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LOS ANGELES MAY DAY 2001 (official website)

"The end of capitalism is near: Our resistance will stop the machine. Tell all your friends, and come out on May 1st to celebrate the resistance. We must show our strength! All over the world - people are getting together to fight for a new way of life. A life free from repression. A life where we no longer have to be slaves to the economy, where living can be a daily celebration. On May 1st people all over the world will take over the cities of this crumbling civilization! We will dance. We will love. We will defend ourselves. Organize into a small group with some of your friends and prepare for a day of opposition and collective determination against the state and capital. There will definitely be no guidelines for this demonstration: the imagination of each and every participant will determine the outcome of May Day 2001." -Southern Kalifornia Anarchist Alliance.

Time of the event: 3:00PM

Location of the event: To be announced at 10:00AM, May 1st (The same day of the event) on our hotline (323) 402-1223 (extension: 1484) ...or on this website after 10:00AM on the "location" link. (The location will be somewhere in Los Angeles County, and will be accessible from public transportation depots).

May Day Information

A Short History of May Day
The Benefits of Affinity Groups
Safety gear: Proposals of what to bring.
Location (not to be announced until the day of, 10pm)
Infoshop's Black Bloc For Dummies.
Global May Day Actions