The Sun Concert In Anaheim

Well after my show I can surely say I have nothing more to ask of Everclear. Me being the obsessed fan that I am, I asked people from a radio station for backstage passes. Since I am not 18, I could not get them. So about 30 minutes later the man from the radio station walked up to us and handed us passes to the VIP lounge after the show, where the band hung out and signed stuff. I was suprisingly calm, lol.

We got front row and this time I was on Davey’s side, who rocked so much! I think I’m in love with him now. And what was cool was that I got him to smile at me a few times, he made me feel really special. Robbie smiled at me too! He looked so cute clapping and doing the keyboard and stuff. He was back there and I was just going all out and he looked at me and smiled and it looked like he said, “Ya, right on!” and he put his arm up and shook his head at me, and I did the same thing back, so it was really cool. It was kinda funny. But it was very fun.

I got an American Hi Fi pick, which I gave to my sis who likes them. I also got 2 Art picks and a Davey one. (I got your picks Victoria!) So when Art asked who wants to be a dancer, I was like yes I do! And I pulled out my sign that I made. It said- “I just want to party like a Rock Star and dance onstage until the day I die!” It was really small too. But Art came over to my side and walked right up to me, read the sign and said “come on you, up here now!” and pointed to me. So the guard put me onstage. And I was the first one up there! It was so cool. Then the next few girls got called up, and we hugged eachother and smiled, like we had known each other forever. During the song I danced and jumped and sang along. But the coolest part wasn’t until Art grabbed my hand and pulled me to the mic with him, he’s all “come on!” and I stood right next to him and he sang- “That’s why I want to be a-.” And he’d pull the mic down for me and I’d say “Rock Star!!” and I did that a bunch of times. So I got to sing with Art and then after the song I asked him for a pick and he looked at me and smiled and handed me the one he had been playing with during the entire song.

After the song I hugged Art, said goodbye to Craig- the guards were getting anxious so I didn't have time to give hime a hug. But as I started walking off the stage I asked Greg for a drumstick, and he gave it to me, I told him thanks and I left the stage with a smile. I made my way back down to the people I was with in the front row and listened to Suffragette City, knowing the show was over. When the show ended I asked the guard if he could give me the setlist that was taped to the stage, he told me I had to ask the guy who was picking it up. I couldn’t really get his attention so the guard asked him for me, and I got it!

They played a total of 20 songs, opening with So Much For The Afterglow, and closing with Suffragette City. Which might I add during that song, Craig walked on the audience, he kinda leaned over and let the people pass him along. And when he got back on stage Art stage dove into the fans. And they surfed him around, it was pretty damn cool. After the show I had about 10 different people tell me I rocked onstage and I sang really good up there. I couldn’t believe people were telling me this, it was so cool. When they finished and left the stage, the girls I was with said, “And do you know where we are going now?” and I just smiled and thought- “ahhhh!” So then we went to the VIP lounge and stood around for a while, waiting for the guys.

And then Greg came in first. He made his way around the people and came to us. I had him sign my drumstick, my shirt (the one that I made that says Everclear dancer since 1993), and the setlist I had gotten. I told him how much I loved Everclear and thanks for everything, and he said “aww thank you, you guys are awesome.” And he stayed for a about 5 minutes with us taking pictures and talking, once again I couldn’t believe I stayed so calm!

Then Art walked in. When he got to us I had him sign the same stuff, setlist, shirt, and he also signed the VIP pass I had on. We took pictures with him and I gave him that powerpuff buttercup necklace I had bought for him. He said he has been getting a lot of buttercup stuff lately, lol. He looked a little surprised, but happy. It was kinda funny. He told me he’d put it with all the other buttercup stuff fans have given him. I just smiled. I told him that I loved Everclear and I wouldn't knw what to do without them. He stayed for a few more minutes and then said goodbye, gave us hugs, and went to meet more fans.

After Art, Craig came over, who omg had a mowhawk! Woo I so forgot to mention that. He came out onstage with it, and said the freaky useless guy from Flipp did it to him. He looked great. We took pictures with him and then I had him sign my shirt, the pass, and the setlist. It was funny cuz I asked him to sign my setlist and he was all, “How’d you get this?” with a smile on his face. I smiled back and said, “ I had the guard get it for me.” He just smiled and said, “cool.” We had a short conversaion with him and someone who was following him around, about college. he told me to stay in school and go to college, lol. I told him I would.

So I guess I forgot to say that I gave all three of them a hug and I also gave all three of them a note that I had written for each of them personally, saying thanks and that they all rocked! When they went to sign stuff for other people and fans, we took more pictures and got some cool candid shots. When we left I couldn’t stop thinking about what had just happened. I was so happy, and yet on the outside it was as if I was completely normal. I didn’t get home until about 1:30am, and my feet hurt so bad, but it was worth every second of standing!

I had an amazing time and the show kicked ass, it rocked so much. Every song sounded the best I had ever heard them live. And I had a real emotional kind of experience during Wonderful. When it started my eyes began to water, I almost cried. But I stopped myself cuz Davey kept looking at me and smiling and it’s so hard to not smile back when Davey smiles at you! I think I jumped and went crazy the most during Wonderful. I even made myself a little dizzy. But that song just sounded so good, and I just sang the words so loud, it was truly wonderful. I had forgotten how much I loved that song.

Another interesting thing that happened was when Flipp was playing Art came onstage and the lead guy form Flipp gave Art the guitar and when the Flipp song ended Art played the beginning riff from Santa Monica, the crowd went wild. It was pretty cool. All in all I am still in a slight state of shock, and just amazed at how cool, awesome, and relaxed the guys were. They were so kind to sign my stuff and to talk to me. It was amazing how important it seemed to them.

There are no words to explain my experience, but I tried the best I could. And if any one of you gets to experience that, you are lucky. I never considered my self a lucky person, and I still don’t, I think I would just call myself dedicated. I wanted it bad enough, and I made it happen. So to reword that, stay true, stay dedicated, and just feel it before it happens, and hey maybe you’ll get lucky:) Everclear rocks!

And after saying my Las Vegas show was the best night of my life, I take it back- cuz now I have two!

The pictures of me meeting everclear are here

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