Wild Montoya Man

Craig grew up in Washington with brother Dave, and parents. His brother, although he was not fully blood related, had a huge impact on Craig's life decisions. Craig attended high school where he says he didn't fit in at all. Everyone he knew played the drums, so this was the instrument he aspired to. Even though this was Craig's dream, his family could not afford to buy him a drum set.

Over time Craig saved up enough money to buy the cheapest bass he could find. Craig and his friends got together, formed a small band, and taught themselves how to play songs from bands like Motley Crew, Iron Maiden, and Kiss. Craig needed more than a small town band though.

In 1990 he set out for Portland. People told him he was crazy if he thoguht he was going to make it big in the music business. While Craig was looking in a magazine called The Rocket, he found an ad for a bass guitarist put out by a man named Art Alexakis. He responded soon after he found the ad and met up with Art. They both had the same ideas and all they needed was a drummer. They then found drummer Cuthbert, who was let go shortly after their first release, World Of Noise. Cuthbert was easily replaced with new drummer Greg Eklund.

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