From Rags To Riches

Arthur Paul Alexakis was born on April 12, 1962. No one knew at that moment, but a star was being born. He grew up in the lower class housing projects of Culver City, Ca. He had 3 sisters and 1 brother. At 6 years old Art's father left him and his family. His parents then got divorced and the 4 children were left to with their mother. For the next 7 years Art expiremented heavily with drugs and alcohol. Although he was just a boy, he had already tried just about every drug out there.

When Art was 12, his brother George, died of a heroin overdose. George was only 21, and a major influence on Art's life. After George's death, Art tried to kill himself by jumping off a bridge into a nearby river. Fortunately Art says he heard George's voice telling him to live, so he swam safely to shore. Throughout his teenage years, Art was busted many times for possession, dealing drugs, and burglary. At this time, he was also playing the guitar every chance he got.

At age 22, Art shot up and nearly killed himself. This was a definite turning point in Art's life. He had only survived due to the fact that his neighbor at the time was an ambulance driver, and was on his way to work. Art then moved to San Francisco to start a new life. He started a band, who's name was Colorfinger. They produced only one CD, Deep In The Heart Of The Beast In The Sun. Colorfinger never hit the big time and eventually broke up.

Not finding any luck in San Francisco, Art headed North for Portland, Oregon. In 1991 he married girlfriend Jenny Dodson. They had one child together, Annabella Rose. Art is a devoted and loving father, and is making sure he is doing everything his father did not. He soon found bass player Craig Montoya and drummer Scott Cuthbert. They released World Of Noise in 1993, which would make Everclear's first CD. In '94 they released Cuthbert in search of a new tune. Greg Eklund, was an Everclear fan, and jumped in the spot light when he heard about the band's opening. Art, Craig, and Greg hit it off real well and before they knew it, they were now what makes up Everclear.

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