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Site last updated 6/4/02

Sites with USMLE Links

Heatherís Boards Review Page. Contains many useful links for all disciplines as well as information on the USMLE and the MATCH.

USMLE links site.

Useful medical web sites

Useful information for foreign medical students and has some USMLE sites

Links for medical students, a very complete listing of medical links from software, education, notes, tutorials, grants and medical societies.

Part of the Student Doctor Network (SDN). Has USMLE links plus other material of interest to medical students.

The Medical Student Website. Has some USMLE links and other material of interest to medical students.

General USMLE Sites

The official site of the USMLE

Simply the most complete site. Contains notes for all disciplines. Also has high yield tables. Currently Restricted and not accessible without a password. [01/03/01]

Site with questions in flash card format. Allows user to submit own questions.

Offers USMLE Step 1 and Step 2 review test engines as well as several PDA Recall products designed to assist medical students during their rounds. Has irevu question bank were you can do 50 sample questions for step 1 or step 2.

Multiple Choice Questions for USMLE Step 1 and 2. Soon will also include step 3.

A great site containing information for medical students and a USMLE Study Center and links. Requires free registration. Inlcudes an online First Aid for the USMLE Step 1, free video lectures, time table for studying for the USMLE (2, 4, and 6 week planner), and book reviews. Definitely a site that must be visited when studying for the USMLE.


The Kaplan site, has information about USMLE and flash cards for diseases and drugs. You can also enter you answers from the test in the USMLE Step 1 Starter Kit book and have them scored and receive a detailed score report with a suggested study schedule. Requires free registration.

The Virtual Medical Center, contains course material on the basic sciences.

Princeton Review Site, after registering you can take a free USMLE type test online.

Tips on studying for the USMLE.


A quick review of the foramina of the skull from Emory University.

Muscle Master List from Loyola, quick reference to muscle origins and insertions.

Cross sectional anatomy atlas

University of Arkansas Gross Anatomy Home Page which contains an online atlas and some very good anatomy tables organized by region .

Board type questions in anatomy from the University of Wisconsin

A review of head and neck anatomy broken down by sections.

Radiographic Anatomy of the Skeleton, contains radiographic images of the skeleton organized by region.

Global Spinal Cord, review with graphics about spinal cord anatomy.

Clinical Spinal Cord, manifestations of spinal cord lesions (text and graphics)

Global Brainstem, review with graphics about brainstem anatomy.

Global Cerebellum, a review with graphics about cerebellar anatomy.

Global Thalamus, a review with graphics about anatomy of the thalamus.

Review of cranial nerves with tables and exercises. A very good site.

Cranial Nerve Review (focus on V, VII, and XII) from Baylor College of Medicine

Harvardís Whole Brain Atlas, a very good site with normal and pathological pictures of neuroanatomy.

An excellent site from a medical school in Hungary (the site is in English). Contains a neuropathology and neuroanatomy atlas. Also has 100ís of links to neuroanatomy and neuropathology websites all over the world.

A neuroscience tutorial from University of Washington containing lectures with images.

Neurosciences on the Internet, contains links too many neurosciences sites. Many of the links are too detailed for the USMLE.

The Neuroanatomy Home page of the University of Arkansas which contains an atlas, neuroanatomy tables, and a practice practical exam.

Neuroanatomy Study Slides from Tulane.

Basic Embryology Review Program from University of Pennsylvania. Good images. Only the overview chapter is available for public use.

The Visible Embryo from the University of California Medical Center. A very good site. Follows the embryo from fertilization until gestation.

Behavioral Sciences

MedEthEx online, a medical ethics site which contains exercises in medical ethics.

Biochemistry and Genetics

Tables for learning the key points in biochemistry.

USUHS Medical Biochemistry Exams, contains quite a few biochemistry exams

Clinical Case Computer Tutorials in Biochemistry from the University of Manitoba, only contains a few case studies.

Enzyme Kinetics Hypertextbook from MIT, the site contains an overview of enzyme kinetics with problem sets.

Glycolysis and the Krebís Cycle Hypertextbook from MIT, the site has a brief overview of cellular respiration with problem sets.

Mendelian Genetics Hypertextbook from MIT, the site has a brief overview of genetics with problem sets.

Biochemistry Video Lecture Series for medical students from the University of Nevada School of Medcine. Requires free registration. You will need ClearVideo's decoder or Microsoft's media player (can be downloaded free) to view the videos.

Cell Biology, Molecular Biology, and Histology

Contains lessons and practicals for histology

JayDoc Histoweb, a histology site from Kansas University Medical Center

Histology Atlas from the University of Wisconsin

Cell Biology Hypertextbook from MIT, the site has a brief overview of CMB topics and questions.

Recombinant DNA Hypertextbook from MIT, the site has a brief overview of recombinant DNA topics and questions.

Microbiology, Immunology and Virology

Lecture notes in virology from the University of Capetown in South Africa

On-line course in Medical Bacteriology, very little information but some of it is useful.

An online microbiology course

Hypertextbook in Bacterial Genetics from MIT, brief overview and includes problem sets.

Molecular Genetics Primer from the Department of Energy


An excellent site from a medical school in Hungary (the site is in English). Contains a neuropathology and neuroanatomy atlas. Also has 100ís of links to neuroanatomy and neuropathology websites all over the world.

Edís Pathology Notes, contains lecture notes on a variety of topics in pathology

Web Path version 5.0, contains a pathology atlas with discussions. Also has tutorials and questions.

A tutorial in Renal Pathology from Dr. Charles Jennette, MD

A very well organized pathology course from Tulane University

Vascular pathology case studies from Cornell University.

A site designed by students AFTER they took Step I. Contains board type questions with detailed answers.


Problem sets from Boston University covering 6 topics. ANS, CV, antibiotics, pharmacological emergenicies, pharmacokinetics of chloramphenicol and general anesthetics.

Interactive Self-Assessment in Pharmacology, one of the best web sites for pharmacology. The site contains questions and allows the user to make his or her own quizzes from a variety of topics. The site also has lecture notes and flash cards. Registration is required and it is free. If your e-mail address has an "edu" domain the registration is quick. If your e-mail address does not have an "edu" domain, you must sent an e-mail explaining you are a student and you will get a password in a couple of days.

Case studies in toxicology.

Study questions by category from Kansas University Medical Center

Medical Pharmacology Learning Modules from Kansas University Medical Center

CV Pharmacology questions with detailed answers from the University of Utah


A tutorial on acid and base balances from Yale University

A very complete acid and base balance tutorial from Tulane.

Lecture notes on the cardiac cycle from Wright State University

Lecture notes on control of GFR from University of Coppenhagen (English)

Physiology test from the University of Cincinnati

Physiology board type questions from the University of East Carolina.

Human physiology exams from the University of Arizona. Over 25 exams in CV, Endo, GI, Respiratory and Renal Physiology.

The Nernst/Goldman Simulator from the University of Arizona. Not very useful but kind of a cool way to see how ion concentrations affect the resting membrane potential.

Miscellaneous Useful Site

A bank of medical mnemonics. Also allows you to submit your own mnemonics. Mnemonics are arranged by medical discipline

A search engine for medical topics. Contains many USMLE sites

Medical mnemonic site, not as many mnemonics or as well organized as


Site with medical mnemonics, clinical cases, and book reviews

Sites with cheap medical books

Place to buy and sell used medical texts and equipment. Has a good selection of USMLE review books. A lot of the sellers use PayPal as their method of payment. Signing up for PayPal is free and allows you to pay for the books using a credit card with no extra charges. You also get $5 for signing up so it takes $5 of your book purchase. To sign up click on the link below


A site to buy and sell books, videos, and music. Has several people selling used medical texts and USMLE review books. Click on the link below to go to this site. Enter the coupon code PROMARK to get $5 off your first $10 order or enter coupon code TEXT77 to get $10 off your first $50 order. For returning customers enter HALFEBAY5 to save $5 off a $20 order

Has lots of medical books. No coupons at this time but free shipping with an order fo 2 or more books.

Has a list of USMLE books. Will search up to six different stores for the cheapest price.


This is my own on-line bookstore with a good selection of usmle and medical books.

Book seller which contains some used USMLE books and other medical texts. No coupon at this time but get free shipping with a $50 order.


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