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These are for Windows. I made them. Here's what you have to do:
After clicking on the link, let the picture load completley. Then right-click it and select "Save Picture As..." When the Save As box comes up, change the file extension at the bottom from .art to .bmp. You can save the picture in whatever file you want, but it'll be easiest to get it as wallpaper if you save it in the Windows file. When you want to apply the wallpaper, follow these instructions:
Go to Start>Settings>Control Panel. In the control panel, click on Display. Click on the first tab, Background. If the wallpaper doesn't already show up as an option, click on Browse and open it. Select it. If your screen size is smaller or larger than the wallpaper, set the Picture Display to "Stretch". If the wallpaper is tiled, set it to tile. Click Apply. There you go!
Click the link(s) below to see and save the wallpaper.
"GONE" WALLPAPER (1024 X 768)
Oh yes, one more thing. I really don't know if anybody will like the wallpaper, so if you save it to put it on your computer, I'd really love it if you signed the guestbook and let me know! Thanks! You can also let me know what other kinds of wallpaper I should make...

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