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1/19 Taken directly off of the Official Everclear site for your viewing excitement:

It's quite possible a new Everclear record will start in February and could be released by late summer. Art is currently finishing up producing Flipp's new album, which will come out on Art's Popularity Records label later this year; Craig is starting a coffee shop; Greg and his wife are anticipating a baby. Our long-anticipated interview with Art is now set to begin when Art completes the Flipp CD. (01/16/02)

10/27 Flipp has offically been signed to Art's new record label, Popularity Records. To celebrate, they are throwing a party November 3rd, 3:00pm. at Bob's Java Hut in Uptown Minneapolis. Art will be there and the show is free. All ages are welcome- if you live in Minneapolis you better go and tell us how it went!!

10/26 Art is in the studio working with FLIPP on their new record.

10/20 Everclear is going to be playing in Portland on Halloween night @The Crystal Ballroom.

10/19 Everclear will be on a re-run of Saturday Night Live on the Comedy Central @6pm Eastern time tonight!

9/19 The following shows have been cancelled:

9/21 Hampton Beach, NH CANCELLED --may be re-scheduled

9/22 Foxboro, MA CANCELLED

9/14 Happy Birthday Craig!!

9/14 I moved this from my home page here, cuz it's been on there long enough and I thought I'd get it out of the way for ya:

For those of you who may or may not know, Everclear's Rock Star song is going to be included in the Rock Star movie soundtrack. The soundtrack will be availible in music stores upon release on August 28th, 2001. For more details on the soundtrack go here and for info regarding the record company go here

9/13 The NY concert in Buffalo on Spetember 14th was cancelled. Further updates will let us know if the show is going to be re-scheduled.

9/8 Everclear has finished the Rock Star video and it has already been released to music channels, so be on the look out!

8/26 Everclear's episode of "Rock and a Hard Place" airs tonight at 10pm.

8/25 Just a reminder that Art's appearance on MTV cribs was cancelled, due to the fact that he is renovating his house. He hopes to film his episode in the fall.

8/25 Rock Star video finished and due to air on TV any time soon.

8/25 Soundtrack for the movie Rock Star, with Everclear's song on it will be released in stores August 28th.

8/15 Craig had laser eye surgery today.

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