Robbie Gennet

For those of you who don't know, Robbie Gennet is a piano player who tours with everclear (and plays the keyboard for them) to make their live shows sound even better. But he is also a musician all his own. He does not just tour with everclear. He works on solo projects, has started a new band, and is the singer/song writer for all his music.

I recently saw him as a solo act, live, out in LA. He was great! Although I had never heard or even known anything about his music before going, I still went- and had a great time. He is an amazing piano/keyboard player and has one hell of a voice.

~Side Notes~

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I went and saw Robbie again on September 6th, at a place called Mr.T's Bowl. If you want to read about it and see pictures from this show, go here: Live at Mr.T's There are also pictures from this show on the page now, or just click on the live Robbie pics link towards the bottom of this page.

Here's a little something I wrote after I saw him again this week: Here

I went and saw Robbie with his new band on Oct. 30th and they were great! Click the link to see what I wrote about this show and I now have live pictures of his band! Go here for pictures or click on the new band link and find them on that page.

I finally typed in both reviews to the past two Robbie shows I've seen, so go here to read about a Robbie Solo Show On Dec 4th and here to read about Robbie Solo @the Crooked Bar!!

~*New Show Review*~

Another Rabbithead show! Four months after I saw my first, and their first Rabbithead show, I saw them again... but this time it was at the Roxy. A very nice place to have a show, and not to mention semi-famous. It was a lot larger than playing at Mr.Ts, which is where I previously saw them. It was a step up in the venue, and a big step up in the music... check out my review here: Rabbithead @the Roxy!

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Hey everyone- let's all help spread the Robbie word and get his music out to more people... tell everyone you know who's interested in music about him and tell them to check out some mp3s here: Robbie mp3s

For Rabbithead mp3s go here: Rabbithead mp3s

If you haven't heard any of Rudy's music, Robbie's old band, listen to it here: Rudy mp3s

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