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A little bit of info...

Released on March 11th, 2003- the long awaited Slowmotion Daydream from everclear, just two years after both volumes hit stores. There is certainly nothing to be disappointed about here! This cd contains just as much raw agression, confusion, and hope as any other everclear album. It has the unmistakable everclear sound that we all love, and continues to deliver the lyrics that have soothed us over the years. The band's musical talent has only seemed to progress over time, and this cd definitely proves it.

The variety of this cd makes for an interesting sound, almost as if the band decided to combine a sound and style from each cd to make this one. You've got the rock guitars, pounding drums, thumping bass, various keyboards and even strings and an orchestra! The sound is indefinable and melodically pleasing to anyone's ear.

The lyrics as well, have a nice cohesive variety to them. Songs such as Volvo Driving Soccer Mom and Blackjack take a satirical look on Americans, the government, and life. Where as Chrysanthemum and Sunshine are songs that old everclear fans expect, where Alexakis reflects on his own life and reminisces about the past.

The New York Times could possibly be a relfection of the events of September 11th and other controversial topics, but the song is really quite open to interpretation. The lyrics seem to be conveying a sense of confusion, while Alexakis states that, "I want to believe in a world that does not seem real when you read between the lines." Where the song may have been inspired by September 11th, it seems its focus is just that in today's world, things seem to have gotten so out of hand, that it's hard to belive it's reality.

The song Blackjack has an angry, crunchy guitar sound that is going to rock live... and the lrycis certainly focus on an intesne topic- Art taking on the political views and decisions of John Ashcroft. TV Show is a hopeful yet saddened look on the broken home. It touches upon a topic that everclear fans love, and Art never ceases to bring importance to the events that take place.

The cd as a whole is incredible and the sequence that the songs are in really compltete the feel and sound of a slow motion daydream.