Everclear @The Bumbershoot Festival

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Wow. What an experience. everclear playing on the main stage at the Bumbershoot Festival in Seattle, WA. So all you everclear fans know, that everclear plays at venues that hold approx. 1,500 people or less. In a nice comfy, intimate, concealed rock-n-roll atmosphere. Now, picture this- a giant football stadium, the field is the standing room/pit area, and it's filled with more than 5,000 people, and I'd say that more than 60% of them weren't even fans. Now imagine being in the second row, while over 5,000 people are trying to get in the front row, standing behind you, smahsing your every being. Painful huh? that's what I thought... so here's my story...

Because I'm crazy, I wanted to get in line really early. lol So we lined up at 5:30pm, and gates didn't open until around 7:30pm. My Aunt and I lined up and were about the second group in line. But by the time they moved us closer to the entrance, we were like the sixth group in line. Anyway, the line grew and grew and we were in the front. So I was happy about that. A long wait, but worth it, or so I thought...

Now here I am, having seen Art once and everclear four times now, thinking how great it is to be in the front row. I mean, it's awesome! Right? Yes. But for this show, there was a drawback- millions of people!! Or what seemed like millions of people. It was insane.

We got taken to the entrance where we were all told to WALK across the footbal field to reach the stage. So we "fast-walked" all the way to second row. The guards made the entire field sit down until about 20 minutes before everclear would take the stage. So we sat for over an hour and a half. But eventually we all stood up. And finally!! After much anticipation and waiting, everclear took the stage. And as Art, Craig, Greg, and new touring guitarist Alessandro took the stage, the thousands of people started moving forward, trying to get closer, smahsing the people in the front.

Now I'm not one to complain about being squished, but over 5,000 people on the floor was just frickin crazy. My Aunt lasted about two songs and got out, and I only lasted one more song than her. You all know how hardcore of a fan I am, and I wouldn't get out unless I had to. And I did, that's how bad the smashing was. I'm telling you, if you weren't over 6 feet tall and like 250 lbs... you would have gotten seriously injured if you stayed up there.

So, after waiting about four hours, I ended up watching the show from the back of the field, standing behind the massive crowd. Of course I would have loved to stay up front, but it was just too dangerous. Anyway, the most important thing for me, was that I got to hear the music. Because for me, it's all about the songs.

I listened to the songs that night, at the show, with a different ear becuase of where I was at during the show. I always find new meaning in everclear songs, and tonight was no different. The show was damn good, even though I was so far away. To kind of stand back and see them connect with so many people was amazing.

But one thing that bothered me about this show was the lack of energy and sound due to the lack of touring musicians. All the everclear shows I have seen have been- Art, Craig, and Greg... and three touring musicians along with them. But not this show. I really missed the keyboards in all the songs, and was kind of bummed about that. And the perussion, there was no extra percussion. Not having those two extra musicians really makes a big difference in sound.

The new guitarist wasn't bad, he just wasn't Davey. I'm used to Davey and his playing, and he is an extremely talented guitarist. So it was weird having a new touring guitarist... even Art said it himself that Alessandro was nervous about the show.

So I think that due to the lack of touring musicians, there was a lack in energy and sound. Don't get me wrong, the show was still great... but next time I hope to see a total of three touring musicians on the stage with everclear.