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One of the best ways that individuals and families in the Modern World can be prepared for potential future challenges is to incorporate a wide range of knowledge and skills for self-reliant living into our normal hobby and/or recreational activities.

Among several interesting and enjoyable approaches for doing this is to spend a little time becoming acquainted with the writings of of America's old-time campers, wilderness scouts, and mountaineers.

Many of these folks had valuable wisdom to pass along.  On the other hand, of course, we must be careful to screen some of their material through "modern filters" to avoid picking up significantly outdated information.

For example, when setting up your camp, the first thing *NOT* to do is, "... chop down three saplings ...."  Likewise, chapters on First Aid must be read with caution.  Today's medically approved and most effective way to treat snake-bite is *NOT* "... cut and suck ...."  And we certainly do *NOT* respond to frostbite by, "... rubbing the affected body part with snow ...."

With regard to mountaineering, current state-of-the-art guidance concerning equipment and climbing techniques obviously must take precedence over the old-time practices in order to assure safety and avoid the possibility of adverse consequences.

With caveats of the above sort in mind, one of the benefits of Google's ambitious effort to scan all published human knowledge onto the 'Net is that they have already managed to include the full text of several great old-time camping, woodcraft, and mountaineering classics -- probably just about all that are no longer under copyright.

The web addresses of many of these works have been gathered below.  Hopefully, you will find some of them to be of interest.  There are obviously far too many to digest at one sitting, so try starting with the ones that are most appealing from your own standpoint.  (One way to begin is by reviewing their respective Tables of Contents.)

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The American Boys' Handybook of Camp-Lore and Woodcraft, by Daniel Carter Beard, 1920

Bird-life:  A Guide to the Study of Our Common Birds, by Frank Michler Chapman and Ernest Thompson Seton, 1897

Bird Portraits, by Ernest Thompson Seton, Ralph Hoffmann, 1901

The Book of Woodcraft, by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1921

The Book of Woodcraft and Indian Lore, by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1921

The Boy Scout's Hike Book, by Edward Cave, 1913

The Boy's Book of Hunting and Fishing:  Practical Camping-out, Game-fishing and Wing Shooting, by Warren Hastings Miller, 1916

Bungalows, Camps and Mountain Houses, by W. T. Comstock, 1908

Camp and Outing Activities, by Frank Hobart Cheley and G. Cornelius Baker, 1915

Camp and Trail, by Stewart Edward White, 1907

Camp Cookery, by Horace Kephart, 1910

Camp Craft:  Modern Practice and Equipment, by Warren Hastings Miller, 1915

Camp Kits and Camp Life, by Charles Stedman Hanks, 1906

Camps in the Rockies:  Being a Narrative of Life on the Frontier, and Sport in the Rocky Mountains, with an Account of Cattle Ranches of the West, by William Adolph Baillie-Grohman, 1882

The Camper's Handbook, by Thomas Hiram Holding, 1908

The Camper's Own Book for Devotees of Tent and Trail, by George Sands Bryan, Harry C. Phibbs, 1913

Camping, by Alexandra G. Lockwine, 1911

Camping and Camp Outfits:  A Manual of Instruction for Young and Old Sportsmen, by George O. Shields, 1889

Camping for Boys, by Henry William Gibson, 1911

Camping Out, by Warren Hastings Miller, 1918

The Forester's Manual:  Or, The Forest Trees of Eastern North America, by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1912

Handbook for Boys, by Boy Scouts of America -- 1912

The Official Handbook for Boys, by Boy Scouts of America -- 1920

Harper's Camping and Scouting:  An Outdoor Guide for American Boys

Hints for Camping and Walking:  How to Camp Out, by John Mead Gould, 1877

Log Cabins and Cottages:  How to Build and Furnish Them, by William S. Wicks, William A. Bruette

Mountaineering, by Claude Wilson - 1893

Mountaineering, by Clinton Thomas Dent - 1892

Mountaineering Art, by Harold Raeburn - 1920

Mountaineering in Colorado:  The Peaks about Estes Park, by Frederick Hastings Chapin, Appalachian Mountain Club, 1889

New Ideas for Out of Doors:  The Field and Forest Handy Book, by Daniel Carter Beard, 1906

On the Trail:  An Outdoor Book for Girls, by Lina Beard and Adelia Belle Beard, 1915

Outdoor Life and Indian Stories:  Making Open Air Life Attractive to Young Americans, by Edward Sylvester Ellis, 1912

Practical Hints on Camping, by Howard Henderson, 1882

Roughing It with Boys:  Actual Experience of Boys at Summer and Winter Camps in the Maine Woods, by George W. Hinckley, 1913

Scouting for Girls:  Official Handbook of the Girl Scouts, First Edition, 1920

The Sportsman's Workshop, by Warren Hastings Miller, 1921

Summer in the Girls' Camp, by Anna Worthington Coale, 1919

Two Little Savages:  Being the Adventures of Two Boys Who Lived as Indians, by Ernest Thompson Seton, 1903

The Way of the Woods:  A Manual for Sportsmen in Northeastern United States, by Edward Breck, 1908

Wild Animals I Have Known, by Ernest Thompson Seton

Woodcraft, by George Washington Sears ("Nessmuk"), 1884 First Edition

The Woodcraft Manual for Boys:
The Fifteenth Birch Bark Roll,
by Ernest Thompson Seton


Canoeing & Canoe Cruising

The Canoe:  Its Selection, Care and Use

Canoe and Boat Building:  A Complete Manual for Amateurs

Canoe and Camp Cookery:  A Practical Cook Book for Canoeists, Corinthian Sailors and Outers, by H. H. Soule, "Seneca," 1885

Canoeing and Camping


The Cruising Canoe and Its Outfit
(Article from the Roots of American Recreational Canoeing)


And -- From Other Sources

"Nessmuk" -- George Washington Sears (1821-1890) -- North American Writer and Outdoorsman

Nessmuk's classic book, "Woodcraft and Camping," in both PDF and HTML formats

Additional source for "Woodcraft and Camping," by Nessmuk


U.S. Army Survival Manual FM 21-76, in both PDF and HTML formats

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