them out!

1/3 So I decided to do a little rearranging on the home front, I made a banner for the newsletter and moved a few of the others to new spots. I researched some colorfinger info and found some good sites last night, so I will probably be getting that page up soon.

1/1 I typed in both of the Robbie reviews from the past two times I saw him, so here's Robbie @Mr.T's on Dec. 4th and Robbie Solo @the Crooked Bar!

1/1 Haha, it's like 2am right now! And it's totally weird writing 1/1, we're now in the year 2002! woo :) So yeah I finally archived the past 2 week's newsletters, go here for #19 (12/21), and here for #20 (12/30)! Can you believe it!?- we've already been through 20 newsletters! That's amazing, my how time flys. Happy New Year everyone~

12/14 I archived the Newsletter for this week.

12/8 Guess what you guys!? I finished the Everclear Jeopardy Game!! You've got to play it, it's a lot of fun and it took me a long time to do :) lol So see how much you know and have fun~

12/7 I archived the newsletter: [Dec. 7]. I will also be working on the jeopardy game this weekend;)

11/30 Just to give everyone the 411 on the game page, I am working on an Everclear Jeopardy game that you will be able to play and try to guess the answer, and find out immediately if you were right or not! It's a lot of info and will take a while to get up and going, but I will be working on it a lot and I'll keep you posted until it's finished!! :)

11/30 I put the November 30th Newsletter in the archive.

11/24 I did something I have been wanting to do for a really long time! The game page- I've got 3 different things on there now, and I'm looking for more ideas... so let me know if you come up with anything... Take a look here: Game Page

11/23 I finally got the pictures of Robbie's new band in! Their name is Rabbithead and the pictures turned out good so go and look at them!

11/23 I archived this week's newsletter: [Nov. 23]

11/23 I archived the newsletter from 2 weeks ago, sorry about that being so late, I was busy... but here it is: [Nov. 16]

11/11 I archived the newsletter: [Nov. 9]

11/4 I changed the info on the about me page. I retyped everythng and updated some stuff. I also used links where I could, so when you read it you can click on things to go to other pages on my site and read a little bit about different concerts and things like that. I put a new picture of me up- and that's about it:) lol Check it out here: about me

11/4 Check out the robbie page, I got a bunch of new stuff up including new live robbie pictures, and a review on the show I saw with his new band!! There will also be pictures coming soon for that show!

11/3 I changed the chat time to Saturday @7pm pacific time instead of Friday. Hope you all can make it to the Saturday night chats!

11/3 I really liked the article that I wrote for this week's newsletter. So if you have time, take a look.

11/3 I archived the newsletter: [Nov.2]

10/27 I archived this past week's newsletter- [10/26]

10/20 I changed more stuff on the home page and put up a banner for this page. So just take a look, because it's a lot different from how it was before.

10/20 I changed the home page up a little and put a cool table in with some of the important info... and a few shout outs and thank yous. I am probably going to make a few more adjustments, so tell me what you all think and email me about it!

10/19 I archived this week's newsletter: [Oct. 19] Hopefully I'll put a new page up this weekend! lol :)

10/13 Check out an everclear concert review by a fan! Written about the Ohio 2001 show... Ryan's Review

10/13 I've got this week's newsletter archived [Oct. 12]

10/12 Everyone go here and check out some Robbie MP3's!!!

10/7 I got this week's newsletter archived. [Oct. 5]

9/26 I've got the October Chat Schedule in now, take a look and please try to join us:)

9/23 I now have a chat room for this site! wohoo:) I am going to try and schedule some times when we can all get together and talk at the same time. If you want to just check out the chat go here and also check back frequently for the upcoming October schedule.

9/23 Along with the references I added names and places. I made a page especialy for those 3 topics and it's pretty cool... Names, Places & References

9/22 I have a banner now for this site... email me if you want the script to put on your page. Check out the banner here

9/22 I changed up some of the stuff on my Robbie Page and added a new part that talks about the latest Robbie show I saw.

9/22 I got this week's newsletter up! I am planning on doing some stuff today so if I do I'll be sure to let everyone know... Newsletter Archive

9/16 I changed the home page and put stars in between all the links just to make it look a little more exciting! :) Tell me if you guys like it, drop me an email!

9/16 I added a News Archive page. I am not going to archive every newsletter, along with the article/interview. So if you want to go check out some of the older newletters you can, and you can also see the most recent ones. I will try to get each newsletter in every week.

9/16 I added some more article and stuff on the articles, interviews, & reviews page. I also out in all of the articles that are featured in the weekly newsletter.

9/6 I added some stuff on the robbie page because I went and saw him again... Robbie Live at Mr.T's

9/5 I finished the Robbie's Fave page, go take a look

9/3 I added a new link to a very cool article and interview page on my articles & interviews page, I kind of changed the formatting in that page around and it looks better now- my everclear articles & interviews page

9/3 I am totally getting a lot done today! lol. Well anyway I did an entire page dedicated to Robbie, I think it turned out really good a page for robbie

9/3I did a reference page, where I give a brief summary of the poeple, such as John Prine, that Art refers to in his songs. here

9/1 I finally finished the fan article & interviews page. So I made a fan page especially for all the fan things I have done. I will hopefully add more to it as I think of new ideas. Check it out and tell me what you think... fan stuff

8/26 I went through all of my pages and fixed every typo (I hope) and changed the wording on some things. Basically just touched up my site here and there.

8/26 VH1 EPISODE: Everclear's episode of VH1's "Rock and a Hard Place" (the Hawaii show) will be airing at 10pm on August 26th. Everclear taped this after the Matchbox 20 tour. It features the guys on a cattle drive, performing acoustically, doing interviews, etc. EC said they had a blast doing this, so it should be fun to watch:)

8/25 News page added. I will try to update it as often as I can, so that way you guys will know what's going on asap. check it out

8/20 Anyone can join my new webring, go here

8/19 Everclear2Everyone E-Mailing list! Join now and get the latest on Everclear2Everone updates and the most recent info on everclear. For more details see the e-mailing list link or click here and it will take you directly to that page. Thanks to everyone who has been signing up and keep spreading the word so that way we can bring everclear to more people :)thanks

8/19 I got this birthday banner idea from the Nehalem site, so I decided to keep the tradition going- long live Nehalem. Thanks to everyone who has emailed me and come onto this site. Thank you holly (you helped me start this site). And thanks to all the fans out there like me who can't get enough everclear!!

8/15 Pictures of me meeting Everclear in Anaheim are now in!! Find the link on my sun concert page or go here

8/15 Exclusive question and answering with Robbie, who tours with ec, link added below. or take a look at it here

*UPDATES* I just took this from my home page, it was on there for a while, so I just put it here: My Las Vegas pictures added to the vegas concert page! I finally got all my Santa Monica and Summerland pictures in and they are now on my page! Hope you enjoy:) I added a 1999 interview with Art and a magazine article written during the smfta era to the articles & interviews page. There are new pictures from Everclear's Official site of the Anaheim show I saw added to the sun concert page! I also put new image links on the lyrics page, so you can click on the album cover to get the lyrics. New civic tour page added.