On The Move Again

Greg spent most of his days in different countries when he was young. His father was a Navy Pilot, which forced the family to pick up and move constantly. In England is where Greg decided he wanted to be a drummer, while watching Adam Ant on TV. He played in several bands, but was forced to quit every time he moved. When Greg was old enough, he moved away from his family and staked down in Portland.

In 1994 he replaced former Everclear drummer, Scott Cuthbert. Greg was previously an Everclear fan, and jumped at the chance of joining the band. Right off the bat Art and Craig knew he had the sound they were looking for. He has been the drummer ever since, and is here to stay. Greg married long-time sweetheart Ellina, on July 6th, 1997. That same year the newlyweds moved to Los Angeles, Ca, to start their lives together.

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