Articles, Interviews, & Reviews

Here are some of the artciles, interviews, and reviews about everclear that I have found interesting enough to note. A lot of them are really good and give you a greater appreciation for what Art, Craig, and Greg really have to go through- if you have time I highly suggest looking over them...

And the other section is all of the articles, interviews, and reviews I have featured in my newsletter.

Under The Influence
Basking In The Afterglow1
Alexakis On Success, Solo Efforts
Basking In The After Glow2 Interview
Unlovingly Panned

Newsletter Articles/Interviews/Reviews

So Much For The Afterglow Review
Good Time For A Bad Attitude Review
Art Interview/Review
Art Interview
Craig Interview
Under The Influence
Greg Interview
Art Alexakis at The Velvet Elvis
Everclear: Art Alexakis on Rock Stars and Flextone Amps for Guitars Interview with Art Review and Interview with Art (smfta era)
Inside Everclear's World of Noise:
Everclear: Loser Makes Good
Audio-Clip Interview
Starland Motel Interview with Everclear and Pop Muse
2001 ec Interview
Review of all of Everclear's Albums

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