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This little tid-bit was written by everclear fan Laura, about Art's Solo Show in Chicago...

I just got back from the Chicago House of Blues Art Show and have to say it rocked. I met lotsa new cool everclear fans and I loved the show. There was a lot of audience interaction I didn't get picked for any:( but it was still kickass. Only everclear songs were played and the new one I think sounds great. Even the opening guy did a great job. It was one of the best shows.


This awesome review was written by Amy, who you guys might recognize as one of the radio interview callers. Her review is of the Solo Show Art did in New York...

The show began at eight with Amy Corrona(sp?) opening. She use to be Art's old label mate before Capital dropped her. I thought she was very good, with a Sherl Crow mised Amy Grant sound. Then there was a fifteen minute break and it seemed like forever until Art's guitars got set up. By the way, his tech, Mikey, had a brand new tattoo on the inside of his elbow which was still sore. Looked pretty cool. Anyway, this obnoxious drunk kept screaming while we were waiting, "Art come on and get out here..." it was very annoying and I wanted to slap her so damn bad, but I was good...took a lot of restraint.

After a few minutes of her I could see Art in the wings of the stage and then a minute after dissappearing he walked out onto the stage. He looked really good and he said hi and then ripped right into a great version of "Wonderful." The rest of the setlist he played is as follows....


Here We Go Again

Heartspark Dollarsign

Volvo Driving Soccer Mom

Heroin Girl

Everything to Everyone

Good Witch of the North


Anita Sonic Love (partial)

Eleanor Young


Happy Hour

Glorious (partial)

White Men in Black Suits (partial with Don singing)

Father of Mine

Sparkle (partial)

The Twistinside (partial)

Pale Green Stars (partial)

I Will Buy You a New Life

Santa Monica

It was a really great kickass show. It amazed me how well Art was able to rockout with just an accoustic guitar, it took a little but of adjustment to get the sound right at the beginning but then it was prefect after that. Art called up a lot of teenies to play the tamborine and morrocas and then older women to dance "sexually" during Father of Mine. It was actually quite funny. VDSM was great. He changed the first line to "got gang banged in the bathroom at my HS school prom" which was hilarious and the chorus line cuts down republicans so good, I love it and really want the whole song now. At the end of the song the drunk women started screaming she was a soccer mom, (I don't think she realized that it wasn't a compliment). And she showed Art her daughter's pic. he thought the kid was cute, but his look said sorry for the poor kid, and when he gave her the card back he said, "looks like mommies had a llittle drinkie drinkie..." it was so ccute. Then this guy in the balcony shouts, "She's wasted," and Art's like I know, I know.

Let's see other hightlights...ummm... he dedicated IWBYANL to Stephanie as well as GWOTN, of course, she was sitting in the wings watching, she is nice, very pretty, but seems somewhat fragile...It was just very cute the way he kept looking back at her. The concert rocked every song sounded great!!!! Afterwards he stayed after and signer stuff for everyone and even though I was in the front row, I just waited for like an hour for the crowd to clear so that I could talk to him. And after things cleared he made his way over and said hi to me and couldn't believe that I had actually traveled from OH cause he didn't think I actually would, but I did, totally worth it by the way.


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