Capitol Records

On the way to Santa Monica we stopped in Hollywood, and that's when I got the idea to stop by Capitol Records and say hi. Well not exactly say hi, lol- but see if I could get any everclear stuff! They didn't have any posters I could have, but one of my younger sisters found black and orange flags on a shelf in the corner. So I went to take a look at them, and turns out they were everclear flags! We asked the security guard for them, and she let us take them both. It was pretty cool. And now I have my own official flag from Capitol on my shelf:)

Inside Capitol Records on the wall was Sparkle and Fade, it was up there for it's record breaking sales. Amazingly the picture turned out great! And the other picture is the corner, Hollywood and Vine, where most of you will recognize it as an everclear site.

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