SoCal Hotboy

What`s up to all the peeps showin' me love!! I am a cool young bruh from SoCal doin my best to keep it real and progress in life, and make those Benjamins. I am always down to holla at cool peeps whenever possible, so don`t be afraid to hit a brotha up. -Peace-

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I am a true fan of hip hop and this is one of my favorite artists.

My Current Playlist:

1)Ja Rule / Pain Is Love

2)Aaliyah / Aaliyah

3)Jay-Z / The Blue Print

4)Maxwell / Now

5)Usher / 8701

6)Foxy Brown / Broken Silence

7)Faith / Faithfully

8)Mary J. Blige / No More Drama

9)Nas / STILLmatic

10)Jermaine/ Dupri Instructions

Here go some pictures of me and my homies.....

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