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Hempseed is the Most Nutritionally Complete Food on the Planet!

Starving babies and Illegal Food

Stop Killing the Seeds and Let the US Farmer Grow!

The Most Nutritionally Complete Food Known
Hemp Food Association
STOP Monsanto's Terminator Seeds
Chemical Manipulation of Human Consciousness
Environment; Action on Dioxins in Food.
Hemp Industries Association
International Hemp Association
The Emperor Wears No Clothes
Hemp Seed Food & Oil

The Toxic Alternative to Natural Fiber

Ditchweed Update: DEA Numbers

Annual Ditchweed Eradication Boondoggle Underway Again


Hemp grain is the most nutritionally complete seed on the planet for human consumption. Each hemp seed contains 25% protein. This protein is more easily digestible than the protein in soybeans because it contains a perfect ratio of essential fatty acids (EFA's). EFA's are important for strengthening your immune system and protecting you from disease. Fish oil and flax oil are also high in EFA's, but hemp contains the most perfect ratio of EFA's for human consumption. Hemp grain is also high in iron and calcium and is an excellent source of dietary fiber (click here to see more information regarding the health benefits of hemp seed).

Poison Pot

State patrol/DEAth/FBI all on the persuit of the dangerous schedule#1 narcotic heathern devil weed....NON-PSYCHOACTIVE ROPE?

Spraying Ditchweed Devastate Midwest Game Birds

State Patrol on prowl for ditchweed harvesters

Urgent Warning about Industrial Hemp...

Drug Czar Seeks To Ban All Hemp Products

Pine Ridge 8

WoD on the Environment

Spraying Misery

Montanto Sucks


Genetic fungus

Dangers of Fluoridated Water (More Chemical Korpses)

The CIA's Next Secret Weapon Genetic Engineering and Chemical Biological Warfare

Fight Frankenfoods

Production of Heart Disease By Consumption of Meat and Dairy Products

The Dairy Industry Gambit


Collusion Between the Government and Dairy-Meat Industries

Fear in the Fields

- A 1997 Seattle Times investigation found that, across the nation, industrial wastes laden with heavy metals and other dangerous materials are being used in fertilizers and spread over farmland. The process, which is legal, saves dirty industries the high costs of disposing of hazardous wastes. The process is similar to the paradigm of fluoridation, in which the dumping of EPA certified hazardous wastes into the water supply saves industry the cost of disposal, while at the same time affecting the neurological and behavioral capabilities of the population, as well as producing vast medical profits from the long-term neurophysiological effects.

Testing of Additives: A Commentary

Cannabis Shrinks Tumors: Government Knew in 74

D.E.A. Confirms Grounds To Remove Cannabis from Schedule#1

Drug Czar Manipulating Data in a Report to Congress

Don't Hold Your Breath in All This Smoke

Food Stamps Become a Weapon in the War on Drugs

USA Korpses Khemical Klans

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