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Survey the Key Programmatic and Administrative Skills Needed to
Support Successful Civic Action, Community Service, and
Development Efforts
Topic-Focused E-Mail Groups covering a wide range of programmatic and administrative skills for successful civic action, community service, and development efforts can be accessed at:
In the Links section of each Group, respectively, a wide range of relevant informational resources will be found.
Become Familiar with the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, and
Consider the Means Available to Further Disseminate Awareness
About This Important Document
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- United Nations UDHR Site
>>  LibriVox Audio -- Multilingual Group 1            >>  LibriVox Audio -- Multilingual Group 2
UDHR -- Film Clip Collection
Become Familiar with Established Non-Govermental Organizations (NGOs)
Engaged in Assistance Efforts Throughout the World
Extensive information concerning non-profit organizations that are conducting assistance operations can be obtained from the following directories:
1.  USAID Private Voluntary Organizations Directory
2.  InterAction -- Where Member Organizations are Working
3.  Idealist -- Where Member Organizations are Working
4.  Taking IT Global -- Directory of Organizations
Establish Civic Action E-Mail Groups to Serve Specific Nations or Territories
Civic Action E-Mail Groups to serve any region and/or nation can easily be created.  Persons who desire to accomplish this have the option to set up a Civic Action Group themselves, or may request that one be established as part of the World Educational Civic Action Network.  We'll be pleased to respond to all such requests, which should be directed to the Free University's Facilitator, at:  civact3@yahoo.com.
Upon request, links to Civic Action E-Mail Groups will be placed at the appropriate
location(s) in The Civic Action Free University's International Directory:

The World -- By Regions
Afghanistan - to - Ecuador
Egypt - to - Macedonia Republic
Madagascar - to - Scotland
Senegal - to - Zimbabwe
One of The Civic Action Free University's long-term objectives is to gradually assemble the best links for for each nation's non-profit civic action, community service, and/or development organizations.  If you have web sites to suggest, please e-mail the Facilitator.

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World Educational Civic Action Network E-Mail Group

International Students' Civic Action Free University Network

International Training and Service Teams' Forum

Military Civic
Action, Provincial Reconstruction, & Peacekeeping Network

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  E-Mail the International Groups Facilitator

International Civic Action,
Community Service, and Development
Film Clip Collection

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One of the World's Most Powerful Sets of Tools to
Combat Violent Extremism of All Types
The Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- United Nations UDHR Site
>>  LibriVox Audio -- Multilingual Group 1            >>  LibriVox Audio -- Multilingual Group 2
UDHR -- Film Clip Collection

Wally Wombat's Wisdom

(1) Gambia Solar Engineers, and (2) Water Systems in Bolivia

(1) ACCION Microfinance Network, and (2) Oxfam Polar Bears

(1) Heifer Project in Tibet, and (2) Africare Empowering Women

(1) Engineers Without Borders, and (2) Haiti -- Trade Agreement Impacts

(1) ACCION CEO Visits Microfinance Clients, and (2) Oxfam Water Project in Chad Camps

Wonderfully Talented Kids !!

(1) East Africa Build-a-School, and (2) Shine Mindanao!

(1) Right to Development -- Self Help Is Best, and (2) ACCION Microfinancing -- The Very First Loans

(1) SolarAid -- Power to the People, and (2) Fighting for Development -- Karamoja, Uganda

(1) Pump Aid Brings Clean Water In Africa, and (2) Changing Lives in Peru through Microlending

(1) Right to Development -- Simplifying Poverty Alleviation, and (2) Engineers Without Borders in Tonga

(1) "Appropriate Genius" Award -- Revolutionary Peanut Sheller, and (2) Healing Quest -- Permaculture

(1) Bond -- "Duel" (Women of Awesome Talent !!), and (2) "Feet of Flames" -- Finale

(1) "My Technology !!" -- Innovators in India, and (2) Fundamental Principles of the Red Cross & Red Crescent Societies

(1) Joe Holden's "No Dam Needed" Hydro Power Turbine, and (2) Joe Holden's Wind Power Break-Through

(1) The First Rural Women Heroes of Tombouctou, and (2) Oxfam in Albania

(1) Empowering Palestinian Women Entrepreneurs, and (2) Fueling Hope in Darfur, Sudan

"The Barefoot Economist" Explains Tragic Hidden Impacts of Globalization on Poor People in Developing Countries -- Parts 1, 2, and 3, of 6

"The Barefoot Economist" Explains Tragic Hidden Impacts of Globalization on Poor People in Developing Countries -- Parts 4, 5, and 6, of 6

(1) Uncommon Heroes -- Victoria Hale, and (2) Students Use Car Parts For Solar Power

(1) Save the Children, and (2) Water and Sanitation: A Partnership for Change

(1) Uncommon Hero Tackling Poverty in India -- Amitabha Sadangi, and (2) The Lagunitas: Lafayette College Coffee Project

(1) Brick Awards Highlights, and (2) Mothers Without Borders

(1) Solar Cooker Project -- Chad Refugee Camp, and (2) Emergency International Overview

Happy Saint Patrick's Day !!

(1) Habitat for Humanity in the Philippines, and (2) "Box of Delights" -- Introducing Modern Teaching Methods in Pakistan

(1) Ending Poverty, One Family
at a Time, and (2) Oxfam in


(1) NAFTA Comes to Wall Street ?? (Satire), and (2) Grand Theft Congo (Human Catastrophe)

(1) Pro Mujer -- Giving Women Credit, and (2) Right to Development -- Building Networks of the Poor

Former Black Panther Party Members Bring Solar Power to Rural Tanzania -- Parts 1 and 2

(1) A Digital Revolution for the World's Remotest Regions, and (2) Opportunity Fund for Developing Countries

(1) Uganda Rural Development and Training Program, and (2) Community Forestry in Thailand -- A Case of Sharing

Tiger Tanks Versus "Do-Gooder" Civic Action & Community Service Projects

Myanmar Cyclone and China Earthquake Disaster Responses

The Faces of War -- Some Movies Have Given Realistic Portrayals

The Universal Declaration of Human Rights -- Guarding Against Two Sets of Nullification Threats

United Way's New 2-1-1 Human Services Telephone Information & Referral System

(1) The First Women Barefoot Solar Engineers Of The World, and (2) World Neighbors

How the IMF Underdevelops Africa -- (Six Film Clip Series)

Happy Bastille Day !!

The Faces of War -- Why Irresponsible or Fanatical Individuals and/or Governments Must Never Gain Control of Nuclear Weapons

Mountain Areas -- Minimal Equipment Survival Skills

Responding to a Technical Assistance Inquiry Concerning the Nation of Cameroon

The Corporation -- How Can We Maximize Corporate Impacts that are Positive, Life-Affirming, and Sustainable ??

Human Rights Mini Video Clip Collection -- Outstanding !!

(1) India's Free Lunch for School Children, and (2) A Mini Documentary on Action Against Poverty

(1) Ubeng -- The Heart of Sustainable Development, and (2) New Nglelepen -- Sustainable Development

(1) An Introduction to Bandhan -- Microfinance in India, and (2) Oxfam's CHANGE Initiative -- College Leadership Program

(1) Cal-Earth Eco-Dome Homes, and (2) Eco-Dome -- Low-Cost Houses of Earth

(1) Pedal Power Using a Dual Purpose Bicycle, and (2) Whole Planet Foundation Overview

(1) Natural Alternative Building, and (2) Rural Electrification -- Isofoton

ENRAP -- Knowledge Networking For Asia/Pacific Rural Development: Sharing Knowledge and Building Capacity with Digital Video

(1) Rural Radio in Africa, and (2) Rebuilding Afghanistan -- One Village at a Time

Happy Oktoberfest !!

Free University News & Media Center:  Kilroy's "Sextupleplex" Playbill Update

SAS Wilderness & Hostile Area Survival Skills

Obama Administration -- Political & Policy Issues that Matter

(1) Scouts Fight Bird Flu in Indonesia, and (2) Rebuilding Ugandan Communities Through Sport

(1) "Bee" System Provides Connectivity in Emergencies, and (2) Feeding Children During "Rat Flood" in Bangladesh

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Reserved for
Additional Film Clips Illustrating the
Work of Outstanding Civic Action,
Community Service, and
Development Organizations


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Your Mission, If You
Choose to Accept It

(An invitation to discussion
and exchange of views.)


Community Action and Development:  National Organizations, The Virtual Community Action Program, and
On-Line Agencies Across the U.S.A.


A Community Action
Film Festival

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Some International Impact Options for Domestic
Civic Action Organizations and Staff Members,
As Well As Individual Citizens
1.  If your agency's service area and clientele are multi-ethnic, multi-racial, and/or multi-cultural, make sure the programs being carried out are not mono-ethnic, mono-racial, and/or mono-cultural in character. Take appropriate steps to ensure that your Staff, Management, Board, Clientele, and your programs are reasonably representative of all client groups in the community.  Celebrate diversity; encourage everyone concerned to gain skills in cross-cultural communication, understanding, appreciation, and (if necessary) problem resolution.

2.  Inventory your agency's Staff, Board, & Service Area for persons with language, foreign nation, and/or cross-cultural knowledge and experience.  Are there any former Peace Corps people among your co-workers -- or ex-military who've had considerable overseas experience ??  The internationally relevant skills and assets already available may suggest geographic and/or programmatic areas where activity by your organization could have a positive international impact.

3.  Inventory local colleges and universities for seminars, courses, or degree programs they offer in foreign languages, area studies, student exchange programs, and/or overseas learning or service experiences.  Encourage agency Board and Staff members to take advantage of any such opportunities that are of interest to them.

4.  Sponsor "Distinguished Visitor Orientation Tours" of Community Action Agencies by foreign students (particularly those from developing nations) who are attending local colleges and universities.

5.  Explore possibilities for establishing a professional internship program that would place selected foreign students in Community Action Agency Staff or Managerial positions for sufficient periods of time for them to become thoroughly familiarized with CAA organization & operation.

6.  Explore the possibility of having your organization listed with the U.S. Department of State's Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs, at:


...as a place to bring visiting foreign governmental officials who are interested in learning about American community service and development programs.  Prepare a high quality tour itinerary, and be fully prepared to provide such visitors with a in-depth introduction to -- and overview of -- American-style Community Action.

7.  Explore possibilities for developing local activities and projects in coordination with programs of the U.S. Institute of Peace:


8  If your locality has an overseas "sister city," the Community Action Agency could become actively involved in the various kinds of interchanges that take place -- with particular reference to establishing meaningful communication with counterpart community service and development organizations in the foreign city.  Further information concerning activities of this sort are available at:  Sister Cities -- A Global Citizen Diplomacy Network:


9.  At State or regional levels, it might be possible to put together mobile teams consisting of outstanding selected community action Staff and Management personnel that could be called upon to perform short-term overseas community service & development training missions.  If "Urban Search and Rescue Teams" can do it, why not Community Action Associations ??

10.  From the Links section of the CA4YT International Training and Service E-Mail Group, at:


...identify a non-governmental organization (NGO) that's doing overseas work you find particularly interesting and worthwhile.  Contact the organization in question, and discuss the various possibilities that might exist for your agency to interact with the NGO in some mutually beneficial way.  Explore possibilities for temporary duty assignments of your agency's staff with the NGO, and similar opportunities for NGO staff members to join you local staff for short-term learning and "cross-fertilization" experiences.

11.  Members of your organization's Management & Staff might be interested in considering the possibility of short-term overseas "service vacations." See the excellent collection of resources published in the Chronicle of Philanthropy's August 10, 2000 issue, entitled: "'Volunteer Vacations' -- Sources of Information," at:


Additional useful information regarding volunteer and/or service vacations can be found at the following web sites:

Volunteer Vacations -- Charity Guide

Global Volunteers

Volunteer Work and Vacations Overseas -- Transitions Abroad

Adventures in Service -- GlobeAware

12.  Local Army Reserve and National Guard units throughout America are being increasingly tasked to perform limited duration overseas missions related to peacekeeping, disaster response, humanitarian assistance, and civic action.  Community Action personnel who wish to join the units in question are likely to have access to high quality training concerning mission performance, foreign areas and languages, and cross-cultural skills.   More information on these topics can be found in the Links section of the CA4YT Military Civic Action and Peacekeeping E-Mail Group, at:


Information about current opportunities in specific Reserve units can be found at:




An overview of National Guard activities of the sort in question can be found at the National Guard Bureau's Office of International Affairs, at:


13. Establish contact and become familiar with immigrant and refugee organizations in your area.  Is your agency interacting with, and serving, these groups ??  If they have their own "Mutual Assistance Associations," is your organization communicating, coordinating, and interacting with these entities in beneficial ways ??  Further information may be found in the Links section of the CA4YT Immigrant / Refugee Services & Assistance E-Mail Group, at:


14.  In any community economic development activities undertaken by your organization, explore possibilities for international trade & commerce. Are your projects producing products or services for which there is a likely overseas market ?? Could you be directly importing goods or services useful to your community, thereby eliminating costly "middle-men" ?? Engaging in international trade may help to build "bridges of understanding" between communities that would otherwise have little knowledge or concern about each others' existence.

15.  Explore the possibilities for your agency to support or assist student overseas exchange programs, and/or participate in hosting visiting students from other nations.

16.  Explore possibilities to encourage international interchanges between local scouting organizations, sports teams, artists and theatrical groups, or music performers such as bands, orchestras, and choruses.

17.  To identify potential sources of funding to support any or all of the types of activity suggested above, visit the collection of "grantpersonship resources" in Section A. of CA4YT Links Page 01, at:


18.  Do you have additional ideas, suggestions, and/or personal experiences to add to this list that would enable domestic civic action and community service organizations to have an increased positive international impact ??  If so, please consider e-mailing them to your "HF" (Humble Facilitator), so they can be included.

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