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By Tammy:
Have you ever wonder what the world would be like without *Nsync?? Well in this dark,scary,terrible is how it would probably be:

A World Without~Chris:

1) Trees would be boring
2)JC would be the oldest in the group
3) *gasp* No Nsync!!
4) Either no *Nsync or they would be called *N_YNC
5) The Christmas album would be so0o0.....boring
6) No FumanSkeeto!! Which means some of us may be naked!!
7)Joey may be the funny one in the group
8) Justin would be known as,"The one with the braids"
9) Let's face it,life would be boring and unfunny
10) Would Gramma ever get a funnel cake??

A World Without~ LANCE

1)No Meredith Edwards
2) They would be named either *NSY_C or *SYNC
3) Joey would have the deepest voice
4) Four words,"Girl were you alone?"
5)No blonde in the group!
6)Garth Brooks would never get his props!
7) No On The Line
8) No 7th Heaven special
9)Everyone would hate country music
10) No1 for me to have as a fave & no1 to fight with my mom over ;(

A World Without~JUSTIN

1) Afro's would be uncool
2)No "POP"
3)*sniffs* No Eat Eat Song
4)JC would be the one with big hair
5) Lance would be the youngest
6)Pick 1 *NSY_C or *SYNC
7)Well..Britney would be single..and unpopular..maybe
8) Either that or dating some1 else from Nsync.....
9) or BSB
10)Most of us would never know what color babyblue was

A World Without~JC

1)Who would have weird veins?
2) No1 would have a clue who Bobbie was
3)*NYN would be the bands name
4) No Wipeout on the MMC
5)Nsync would not have Space Cowboy,Digital Getdown...etc.
6)Nsync wouldn't have alot of their songs
7)who would be the sleepy one?
8)"Are you feelin my timbs,my baggy jeans,my thug appeal?" Well there'd be none
9)Who would Justin be friends with on MMC?
10)No JC Eyes!!

A World Without~JOEY

1) Superman would be uncool
2)No FATone
3) Steve would be out of a job
4)Who would be the flirt?
5)*screech* No Brianna......
6)They'd be *NS_NC
7)On The Line would be boring
8)Chris would be the only one with brown eyes
9)Wade would be the Joey of the group
10)who would make me laugh by some of the stupid questions this guy asks?

WELL, All in all, Life would boring without *Nsync.

(`'.(`'.**.') . ')
`.. *Tammy* ..`
(.'(.'**`' .)`'.)