Santa Monica

During my spring break in April 2001 I took a trip to Santa Monica and Summerland. Here are the pictures I took in Santa Monica-

The first picture above is of the entrance to the pier.

The second picture was taken while I was on the pier, looking back inland. That is the Santa Monica beach and shoreline, along with the palm trees in front of the buildings.

And the one right above is an overview of the entire pier. If you look closely you can see some of the rides and things on the pier, it resembles some of the shots in the Father of Mine video.

These two pictures were taken on the actual pier, towards the middle where all the rides are. In the Father of Mine video Art walks right down this side of the pier. And the ferris wheel is in the video too (not sure if it's the same one) but I rode it just to say that I did:) lol (To the right- my mom and three sisters.)

These last three are just of the beach, ocean and different shots and angels I got for all you to see. If you ever get the chance to come ot California, Santa Monica is a beautiful place to go (and hey it's ec related!) lol

-Something that my family found really silly that I did was take home a big bag full of Santa Monica sand from the beach. I now have it in a jar on my shelf with the lyrics to Santa Monica on the outside.

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