Tom Leykis Show Experience

On December 14th, 2001- Art was on the Tom Leykis Show which was being held at the Playboy Mansion in LA. He played two acoustic songs, "I Will Buy You A New Life" and "Santa Monica." And was also interview by Tom Leykis, and took questions/comments from three callers.

I had gotten home from school and put the show on when it started at 3:00pm and listened all the way up until 5:00pm, when they finally introduced Art onto the show. After the interview they gave a phone number which people could call and talk to Art. So I went out on a limb and called the number. Of course, it was busy... but I kept trying. After about 10 busy signals, I got through!

A guy answered the phone saying, "Tom Leykis Show, can I help you?" And I told him that I wanted to talk to Art. He said that I had to have a something to say, and I told hom that Art has changed my life and Everclear was my favorite band. He said that was awesome and then he said, "hold on and you'll be on the air with Art in just about a minute." I said thanks and almost lost my breath right there.

I mean, I've met him before, but I had never thoguht I would actually get through on the radio and talk to him on the phone! lol :) I didn't really know what to say, because it all happened so fast! But I ended up telling him that I loved their music, and that I had been listening all day just to hear his interview. I mentioned how excited I get when I hear Everclear on the radio, and that they are my all time favorite band. I finished it off with telling him that he means everything to me.

It was truly a wonderful experience, and exciting! If you ever call a radio, don't tell yourself you won't get thorugh! lol :) Because I didn't think I would either, but look what happened. It's funny, how things like this happen to me. It could be just luck, but I look at it as fate. It was meant to be. I really love everclear's music so much, it's my life- and it just seems as if someone out there wants ec to know that! :)

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