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2-17-08 ~~ Wow, here I am, 4 years later. Everything was working fine on here a few days ago, and now none of my pictures are working. It's really ticking me off. I was counting on you, Angelfire! And you have failed me! Grrrrr...

12-17-04 ~~ Once again, just updating so that this site won't close up, because someday, somehow, by golly, I'm going to save it! The whole thing! I didn't put all this work into it just to have it be lost into nowhereness!
Of course there's really no new news about *NSYNC. Last I heard, their plans to make a new album were derailed because Justin decided he was too good for them. (We knew from the start that he was "the concieted one". And with good reason.) But still, this makes me a little ticked. Well anyway... maybe you can enjoy this site by remembering times past.
Oh yeah and I've also been meaning to say that, on the *NSYNC in 2046 page (or whatever year that was), I wrote about the tomb of Busta before Busta actually died. (RIP Busta!) So I wasn't meaning to be disrespectful by that.
Well, I guess that's all I can stay for now... Stay *NSYNC, or at least, remember the days when you were!

6-25-04 ~~ Guess what, I'm updating! I've been doin all kinds of other stuff online, and I thought to myself, "What's a website I haven't been on lately? Oh yeah - mine!" So I came back to it, and I also found out that it's listed on a bunch of searches and *NSYNC site listings that I never put it on. Awesome! And, apparently, people are actually still visiting this site sometimes. If I have enough time today, I think I'm gonna try to change the poll and stuff like that. I miss *NSYNC :-(
Apparently, *NSYNC is doing Challenge for the Children again, and I guess they're all going to be together there! Awesome! You can go to for more info. They keep saying they're going to record another album together soon, but then they keep putting it off. The people on the radio the other day said that Justin wants to take some time off from singing. Poopy-doo, is what I have to say about that.
Well, I guess I'll try to do some updating! Hopefully I'll get around to it! And if you are a fan of this site... please sign my guestbook! It encourages me.

8-5-03 ~~ Wow, I'm back! Basically because I don't want my site to go kaput, and because I wanted to see if I could get some clipart from Angelfire. Anyhow, have you seen JC lately on those cereal boxes? (Yep, you can get a free locker poster.) Man, he needs a haircut! He's starting to really resemble that lion necklace of his, he's got the mane and everything.
I guess I could change the poll and stuff... but does anybody ever actually visit this website anymore? If you're here, reading this, now, please sign my guestbook! (And thanks and I love you!)

5-23-03 ~~ Well, I said I'd come back eventually, and here I am. Probably nobody has visited my site in a long time anyway, except for the person who spammed my guestbook -- with sound effects and actual pictures of spam. That was annoying, but I have to admit, it was kinda funny. Anyway, part of the reason I came back today is because I'm thinking of making another site on Angelfire, and part of the reason is that I was looking at some old disks I found yesterday, and found the two bajillion pictures I had saved of *NSYNC. You know, from back when Justin had bleached hair and people still remembered Chris? Aww... those were the days.
So I hope you like my site... happy reading!

1-31-03 ~~ HAPPY 22nd BIRTHDAY JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE!And happy belated 26th birthday to Joey Fatone! Yeah, I know I haven't updated in a long time. I just have a ton of other stuff to do in my life right now. So I guess I'm just going to pretty much let the site go, for the most part. You can still check out all the stuff on my site, I just don't think I'll be updating very often. In the future, I might let someone else take over my website, so you'll get new content then. But I'm not sure. So anyway... I'll be back someday! I'm sure I'll let you know before I give up the site completely or whatever. For now, STAY *NSYNC!!!

12-01-02 ~~ Okay, this is my Incredibly Retarded *NSYNC Christmas Song. To the tune of "Jingle Bells."

Jingle bells,
Joey smels,
Lance cought a bass, horray
The tour bus lost a wheel
And Justin got away!
I know I missed Chris and JC... but what can I say, I made it up in 2 minutes while I was very bored. So live with it. Merry Christmas!
I heard something on the radio about there being some kind of fund-raiser to get Lance into space. The guy said you could find out about it on, but I haven't checked yet. So, if you'r interested in that, I suggest you check out the usual sites...,,,, something like that. And if you don't find anything, then the guy on the radio was probably on drugs, so just forget about it!
That's the news for now, keep it cool, stay *NSYNC!

11-18-02 ~~ I got the Justin Timberlake CD. It's... interesting, I guess you could say. See, some of the songs are sweet and good. And some of the songs are just... bad! What's happened to our dear little Justin? *Sigh.* I guess I'd say that I like the CD, over all. I don't hate it, I don't love it, I just like it. I'd like it better if he didn't sing "Better have you naked by the end of this song." But there's some funny stuff on the album, too - particularly twards the ends of the songs "Senorita" and "Last Night." (Example: "Gentelmen, good night. Ladies... ... ... good morning. Hahaha... and that's it!") Anyhow, like I said, I'd like it better if it wasn't nasty. And speaking of which, with songs like that, I think it's just baloney that Justin still says he believes *cough*cough* should wait until marriage. His songs obviously say differently. Plus, if you watched the Barbara Walters interview, you know that it's just dumb for him to say that now.
Well, I might as well stop typing now because probably no one will read this anyway. Seems like nobody comes to my site anymore *tears*...

11-10-02 ~~ Yep, I know, I haven't updated in a really long time. The sad thing is, I don't really care. As much as I hate to say it, I think I'm getting burnt out on *NSYNC -- especially now that they're 'not exactly together'. What fun is that? Don't get me wrong -- I'm still asking for Justin's album for my birthday, and I watched his interview with Barbara Walters! (Did anybody else see that? He said he likes a girl who has "some junk in the trunk"!!! I thought that was hilarious!) But anyway, as far as this website goes: I'll update every so often, maybe once a month or something. If an idea for a new page comes to me, and I have time to make it, I'll put it on the site. But I might not change everything as often as I used to.
But I'll still read the guestbook and check out the poll results, so keep signing, keep voting, and keep coming back to get your dose of *NSYNC humor!

10-22-02 ~~ I'm so sorry -- I missed Chris' birthday and everything! But this time, I really couldn't help it -- our internet wasn't working. So now, I'm back, and I'll try to update a lot more often! Sorry about that, more soon!

10-12-02 ~~ Sorry I haven't updated in so long! I've been kind of busy lately with homecoming and friends and working and stuff. Soo... guess what! Word has it that JC is going solo now! The way I understood it, it started with him singing the possible title track for a movie, and then he decided he liked singing by himslef and started creating an album. Ahh... I don't know guys, I think this might be the end of *NSYNC! :*-( And Backstreet Boys, and Destiny's Child. So basically, pop music as we know it. I might cry. But if *NSYNC never makes another album together, don't worry, I'm sure they'll have a lovely reunion tour when we're all 50 years old!
Guess what, people... Chris is gonna be 31 soon! (The old fart, lol) And to think, we knew him when he was just,um, 27, haha...
As soon as I find some time somewhere in my hectic schedule, I'll start working on that new page that I've been dreaming up for months. I might call it "The Evolution of *NSYNC". Until then... keep coming back! Sign my guestbook, vote in the poll, and if you like my site, thank you very much!

9-28-02 ~~ Yay, I was watching How to Live like a Pop Star on MTV and I think I finally heard part of Justin's "Eat Eat" song that Tammy was talking about on one of the pages she made! (I think the page was "A World Without *NSYNC). Anyway, today I fixed the background on the "Joey in 2041" page, and I added a new link to my links page. (The new link is JK Double L.) And... um... I got a pretty dress for homecoming! Sorry, I just had to tell somebody! Okay, I think that's all for today!

9-23-02 ~~ Changed the pic and caption on the main page today. Hmm, Clipse is on the ad at the top of my editing page. (Clipse, of course, is the guy who does the rap in Justin Timberlake's song.) He's kinda scary-lookin'. Clipse, I mean. Yeah but anyway...thanks again to the people who like my site and sign my guestbook! I read it, and I really appreciate it!! I still have ideas for new pages! I've just been really busy lately. I'm hoping things'll slow down a little after homecoming and all that. So, hopefully I'll have some new pages for you in a month or so! Sorry I haven't been working too much on my site lately -- but keep coming back, new stuff soon!

9-17-02 ~~ Well, I changed the poll and the main page picture. That movie, Longshot was really pretty stupid. It was hard to follow and didn't seem to have much of a plot. But the cameos were cool! It had a LOT of groups and singers in it! It ticks me off, though, because the whole movie was made just so Lou Pearlman and Trans Con records could get more money. (So I'm assuming that was made when *NSYNC was still with TransCon.) Stupid Lou. We call him "Lucious Lou" for fun because he's so butt ugly and money-hungry.
Anyway, have any of you seen Justin Timberlake's new music video yet? They were showing it exclusively on AOL, but now I can't find a link to it or anything. Sorry! It's a lot like the "Girlfriend" music video, actually... night, cars, etc. And I think it might even be the same girl that Justin was with in the "Girlfriend" video. There are little parts in the beginning and end of the "Like I Love You" music video where Justin is just looking dead-on to the camera, and he looks REALLY hot. His good old cuteness of age 17, I mean -- that good. So I can't wait for it to come on TV!

9-15-02 ~~ I feel so bad! I'm so neglectful of my site. Sorry! I'll try to change the picture and the poll as soon as I can! And I've got stuff to say about Justin's solo single, etc. I've just been so busy lately with school and work and everything! I'll try to update more tomorrow. Keep coming back, please, I'll change stuff ASAP!

9-4-02 ~~ So here's the scoop: First of all, Lance, once again, was not able to come up with the money for his little vacation in outer space, so the Russians basically threw him out of the plans. This doesn't really make me too mad, because I was very afraid he would fry re-entering the earth's atmosphere or something. And nobody wants Lance to die! Or at least, I don't! But see, my mom told me that she heard that if Lance does finally come up with the money for the trip, the Russians will probably let him back on board the mission.
In other news, I've found that the movie Longshot will be on the ABC Family channel on Sunday, September 15 at 8pm e/p, according to ABC Family's website. Incase you don't know this, Longshot is a movie that was made a couple years ago and features *NSYNC, Britney Spears, and O-Town! I knew the movie existed, but I hadn't really heard much about it until now. I think it's about basketball. One of the stars of the movie is Danielle Fishel (Topanga from Boy Meets World) -- wasn't she going out with Lance at some point? Maybe they met on the set of the movie! Anyway, they showed *NSYNC on the ad for the movie that's on during ABC Family commercial times, and it was when Justin's hair was still bleached. Because of this, I find it odd that O-Town could be in the movie, because I thought they formed long after Justin went natural. But I don't know. Don't mind me, I'm just blabbin'. Anyway, I think that's all the news I have for now! And I'll try to change the poll and main page picture soon!

9-1-02 ~~ As you can see, I changed the picture on the main page. I did that a few days ago. I think it's kinda cool and kinda funny and kinda whatever.
Anyway though, I didn't know *NSYNC was going to be on the MTV VMAs! I just happened to watch the re-air of it last night. Did you watch the VMAs? Justin performed his new song, (which, BTW, is called "Like I Love You"). I can see why people say that Michael Jackson really influenced that song. But I think Justin's dancing was cooler -- did you see him?! I mean, *NSYNC is partly known for how well they dance, but even I didn't know Justin could dance that well! I liked the whole performance, it was cool -- except maybe for Clipse and the rapping dudes and the whole rap thing. I'm not really into that.
And now I have to elaborate on *NSYNC's appearance at the VMAs: JC needs to get some smaller hats ('cause that just looks stupid), Chris totally needs to come back down to earth and get away from that scary, dark style (just my opinion here), Justin is looking pretty cool I guess, and Joey -- well, he's just Joey. I like him 'cause he's so constant. However, it seems that all the guys (or at least JC and Joey, I don't remember the other's shirts) were advertising. Joey's shirt said "Rent", and JC's shirt was something -dot com. I forget.
Anyhow though, I'm gonna try to find some cool pictures of *NSYNC at the VMAs, so I might have one on the main page pretty soon. So enjoy the Basstronaut while you can!

8-24-02 ~~ I heard Justin Timberlake's new solo single on the Kiss FM today! It's SSOOO good! It's a really cool song! It's got kind of a pop/R&B/Latin mix of flavors to it. And the song is really long! Oh yeah, and Justin sings really high in it. I don't think I've ever heard him sing that high before! Somebody raps in it... I'm not sure who it is. The rap is just a little too long for my taste. But it's still a really cool song!
I just thought I'd let everybody know that I've worked up an idea for a new page! It's gonna be about the bygone days of *NSYNC... you know, Chris' dreadlocks, Justin's JRT necklace, that wonderful "Tearin' Up My Heart" music video... that sort of thing. I'm going to try to make it a poem. I really have no idea when I'll have it finished though, I'm sorta busy lately! But I'll work at it.

8-21-02 ~~ Congrats to *NSYNC and Nelly for their win on the Girlfriend remix at the Teen Choice Awards! I love that song! So, who else watched the Teen Choice Awards? I have to say, Chris has officially scared me now. With a mohawk, those freaky clothes and those Osbourneish glasses, I'm very, very afraid. I don't know about *NSYNC... they're just not the guys I knew during the No Strings Attached era! Except maybe Justin. I know he's concieted, but he's cool. JC was at the Teen Choice Awards, too, but who could see him?! His hat came halfway down his face! I'll dismiss it as a momentary lapse of good judgement on his part. But anyway, yeah, *NSYNC won! And they had some guy in a space suit they were pretending was Lance. That was kind of funny.
Hey, did you hear? Looks like Justin Timberlake isn't the only stuck-up boyband 'cute one' going solo! I heard on Nickelodeon today that Nick Carter is also making a solo album! Who would want to listen to 45 minutes of his whiney voice? Not me! Do I sound like I'm being mean today? If I do, I don't know why. Moods. Anyhow, hope everyone is either enjoying their first days back at school or enjoying their last days as a free person! Umm.... Oh, I heard that Justin Timberlake's first single from his new album has leaked onto some radio stations like KISS FM, and a few of the online music thingiemajiggies like Kaaza. I forget the name of the song though! You can find out at!

8-13-02 ~~ I love it when I get to read nice things in my guestbook! It makes it all seem worthwhile. Thanks, guys!
The only real *NSYNC news I have right now is that I heard that Lance was having some trouble paying his space flight dues on time, but as far as I can tell, the space trip is still a "Go" for Lance. Hey, BTW, does anyone know what JC and Chris have been up to lately? I haven't heard much about them. OH! Did you hear that Britney Spears is taking a six-month break, going home to chill for a while? I'm so happy. I'm happy for her because I think she could use a break since she's so busy, and I'm happy for me 'cause now I won't have to hear any new overplayed Britney songs for a while! I also heard she signed a deal to make a NASCAR movie. What-Evah! But anyway, what am I talking about, this is an *NSYNC site! Go listen to your *NSYNC CDs right away, I command you!

8-6-02 ~~ It has been WAAAYY too long since I updated! Aaahhh! Sorry! Well anyway, HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO JC CHASEZ ON AUGUST 8th! He's gonna be 26. They grow up so fast, don't they?! *Tear* Hehe. I think I'll put his picture on the main page for his birthday. Maybe I'll do that on all the guys' birthdays from now on.
Vote in that poll, people! Come on! It's pitiful! What's a website without feedback?! B-O-R-I-N-G, that's what!

7-26-02 ~~ I've been hearing a lot about Justin's solo album lately. If I think about it without letting my sentimental, emotional side butt in, it sounds like it'll be a pretty cool album. Justin's got a lot of potentially cool people helping him with it, and I know he's got the talent to get some good songs on it. But, if I DO let my emotional side in on the whole thing, it makes me kind of sad. I mean, I know *NSYNC is still *NSYNC, and I know we all guessed it was going to happen someday -- but now that it's finally happening, doesn't it seem kind of sad that Justin is doing a solo album? Like you never really thought it was going to happen? And Joey's acting in Rent, and heck, Lance is probably going to leave the planet... I don't know what JC and Chris are up to, but I hope they're writing songs, because it looks like we may not see a new *NSYNC album for quite some time!
I think I might change the poll tonight... maybe... I'm not sure.

7-21-02 ~~ It's about time I updated, huh?! This was sent to me by my dearest and most bestest friend, Jewels. I don't know where she got it, but I thought you guys might like to read it.

Lance Bass moved one step closer to becoming the first pop star in space with the Russian space agency's official approval of his candidacy for the open seat on October's shuttle flight to the International Space Station, NASA announced Tuesday. ''We did indeed receive a letter nominating Lance Bass for the October flight,'' a NASA official told MTV.
The 23-year-old 'N Sync singer still faces some obstacles on the way to the launch pad. First, he has to be approved by the international panel that oversees the space station. That decision should come this week. There are also contracts that still need to be formalized, involving the Hollywood production company that has offered to pay the $20 million cost of Bass' ticket in order to film his journey as a reality-TV event.
Then, Bass will have to undergo three more months of rigorous training, including a Russian-language crash course (so he can talk to the two cosmonauts aboard the shuttle) and a survival course in a Russian forest (he'll be left there without food or supplies). He'll even be dropped into the Black Sea, to learn what to do if the shuttle splashes down in the ocean. And you thought surviving hoards of screaming prepubescent girls was tough!
I think Lance is crazy. He's seriously going to go from luxury living to trying to survive in the middle ofthe forest with no food or supplies?! I would die. I can't even go camping. But maybe that's just me. Or maybe Lance lied awake, he drove himself crazy, drove himself crazy, thinking of space... or maybe someone else drove him crazy, why are they messin' with his mind? Okay, okay, I'll stop now!

7-13-02 ~~ I was babysitting yesterday, and my dad came over and told me that there was some *NSYNC thing on VH1. So I turned it on. And just when I thought I knew everything about *NSYNC, I was wrong. The show was called Driven, and this installment of it was about *NSYNC. It was the most wonderful thing I ever saw. It was an hour and a half long, and it was mostly all about each guy, starting when they were babies! There were really old home videos of each guy, videos I'd never seen before, and it talked about how they all worked their way up to *NSYNC. This show even talked about the guy who would have been Lance -- former *NSYNC member Jason! On the show, they talked to *NSYNC's friends and family, and Joey's dad even started crying -- it was so beautiful! *Tears* It was just really good. Called Driven. If you ever see that it's on, be sure to watch it and probably tape it. You won't be sorry.

7-6-02 ~~ Yippie, I put up a new page today! It's called "If *NSYNC were Cartoons", and I think it's the 4th link from the top on the main page. It's not my best work, but hey, you can't expect a girl to sit inside and work her butt off all summer. Umm... I hope everybody had a good 4th of July! Check out the new page, vote in the poll, sign the guestbook, etc. Enjoy!

6-28-02 ~~ I just thought I'd let you people know that I'm finally working on a couple of new pages! Also, I really do read the guestbook, and I'm getting some good ideas from what you guys are writing in there. Thanks!

6-23-02 ~~ First of all, let it be known that I satisfied my Misty craving by getting a grape Misty Float at Dairy Queen last Friday. But on to the more important things: I changed the picture on the main page, and I changed the poll today. That picture cracks me up -- I found it on an old *NSYNC picture site that hasn't been updated since like 1998. I hated *NSYNC in 1998. And know that I look at that picture... I can see why! Lance looks like a girl in that picture. I know, all the Lance fans are going to shoot me know. He looks good now! But back then... they were all pitiful. Except maybe Joey, but he looked so Italian. Not that that's a bad thing. Oh, now I'm getting myself in too deep. Never mind!

6-19-02 ~~ I know, I know, I really need to change the poll and the picture on the main page. I could do it now, but I don't feel like it. So I'll either change it on Friday night or sometime this weekend. Stick with me! Keep voting in the poll, and don't forget to sign the guestbook! I suddenly have a taste for some kind of Misty from Dairy Queen. I don't know why. Anyway, yeah, keep coming and please tell your friends about my site!

6-16-02 ~~ On this day, June 16, exactly one year ago, I was at an *NSYNC concert. Ahhh... the memories. It was so much fun! Let's see, it's 5:00 right now, so at this time one year ago, I was probably buying my $32 official *NSYNC T-shirt. I wish I could relive the whole thing again...
Anyway, I guess whoever was number 10,000 to visit the site didn't sign the guestbook. Oh well. It's still cool anyway! Like those people on that one commercial that watch the numbers turn over on the mile meter on their car.
Uh, that's all I've got for now, stay *NSYNC - really, okay? ;-)

6-13-02 ~~ Aaah, I can't wait until the counter hits 10,000! It's almost there! This is gonna be so cool! Hey, if you're truly number 10,000 to visit my site, sign the guestbook, okay? Hey look, "Sa" signed my guestbook... hmm, how odd. Whatever. Okay, anyway, I was reading an old "M" magazine today -- from February or something -- and I read that Lance's movie company, A Happy Place, bought 'rights' or whatever to a new movie. I also read that Lance is gonna be on Seventh Heaven again next season. And in a recent issue of People magazine, I read that some Russian boyband called "Na-Na" also wants to go on the same space shuttle flight as Lance, which could cause a problem.
However, I can't guarentee that anything I just said is actually true. But I thought I'd let you know, just incase!

6-9-02 ~~ Haha, I was reading what Brittney Roberts wrote in the guestbook. She wrote:

"It would be really cool if Nsyn'c would come to every county,city,and state and give everyone a chance to see them includeing me. Also get one date with Justin alone."
That would be so cool! It would take forever, but still, that would be awesome! Of course, it would never happen... but still, a girl can dream, right? Anyway... I don't have any new news for you right now, or any new pages. Sorry. I'm gonna be pretty busy this summer, so maybe I can get back to working on the website harder in the fall. In the meantime, keep voting in the poll (which I'll change soon) and sign the guestbook!

6-3-02 ~~ I didn't bother reading the articles, but I read the headlines, and it looks like Lance is all good to go to space! (You always knew something about him was so out-of-this-world! LoL.) Um, other than that, what else is there to write about? Summer! Summer rocks! No school, cool at the pool! Have a great summer vacation, everybody!

5-28-02 ~~ I love reading nice comments in my guestbook! Thanks, Heidi!
"If you think *NSYNC is where your dirty dishes are, you might be a redneck." --Jeff Foxworthy

5-21-02 ~~ Whoever invented pop-up ads should be brutally murdered in a dark alley on Chicago's South Side. Aah, there, I feel better having said that.

5-20-02 ~~ I found out a little more about what was up with Lance's operation. The reason that he had to be operated on was so that he'll be in perfect condition to go to space -- if he wasn't going to space, he never would have had to have the heart murmur fixed. Some heart murmurs are basically absolutely nothing -- I know cuz I have one. Anyway, the way I understood it, that's what the deal was.
Everybody, only a week or two of school left! Isn't it great?!?! Good luck with finals, *NSYNC fans!

5-17-02 ~~ First of all, I want to thank Jessica for signing my guestbook and letting me know about Lance in space. I agree with you that Britney doesn't deserve Justin! Second, I wanna say that I think it's pretty cool that the poll, so far, says that you guys think the best thing about *NSYNC is their personalites. I'd kind of like to see their music win, but personalities is second best. Keep voting in the poll, please, and let me know what you think!
Now, I'll give you the news of the day. I don't usually copy from websites, but I wasn't sure exactly how to put this into my own words. Credit goes to

(Katrillion) -- Lance Bass' heart must have literally skipped a beat when he realized his space dream was becoming closer to reality.
The *NSYNC hottie went straight from the concert hall to the operating room May 1 to fix a heart murmur. Lance was in Boston's Beth Israel Deaconess Medical Center for only a few hours.
His publicist told Reuters that the condition was "not even remotely life-threatening."
Lance is currently in Russia undergoing medical tests. If he passes, he will begin intense training, which ranges from simulated flight activities to oxygen deprivation.
He is expected to find out if he is space-bound later this month.
Aah! Don't let them deprive Lance of oxygen! For the love of Pete, let the man live! LoL... anyway, stay *NSYNC and wish Lance well!

5-15-02 ~~ New rumor, and this one is supposedly pretty reliable: Justin and Britney are back together. Yep, that's right, going out, boyfriend and girlfriend, whatever you want to call it.
And you thought Justin Timberlake was smart.
Hey, does anybody know what the deal is with Lance going to space? Is he still going? If you know, please sign my guestbook and let me know. Thanks!

5-14-02 ~~ I thought of some *NSYNC news, horray! My Big Fat Greek Wedding is now playing. If you recall, that's the movie that has Joey Fatone in it. I hear he only has a small part in the movie, but an article I read said that he did a pretty good performance. And the movie itself is supposed to be pretty cute. So, die-hard *NSYNC fans and movie buffs alike should check it out!

5-9-02 ~~ I changed the poll today. This one should be interesting, haha. And, guess what? Somebody normal actually signed my guestbook! Thanks, Natalia! That is a pretty name, by the way. Today I'm getting mad at my keyboard because it's not typing all the letters, even though I hit them. So I have to keep going back. But anyway, you don't care. Have a nice day -- why not pull out NSA and listen to some of the good medium-old tunes?

5-8-02 ~~ My big improvement today was adding a color scrollbar to the main page. Big stuff, huh? I've been trying to find out any interesting info on *NSYNC, but everything I find lately is kind of boring. So today, I think I'll just say a goodbye to Left Eye. It makes me sad. Makes me feel so da-- unpretty.
I'll put on a new poll within the next few days, too. Keep coming back, please, I'm bound to find out something interesting about *NSYNC pretty soon!

5-1-02 ~~ HAPPY 1st ANNIVERSARY TO TOMATO'S *NSYNC SECTION!!! Yep, that's right, I've had this site up and running for just over a year now. And just like last year... It's almost Lance's birthday again! HAPPY BIRTHDAY TO LANCE BASS ON MAY 4!
In other news, the Kids' Choice Awards really stunk, 'cause *NSYNC wasn't even on them or up for any awards! What's up with that?! Personally, I think the Kids' Choice awards are just publicity for Nickelodeon. I mean, seriously: The 'Favorite TV Actress' award was between Melissa Joan Hart, Jennifer Aniston, Hillary Duff (Lizzie McGuire), and Amanda Bynes. And Amanda Bynes won! That's nuts! But Amanda is the only one of them who's on NICKELODEON. And that's just one example. Anyway, back to *NSYNC. I haven't checked out the message board lately, and I don't feel like doing it now, so I don't really have any new news. But at least I got around to changing the picture and caption on the main page! Also, I'm sorry if I discouraged anybody from signing the guestbook. I really like to hear your comments, so please sign it! I'm gonna change the poll soon, too -- I get the idea by now. You all love the Christina/Fred/Ricky/Justin/Britney. The one thing that's practically impossible to do again. So I might end up doing another page of one of your second favorites: Either anothe picture page, or another page that's something like "Up Against the Wall? Sure...". Whew! Okay! That's all for today, stay *NSYNC everybody!

4-20-02 ~~ Sorry it took me so long to update. I guess Amanda isn't gonna send me those pictures, and I can't do anything about it. I don't want Jewels to have to bug her all the time, and Jewels doesn't want to anyway. Okay... Radio@AOL (on AOL 7.0) now has a station called *NSYNC DJs, which is basically *NSYNC's favorite music. It's pretty cool I think. Um... I need to find a new picture for the main page, I know, I'll get to it someday... and, um, I was reading the guestbook, and this person named Mini signed it. I read the first sentance: "Very cool web site indeed." And I thought, finally, a normal person signed my guestbook. (And that was a nice thing for Mini to say, too.) But then I read on, and i don't understand a word of the rest of what she wrote. I think it's supposed to be some kind of little survey thing? I don't know. Anyway, I don't know how much I'm going to be able to do this summer in the way of new pages, but I'll try. I'm just going to be pretty busy. Even if I don't get around to updating that often, I'll still keep the site up for all my fellow *NSYNC fans, 'cause I think my site is pretty funny if I do say so myself. But I'll still try to work on some new pages, too.

4-13-02 ~~ I read it on, and I was so sad, it actually brought tears to my eyes. Busta died. If you don't know who Busta is, you are no *NSYNC fan, missie. But okay, I'll tell you anyway. Busta was Chris' little pug doggie. And I guess he got mauled to death by a bigger dog. Isn't that SAD??!! It makes me sad! You know what else makes me sad -- or rather, enraged with envy and jealousy? This girl named Amanda. I won't use her last name. She goes to school with Jewels. Amanda went to the Chicago concerts on the 6th and the 7th, AND she had 7th row, AND she got to go to the soundcheck, AND she got to MEET *NSYNC! Jewels said that Amanda said that *NSYNC smelled good. And that Justin laughed at her becuase she was just about the only person taking pictures at soundcheck. Waaa! Why can't Justin laugh at ME??!! Waaa! But anyway, Amanda's gonna send me some of her pictures sometime this weekend, so I'll have to ask her if I can put them on this site. It isn't fair.

4-7-02 ~~ Jewels and I rented On the Line the night before last. We decided that our favorite part is the very, very end with Justin and Chris. It's SOOOO FUNNY!!! But the whole movie is great. It's just great, that's just all I can say.
Check out the hilarious people who signed my guestbook. Julie #1 seems to think she's sending e-mail to *NSYNC, whom she fondly refers to as "yall". She put the apostrophe waaayy in the wrong place (Nsyn'c) and she asks *NSYNC to e-mail her back pretty please because it's an emergency. I like that spirit. Maybe that will get them to write to her, if they think she's dying of a gunshot wound or something.
And then we have Julie #2, who loves Joey's neck. Eeeww. I never really paid any attention to Joey's neck, or anybody's neck, for that matter. Except for that on guy on Battlebots, because his neck is the same size as his head. Which is kind of scary. But anyway... As you can see, I've been kind of busy lately and haven't gotten around to making any new pages. I've asked Tammy if she's made any, but she never e-mails me back. Soo... if you want new pages, go someplace else for a while. But if not... enjoy the old suff! And I'll try to get around to making a new page or two before summer comes!

3-30-02 ~~ This update is sort of long, but I think it will be worth it to read the whole thing.
Okay, it's official. Justin and Britney broke up. Yay! Maybe Justin finally realized what a... well, you know... she is. And now, both of them are single, much to the delight of girls and boys the world over.
I've been hearing that what got the whole rumor started that *NSYNC was going to break up, was the fact that Justin is going to make a solo album. Except I don't know if that's a fact or not, since I've only ever heard about it on the internet. But it probably is. Either way, *NSYNC is not breaking up.
On the Line is now out on video! I have to buy it soon. The VHS and DVD of PopOdyssey Live are also out now. I smell a day in front of the TV in my near future...
Lance will probably be going to space after all... he's in Russia right now (or at least, he was a few days ago) getting tested to see if he can handle space. There's a website all about the possible voyage, It's pretty cool -- Lance himself gives video updates. I think it's pretty cool for Lance that he might get to go to space, but I'm worried 'cause it's dangerous, and if Lance died, well, crying fans all over the world, not to mention no *NSYNC. Unless it was *SYNC or *NSYC. Or maybe Justin would just decide to go solo after all, and it would be *SYC. Haha, they would be called "Sick" or "Psych"! Or else they could call themselves JC, Joey and Chris, or maybe even 'The Dark-Haired Guys'. But anyway, let's just stick with hoping that Lance is okay.
Final thing: If you haven't seen Ice Age yet, go see it. It's a really good movie. Clockstoppers is okay and has some cool effects, but other than that, I don't really reccommend it.

3-22-02 ~~ Yesterday, I got the single of "Girlfriend" at Wal-Mart for $7, which is a pretty good deal considering that it's got 4 full tracks and it's an Enhanced CD, which means it has stuff for the computer on it. The CD has two versions of "Girlfriend" -- the album version, and the remix with Nelly -- and two versions of "Gone" -- a remix, and the Spanish version. The Enhanced part of the CD has the music video for "Girlfriend", a photo gallery, and a 'preview' of PopOdyssey Live. By the way, the video of PopOdyssey Live came out on the 19th, and the DVD comes out on the 26th. I HAVE to get the video! I wish I could have brought my video camera to the concert, and this is the next best thing! So once I get that, I'll tell you how it is. Keep voting in the poll for now, but I have a feeling that Britney vs. Justin vs. Ricky vs. Fred vs. Christina is gonna win, and that's gonna be the hardest type of thing to do a new page like! But don't worry, if that's what you guys like, I'll figure out a way.

3-12-02 ~~ As far as I'm concerened, the rumor that *NSYNC is breaking up is pretty much dead -- or if they do break up, they're not going to break up until at least this Fall, for reasons I'm not even going to try to understand. But now there's a new rumor -- that Britney and Justin broke up! Again, I don't know what to think. I would think that that would never happen, but then again, I never thought Nick Lachey and Jessica Simpson were gonna break up, either. (But didn't Nick recently propose to Jessica or something?) Anyway, I'm having a pretty good day, how about you? I hope you're having a pretty good day too. Know how you can help make my day even better? VOTE IN THE POLL!!!

3-9-02 ~~ Geez, I haven't updated in a while. So what do you think of these rumors that *NSYNC is breaking up or Justin is going solo or whatever? I don't know what to believe. For some reason, I don't really care a whole lot. I think it would be a shame, because they sound so good together, but I guess I don't really mind a whole ton because it's not like they'd be dead or anything, they just wouldn't be together. I'm sure they would still do music... 'n' stuff... and I would still get that, and follow it on my website, even if it was seperate. Speaking of which, what was the deal with Justin and Brian McKnight doing that "My Kind of Girl" song? I heard that they were going to do it, and then all of a sudden, it was up for an award on the Grammys! I've never heard that song yet! And did it have a music video? I never saw that! Anyway... vote in the poll or else! And oh yeah, Tammy told me about this website where you can make *NSYNC dolls, and so I think I'm gonna make a few and put them on the site someday. I'll try to get some of Tammy's, too. Sooo... that's all for today!

2-28-02 ~~ WOW! *NSYNC ROCKED on the Grammys!!! Don't you just love that remix?! I know I do. And all the *NSYNC guys looked SOOO good! They're finally getting the idea again. Too bad that they didn't win any Grammys, though -- STUPID U2!! *NSYNC are a lot more POPular than U2 (get my pun? LoL.) But for some reason, the people who decide who gets the Grammys (whoever they are) have this thing about "comeback artists." Remember a couple of years ago, when Santana won all the Grammys just because he was a "comeback artist"? Same with U2 now. *NSYNC definitley deserved to win!!! As for the other artists -- I was really rooting for Nelly Furtado, and I'm glad she won an award. I like her a lot because she's not the kind of person who acts like "Yeah, I deserved to win this." She's not too stuck up. And I like her music, of course. So then there was also Britney Spears -- was she even nominated?? I don't know. But obviously, some of *NSYNC's good fashion sense is rubbing off on Britney -- she was actually wearing a WHOLE ENTIRE DRESS! I couldn't believe it. And I was totally digging the pink, but maybe that's just me. And Britney's hair actually looks really cute all poofy and curly. Perhaps Justin gave her the idea...
Anyway, now I've got to start searching for a new picture for the main page, since the one I have on there now is so last award show!

2-24-02 ~~ Okay, so I guess you may have heard about this thing with Lance. He was supposed to pay however many million dollars to fly on a Russian rocket to a space station, or something like that. Well, it seems that the Russians didn't really know about it, and they don't want him to go. So evedently, Lance will be staying on this earth for the time being. And I think that's good -- I mean, what if he died up there? What if the shuttle burned up re-entering the Earth's atmosphere? Then we'd only have *SYNC or *NSYC. And with all the girls crying all over the world, we might end up with some kind of huge tear flood, and that wouldn't be too good either.

2-23-02 ~~ Haha! Look at the guestbook. Check out the person who says my site sucks and it should be about Westlife. I really did like that ONE Westlife song, but that was the only Westlife song I ever heard, and I don't think anybody really cares about them anymore. Sort of too bad I guess, but that's the way it is. Yeah, I'd say I'm gonna have a lot more hits to my site with an *NSYNC site that with a Westlife site. Besides, *NSYNC's better anyway! And one of the guys in Westlife looked just like my cousin, so that was pretty scary for me. And this person who signed my guestbook had to visit my site on a dare... OOO, scary! What kind of a dare is that?
Anyhow, gee, I sure am glad you people voted in the poll... HELLO??!! I'm not stupid here! Look, since I last checked my site, about, eeh, 80 people have visited it. How many people have voted in the poll since then? ONE! This is the most important poll ever! Don't let me down, please!

2-20-02 ~~ The poll is really evened out, so I need everybody to vote! Props to Helen for putting my link in her zine, and thanks to anybody who actually clicked on it and ended up here. Puh-leeease vote in the poll, everybody!

2-18-02 ~~ Today I took off the link to Bianca's "Dirty Pop Boyz" site cuz she deleted it, and I put on a new page so that you -- yes, you! -- can link my site. That page is appropriatley titled "Link Me!". Anyway, don't forget to vote in the poll... you don't know how much it means to me!

2-16-02 ~~ Added a link today to a site called "The *Nsyncerator". It's made by some girls in New Zealand, so it's fun to see the words like "bloody" and "cos" -- and oh yeah, it's a really good humor site, too!
C'mon, people, vote in the poll! It isn't that hard!

2-14-02 ~~ Happy Valentine's Day everybody! I haven't got a valentine. :*-( But I'll just lie and say that Justin Timberlake belongs to me, since that's what everybody else says. Anywayz, you really don't understand how important it is to me that you vote in the poll -- I need that feedback in order to know what to give you next! I'm going to leave this poll up for a little while. Thanks again to all the people who sign my guestbook! No new news or pages right now, but I did get some Lance brand crackers today, and I kept the wrapper and put it in my folder of *NSYNC stuff, which I call "The *N Files". Sooo... please vote in the poll!

2-9-02 ~~ I added two new links today -- one to my internet friend Bianca's site, which isn't quite finished but is coming along really well, and one to an e-zine I get, because I swaped links with the editor. Don't forget to vote in the poll -- you don't know how important it is to me! I'll be eternally grateful!

2-5-02 ~~ Today, I took the music off the main page 'cause it was getting irritating, and I took off the "If love is a crime, then punish me" graphic thing. I also added a NEW Wallpaper, called "Biggest Fan". It's really purdy. :-) Don't forget to vote in the poll... only 2 people have voted, so I need your opinion!
For your news today, if you haven't already heard, Nelly will be performing with *NSYNC at the Grammys. I thought it was supposed to be a secret... oh well! Also, a while back, there was this rumor that Justin and Britney were secretly engaged... and now there's this rumor that they're secretly married... so I secretly kinda think the rumors could be secretly true! Britney said on Oprah that they aren't engaged, but if they're married, then it wouldn't be a lie...

2-2-02 ~~ Cool! It's 02-02-02! Nifty! Anyway, yesterday, I was mad enough to make a venting page about this, but I held back and decided not to: So many things have gone wrong, I won't be going to the *NSYNC concert this year. I guess I'm getting over the anger. I won't bug you with all the reasons why it didn't work out... I'll get on to better things!
I put a new poll on my site today. It asks which part of my site you like best, so here's the deal: Whatever wins the poll, I give you more of it! Also, thank you thank you thank you to whoever was the last person to vote in the last poll -- you finally broke the tie!
I went to see A Walk to Remember today. Very good movie. Jamie (AKA Mandy Moore) reminded me a lot of me. I probably would have cried at the end of the movie, but I had to go to the bathroom too bad, LOL! Anyway, if you haven't seen it, you should. Shane West is a cutie, anyway. Okay, I'll stop blabbering now! Go vote in the poll!

1-30-01 ~~ Incase I don't get on the internet tomorrow... HAPPY BIRTHDAY JUSTIN!!! Justin's gonna be 21. If he goes out drinking... let's just hope he doesn't end up like A.J.! Anyway, Ticketmaster has added a ton of new tour dates! You can see them if you click here. I think that link will work, if not, go to They've got Rosemont on there now -- horray! I'm going! I hope. Anyway, if you like this site even one little bit, tell all your *NSYNC-loving friends, because nobody is visiting my site! Thanks!

1-28-02 ~~ HAPPY BIRTHDAY JOEY!!! Wow, 25... that means Joey Fatone is 1/4 of the way to 100! Haha! And happy birthday to Nick Carter too, because I do like the Backstreet Boys too. Just not as much as I like *NSYNC. Actually, I was a BSB fan first, but then I converted to an *NSYNC fan because I discovered that they're just plain better. Anyway, only 3 days until Justin Timberlake's birthday! Please vote in the poll, I still need more votes before I can change it, and I really want to get the new one on there. Thanks, stay *NSYNC!

1-26-02 ~~ Ahahahehehe! I'm getting all excited now! *NSYNC's new tour is starting up, horray! There are a few more dates on Ticketmaster now, but no Chicago yet, which is stinky for me... but I know they're sposta have a concert in Chicago, so I'll just wait patiently!
The transcript from Chris's chat on AOL is now at AOL keword: Transcripts. Just type in Chris Kirkpatrick at the bottom of the Transcripts page, and a short list of chats including his will come up.
Anyway, no, Sammy (crunk_famous8877), Tammy and I were not high when we did the Ricky/Christina/Fred/Britney/Justin thing. Or at least I wasn't anyway. But I don't think Tammy is a druggy either, so I'm pretty sure we're just weird, LOL!
Please vote in the poll pleople... there's a tie for second place between 3 options, so I need to get some more votes before I can get a new poll! Thankies!

1-24-02 ~~ I was about to change the poll, but this one's got such a pitfully small number of votes, I decided to keep it for another day or two.
Anyway, I thought I would let you people know that there are 5 new *NSYNC concerts listed on Ticketmaster! All the concerts are in March. Two of them go on sale tomorrow, and two others go on sale the next day! The concerts are in Portland, Tacoma, Sacramento, San Jose, and San Diego. To buy tickets and get more info, click here. And this year, at least we'll know the words to the songs!

1-22-02 ~~ Guess what! A new page! Finally! It probably doesn't have as much *NSYNC content as you might have liked, but it's still good wholesome entertainment. It's in the "We're Insane" catagory, and it's my first 'vent', "Things to Ponder". I hope you enjoy it!
Also, has anybody seen the *NSYNC Chili's commercial! It's so funny! Poor Joey. If you have no idea what I'm talking about, read this. Too bad they sometimes shorten the commercial. Oh well, it's still cool. Lance looks spiffy in the commercial. What am I talking about -- they all do! New poll soon.

1-16-02 ~~ I spent way too much time yesterday trying to find a decent MIDI to replace the one I have on the main page now, since it's kind of irritating to keep hearing the same thing again and again, everytime I come on the page. But all the MIDIs I found were either really cheesy or really annoying, and there weren't any at all from the Celebrity album. Anyway, in other news:
Tammy has informed me that she made a new story for the site, so hopefully you'll have something new to look at soon!
Also, last night, I got in on the AOL Live chat with Chris Kirkpatrick! I didn't get any of my questions answered, but it was fun to watch anyway. He said that he still has his little pug dogs (I was wondering about that) and that Tony somebody-or-other's Cajun Seasoning is the key to a perfect hamburger. He said that they (I think he meant FuMan Skeeto by 'they') have a production company with a few new TV shows coming out! And that's all I can remember really, but there should be a transcript at AOL keword: Live pretty soon.
Also, I read that Britney and Justin are throwing a Super Bowl party this year. (Since they're not actually going to be at the Super Bowl this time.) It's going to be some kind of fund-raiser bowling party thing, and tickets are $1,000 a piece, if that wasn't a typo -- because I think $1,000 is a pretty reasonable price for a Pinky/Stinky party!
That's all I've got for today!

1-14-02 ~~ *NSYNC has won yet another award, this time, the People's Choice! And we are the people, go us! JC said that he wants to thank his mom 'cause she's people. He was acting kinda strange... anyway, I think it was nice that they brought Emanuelle to the awards with them (she's from 'On The Line'.) And I'm so glad they beat the Backstreet Boys! Remember like a year ago or whenever it was, at some awards show Santana and the BSB won everything!!!?? But now *NSYNC is #1, yay! Also, incase you haven't heard this already, *NSYNC is supposed to announce the dates of their new tour on Valentine's Day (because we love them so much!) and the tour is supposed to start in March. I say, I'm going. I don't care if I have to spend all my money and go all by myself, I'm going. 'Cause *NSYNC rules!

1-13-02 ~~ Yippie-doo-dah! I've found Tammy again. (Or rather, she found me.) But anyway, that makes me happy, yay! And I'm really happy today, so you're in luck. I decided that I'm going to spend the evening tonight... well, watching the People's Choice Awards, but also thinking up new pages for this website! I'll try really hard. I think that in my next poll (by the way, I put a new one up yesterday), I'm going to ask you, my faithful website viewers, what kind of new pages you'd like to see. I'll probably do that in a week or two. Anyway, have a happy day, and stay *NSYNC!

1-10-02 ~~ Horray! Did they say *NSYNC won 3 AMA's? Oh well, I know they at least got one! 'Cause *NSYNC RULEZ! Who else loved what Justin has done with his hair? It's finally blonde again, yay, I loved it that way! Let's just hope he doesn't let it get too poofy now. Chris needs to trim his little goatee thing. Anyhow, good for *NSYNC, and everybody else who won! Don't forget to vote for *NSYNC on TRL, because "Girlfirend" is falling quickly and loosing to the Backstreet Boys! Let's put *NSYNC where they belong, at #1!

1-8-02 ~~ Today I changed the picture and caption on the main page, and I'll get around to changing that poll soon. New pages are still stewing in my brain. My eyes hurt because my screen is too bright, so that's all I've got to say for today.

1-5-02 ~~ Hey everybody, happy new year! Yesterday, I finally saw the new music video for "Girlfriend" on TRL, but they only showed the first half of it. And I have a feeling the second part would have been better, because Justin and this guy were about to drag race! Anyway, the video is really cool. *NSYNC dances on top of cars. (I wonder how many times they fell off, LOL -- hope Joey didn't re-injure his leg or anything!) Anyways, the dancing is awesome as usual, and of course the guys are hot... It's awesome! Monday, on TRL, they're gonna premere the new Elton John music video that has Justin Timberlake in it. They showed a little bit of that on TRL yesterday -- freaky! For all of you who thought that Justin could never, ever NOT look hot, you were horribly wrong.
Anyhow, as you can see, I've lost Tammy. I tried sending her an e-mail, and it said she wasn't a known member. I don't know her personally, so I have no idea what happened to her... so I put a huge, ugly plea on my main page. But I have a feeling I'm not gonna hear from Tammy again. That's okay, I'm funny too, right? Right? Well, anyhow... thanks much to Elise (sugarnspice196) who signed my guestbook, 'cause comments like that make all the work I put into my site worthwhile. Keep comin'!
Okay, last thing -- you know what's really cool? The 7000th person to visit my site was me! That was neat to see. Help me make 8000 quick, okay people? I'll have some new stuff soon, my brain is busy cooking up ideas.

12-29-01 ~~ AAaah! I'm finally back! Hope everyone had a nice holiday, 'cause I sure did! I'm not gonna brag about my presents... 'cause you probably got better presents than me anyhow! So... I guess I should change that picture on the main page. I'll get around to changing the poll soon, too. Who the heck voted that *NSYNC is not their favorite group because the actually have taste?! My fault for putting that option on there, but seriously, you people are nuts. Anyway, I went to see Ocean's 11 yeseterday -- that is the coolest movie! Whoever thought up that movie is an evil genius, too. It was an awesome movie, go see it! And plus, Brad Pitt is really really cute in it... as usual... aaahhhh... Anyway, after the new year, I'll start working on some new pages for my site, and I'll get in touch with Tammy again and see if she can come up with anything. Have a Happy New Year!

12-16-01 ~~ Mom got me one of those $10 *NSYNC Life Story magazines today, so I'm in Seventh Heaven. Oh my gosh, some of the pictures in it are so old... *NSYNC used to be so dorky, I can't believe it! Haha! Lance used to look like a girl with his poofy little rooster haircut. JC used to have yellow teeth, eew! What am I saying, I have yellow teeth! Oh well. Anyway, some of the pictures are really good, and it makes me wish we had a flatbed scanner. With our sloooow scanner, I'd have to rip out the pages to scan them. Grrh. Anyhow... I guess that's all for now, have a great holiday, stay *NSYNC y'all!

12-14-01 ~~ Where did that popup ad come from?!? Did you get a pop-up ad when you came on my site? I put in that I wanted an ad at the top, not that and a popup! I hate popup ads, I didn't want my site to have one! I don't know what's up with that. Anyway, I'm leaving the same poll on for a little while because usually not many people vote in the poll, and this time people are actually voting, so it must be a good one. :-) *NSYNC is winning, horray! Hey to Mike who clicked the button too fast and put no comments at all in my guestbook. Thanks a lot, Mike. And never, ever call the radio station and do that again, you hear? I'm serious! Anyhow people, if I don't get back to you by Christmas, (or Hanukkah or Kwaanza or whatever you happen to celebrate), Happy Holidays to all!

12-1-01 ~~ The tomato is still alive and not even moldy yet. Can you tell I just drank a lot of cream soda? Anyhow, I don't know how much updating I'll get done this month, since, of course, it'll be pretty busy. I doubt I'll get any new pages up on the site. But I will do some minor updating (like changing the picture on the main page and the poll and stuff), so don't forget about me and keep coming back! And then in January, I'll do some new pages and stuff. Tell your friends about my site please!

11-24-01 ~~ HORRAY!!! Two days ago, I finally got the "Then and Now" picture page up!!! I was going to update this page then, on the 22nd, and I typed stuff for this page for about 15 minutes - and I type pretty quick, so I got a lot done. And then I cliked "save", and it didn't work. I clicked "back", and it said 'This page has expired'! So I lost everything I typed. Anyhow, the link to the "*NSYNC: Then and Now" picture page is second from the top on the main page. I think I might add some captions later, but those pictures pretty much speak for themselves!
So, did you watch the *NSYNC Special on CBS last night? If you didn't, you should have! It was great. I'm so mad that I didn't tape it. If I had taped it, I would write a full review for you and put it on the review page. Justin looked so so hot! JC, on the other hand... anyhow, if you didn't get to see Popodyssey, the CBS special was a good taste of what the concert was like. Only smaller. It's like they shrunk Popodyssey, and tried to make up for it by adding Tim McGraw. Blach. I can't stand country music. OMG, and did you notice how Lance had to add that he and Tim are both from Mississippi??! Classic! That was a great show.
Okay, that's all for now, hope everybody had a good Thanksgiving! Time for the holidays now... buy me a Tickle-Me-Elmo Suprise! Just kidding!

11-19-01 ~~ Today I added a link to It is probably the best *NSYNC site I have ever seen. It has tons of everything!! I also fixed my display issues that my Dad messed up, so now I can start working on the picture page again. It's really coming along! I'll probably be on here on Thanksgiving, and I might put it on then. Okay, got to go for now!

11-16-01 ~~ Bad news. It's revenge in my family, and this time, it's going to have an effect on you, too. You see, our printer and computer microphone haven't been working, and my Dad has been trying to fix them for months. He finally allowed me to give it a try myself, and I fixed the microphone in 15 minutes and the printer in 45 minutes. This made him jealous (he's a big baby sometimes.) So what did he do? He did something that he knew I'd hate and I wouldn't know how to fix. He changed the internet display settings, so now all the text on the internet is HUGE. However, that's not the way you'll see it. Which means, if I can't see it how you see it, I can't make the new picture page yet. Lousy, huh? So hopefully, I'll figure out how to get my internet back to normal within a week. Until then, I'm gonna be really annoyed.
In happier news, I got the On the Line soundtrack! It's really good! I love the new *NSYNC songs, and all the other songs are good -well exept for that one remix thingie- but other than that, I love it! My mom even knows the words to the Al Green song. Every girl should own an On the Line soundtrack!

11-14-01 ~~ I'm about halfway finished with the "Then and Now" picture page. It's coming along very nicely (it's so funny!!) I think you'll approve. I hope. I'll almost for sure have it on the site by Monday. Keep coming, girls, my site neeeds your support! For goodness sakes, sign the guestbook! I'll be eternally grateful to you if only you'd sign it and tell me what you think of the site! Thanks much!

11-12-01 ~~ Sometimes I wonder if people just go down the list on the poll and vote for each thing. I'm on to you, unfair voters...
Anyhow, I was going to do the layout for the picture page today, but I decided to try to get our printer working instead. And guess what - I did it! My dad has been trying to fix that thing for months, and he finally let me try it, and I fixed it in 45 minutes! Go me! So probably tomorrow I'll do the picture page.
Got a shout-out or *NSYNC cheer you want to be heard? Post it in the guestbook!

11-11-01 ~~ Never trust me when it's the day before the weekend and I say "I'm going to update tomorrow." You know how the weekends are. You never know what's going to happen.
So anyway, ON THE LINE was GREAT!!! I don't know what's wrong with the critics. I figure, it must be either that they've been spoiled by big movies like "Pearl Harbor", or they simply can't appreciate the humor of an *NSYNCer choking on sugar. Or both. I loved the movie. It was so funny! Especially when that guy is cooking out on the middle of the baseball diamond. I don't know, it's just one of those little things that cracks me up. But the funniest part was definitley the very end... those of you who've seen it, you know what I'm talking about. I don't want to spoil the suprise for people who haven't seen it. Anyway, I think I'll put a new poll on right now. That is, if I can come up with a new poll question. Oh, I just thought of one. Okay, later dudettes!

11-8-01 ~~ Just letting you know I haven't forgotten about the site. I'm going to start working on the layout for the picture page tomorrow. Today, me and Jewels are going to see "On the Line"!!! I'll be sure to tell you what I thought of it. Sooooo..... I'll probably update again tomorrow or the next day. I'll put a new poll on then, too.

11-3-01 ~~ I put a new pic on the main page today. I have so many things in mind to put on this site, I just have so little time! So don't forget to come back and check every now and then, you never know when I'll have something new on!

10-31-01 ~~ Happy Halloween everybody! I put Tammy's new page on last night, the link is on the main page: "Tammy's 'A World Without *NSYNC'". I finally found a good old picture of Justin for my picture page, so now I've just got to find one of Joey, and make the layout and I'll be finished. Don't get me wrong though, that'll take at least a week. I'm going to put a new poll on soon, thank you to all those who voted so far! And don't forget to sign the guestbook, people!

10-30-01 ~~ The Guestbook works again. I don't know what's up with it. I'll probably be back on later to update some more.

10-29-01 ~~ Sorry I took so long to update! I have so much work to do on the guestbook... so what I really have to get done as of now is:

1. Put on a new page Tammy sent me
2. Finish making my "now & then" picture page and put it on the site
3. New Guestbook (I have no idea why mine stopped working)
4. New Poll (vote!)

10-22-01 ~~ Horray! A brand new page just for you. Tammy sent me another crazy thing. It's "Tammy's Vent #3 - Randomness" and it's in the "We're Insane" page. I think it's just the funniest thing when, at the end, she says "I am sleepy and whatever." I don't know why, that just cracks me up. I don't think I've ever heard "and whatever" at the end of a sentance before. Anyway, it doesn't have all that much to do with *NSYNC, but hey, who cares. I think the thing about the ski lift and all that snowboarding stuff is funny, it sounds like something that would happen to me. Anyhow, I'm working on that picture page. I have to find like 2 more pictures, and then all I have to do is lay it out and I'm done! After that, I'll try to add some new to the good old stuff -- new parodies, my vent, new wallpapers, etc. I even had an idea today for "*NSYNC on the Jerry Springer show". That would be interesting, don't you think? I hope you guys have been watching Lance on TV, he's on a lot of Hollywood-type shows now because of "On The Line"!!! Okay, that's all for now!

10-18-01 ~~ Changed the main page picture and scrolling text. Creepy. Workin' on that pic page I've been talking about, it'll be up soon.

10-16-01 ~~ Sorry I haven't updated in almost a week! I guess it'll be a little longer before I get the new picture page up, but I'm working on it. Thank you to Rebecca for signing my guestbook and whoever voted in the poll. Now I can finally put on a new one! Thank you to anybody who visited my site. Today I put on the new poll and also added two links to "On The Line" sites. The music one is really cool, you should check it out! I'll try to do some major updating before the end of the month, but I've been busy lately. And incase I don't get back on here tomorrow, HAPPY BIG 3-0 TO CHRIS KIRKPATRICK!!!

10-10-01 ~~ Cool, it's 10-10-01! That's kinda funny. I'm working on a new picture page and I should have that up in a week or less. So stick with me. Also I wanted to let you know... I may have been living under a rock, but I saw this thing on MTV today about the "What's Going On" song, and Justin Timberlake is sort of letting his hair grow out again! I think it looks really good now. I'll try to find a picture. Until then, vote in the poll so I can put on a new one! Thanks!

10-2-01 ~~ This morning, I decided to listen to the first *NSYNC CD. It kind of made me know what it feels like to be old and remember things. Does anyone else think Justin sounded different back then? Then I was comparing the old *NSYNC booklet the the new Celebrity booklet. The *NSYNCers look so different! Justin was so cute back then! It gave me and idea for a new page: Comapring old pics of *NSYNC to new ones. I think I'll work on that. It'll probably be about two weeks before I get it up though, because I'm going to be really busy this week. In fact, I might not update again until next week.
More people have voted in the poll (thank you!) but as of now, second place is still a tie. So keep voting! One of my polls had nearly 200 votes, and this one only has 20. So vote please, it's our duty as Americans! Ha ha. Thanks!

9-28-01 ~~ You guys have to check out this article at I think I'd do the same thing as the girls! I can just picture me and Jewels, in a dumpster, head-first... she's got a banana peel on her head... Oh yeah, and thank you to the one more person who voted in the poll. Unfortunatley, second place is still a tie. So keep voting, sign the guestbook, tell your friends!

9-27-01 ~~ Wow, the music video for "Gone" is so cool! There's too much of Justin in it and not enough of the other guys, though. But Justin is SO HOT in it! I mean, have you ever seen him that hot?! Mmm. On the other hand, there's Britney's new video... the video and the song freak me out. Help me, I'm scared! But you know what? When the "Gone" video was on TRL today, it said on the bottom of the screen that Justin calls Britney "Pinky" because of the TV show Pinky and the Brain! Tammy and I didn't even know that when we she made up her song and we were talking about it! Cool! So you guys, you need to vote in the poll! All I need is like 2 more votes and I can make a new one. I want to make the new one about "Gone". So vote! Sign the guestbook! Make me feel wanted! I'd do the same for you! Thanks

9-25-01 ~~ The music video for "Gone" is premering on TRL tomorrow, so don't forget to watch it! They showed a preview of it on TRL today... Justin looks so hot in it! He was painting some girl's toenails... don't ask me... anyhow, I want to put a new poll on my site pretty soon, but I'm waiting for some more votes, since the second place vote is even between like five of the options or whatever. So please vote in the poll if you want to see a new one soon! I'm sort of busy with school, just like you guys are, but I'm trying to get some new stuff for the site. My current projects for the site are a new poll, a few new pictures (check out for some disgusting bloody pics of Justin on pic page 31, I think), and I want to make a new fun page... maybe the *NSYNC Dating Game with me this time, since the one with Tammy was great! I should probably ask Tammy to make it since she's funnier than me... but I kind of want to try it once. So anyway, that's all the news for today, don't forget to watch TRL tomorrow, they're going to play the video in full (and we all know that doesn't happen often on TRL!)

9-18-01 ~~ Mmmm... I got that picture on the main page changed. Is it just me, or does it look like his head's on backwards? Or something. Anyhow, I'm kinda busy so that's all for now. I'll try to update again tomorrow, but I should warn you of two things.
1. Dad has started to "work" on the computer again. Which means I never know if I'll still have internet access tomorrow or not.
2. Big weekend for me this weekend, lotsa family and friends visiting, so I probably won't update over the weekend. But I'll get back to it after the weekend, and if this computer isn't working, I'll get on the web at the library.
So, thanks for coming and thanks for signing my guestbook if you did! And if you didn't, do! ttfn

9-15-01 ~~ Added a link to one of those things where you find out which *NSYNCer is the guy for you. But this is a really good one, it's funny and it's not one of those things where the choices are so obvious, you know who you're gonna get just by choosing them. According to this one, Justin is my guy. Then Chris (I had to do a tiebreaker between Justin and Chris), then Joey, then JC and then Lance. I tried to put a new picture on the main page but it didn't work, so I'll try again later.

9-12-01 ~~ Wowies. Did you guys see any of the stuff as it happened? I saw the second jet hit and both of the buildings collapse. On TV, I mean. It really scares me, that we're evedently going to have a war. I don't think it would scare me so bad if it wasn't for the Bible and that Nostradamus guy... And me and Jewels and her friend think we jinxed it. See, a few days ago, I was at K-Mart and I saw that "Sun" magazine thing that has the ape-man and the aliens and all that crazy stuff, and it said, like always, that "the end is near." And I was like, "Yep, they always say that, but it never happens. Knock on wood." And whenever I say 'knock on wood', the thing always seems to happen. And then Jewels said that she and her neighbor were joking for like and hour on the 10th about buildings getting blown up and big cities getting destroided and stuff.
Just a coincedence, or should we all be arrested? And did you notice that the day of the attack was September 11th -- 911?
Anyway, if any of you are worried about *NSYNC, I assure you they're fine. They would have said if *NSYNC was there. I think, anyhow.
I really would donate blood, but it makes me pass out. Not from loss of blood I don't think, just from shock of knowing all that stuff came out of me. Maybe I'll send money to Red Cross or something. But we need it for gas! I am so terrible. Forgive me. I told my mom to buy a candy bar for the Baptist Academy today, so I'm still a good person, right? Okay, enough aoout me, what about you? Vote in the poll on the main page, tell me what you think? But I've got to say, it reminded me of a song I think you all know...
"Here it comes/Millennium/And everybody's talking bout Jerusalem/Is this the beginning or beginning of the end?/Well, I've got other thoughts, my friend...
"We don't need all these prophecies/Tellin' us what's a sign/'Cause paranoia ain't the way to live your life from day to day so leave your doubts and your fears behind."

9-10-01 ~~ Kudos to Rachel (RoXyGrL2106) for signing my guestbook and telling her friends about my site. Rachel, you seem to be my only hope lately. I went from getting 100 vistiors per day to 10 visitors per day. I haven't even heard from Tammy lately. I think it's partly cuz school started, because I know I haven't had much time to work on the stuff I want to put on the site. Don't you hate homework? They should keep the schoolwork at school, that's what I think. Anyhow... I saw this *NSYNC yearbok thing at Wal-Mart. I didn't get it cuz it was $10, but it was pretty cool. It had some funny old pics of the guys and compared new pictures to old ones - my, how they've changed! And I was noticing how *NSYNC used to do a lot of funny pictures, but now the pictures of them are usually serious and they don't smile that much anymore for the pictures. Maybe they're just trying to look more mature... but do you think maybe they're not as happy as they used to be? I mean, their music used to be happier... I dunno, maybe I should send them some flowers or something. I'll send them flowers on a Saturday... inside's a letter with a message in their names... see I just love the feelin' knowing I can make them smile
... Well there I go again. Anyway, help me spread the word, link me please!

9-7-01 ~~ WOW! *NSYNC won 4 awards at the MTV VMA's! That's great! They deserved it. I wouldn't have been too upset if "Weapon of Choice" had won for Dance Video, because it was really good too. But I'm glad *NSYNC won! Their performance was SOOOO great too!! I loved it! I think it kind of stunk how through like the first half of the "Pop" performance you could only hear JC and Justin, but they fixed it through the song. And Michael Jackson, how unexpected was that?!! That totally rocked. The beatboxing was cool. When Michael Jackson came out, my mom was like, "*NSYNC can really dance, but Michael Jackson -- now there's someone who can really dance!" And I can't help agreeing with her - I mean, have you ever seen *NSYNC moonwalk? No. At least I haven't. So I say Michael is the best dancer on earth and *NSYNC are second best. And oh yeah let's not forget about Wade. Anywho... Jewels called and I started talking to her and not watching the show, so I didn't see Britney's performance. So I can't comment at all about that. The Message Boarders say it was cool. Well... man oh man do I need a new poll.... and sign the guestbook, people! Thanks

9-3-01 ~~ I added a little thingy to the main page, "If love is a crime, then punish me..." with a picture of what I always see in my head when I hear that part of the song, a baby getting smacked. Not meant to be offensive in any way. If you have a problem with it, read #8 in the disclaimer thingie. And for goodness sakes, people, sign the guestbook! Nobody barely ever visits my site anymore and it's making me cry. :*-( I'm also starting to work on my Venting/Being Crazy page. Have a happy Labor Day - no school, horray! And what am I going to spend the day doing? Homework. Yuck.

9-2-01 ~~ Today I added a link on my links page to this Bimbo and Blondie site about JC and Justin. I don't think it's been updated in a long time but it's good anyway.

8-30-01 ~~ Oh no! Why aren't people visiting my site anymore??! I mean some people do, but a lot less! Why?! Tell your friends to visit my site, okay?! Well today I added two new pages. I'm sure you'll be happy to hear that Tammy made both of them, since she's way funnier than me. Anyhow, I added a page called The *NSYNC Dating Game, third link on the main page. It is SO funny I was literally laughing out loud, especially at the part when she asks JC about drugs - it's so funny! (I wonder how I'm going to do as their next contestant!) The other thing I added was her Vent (on the We're Insane page) about Aaliyah. I'm going to make a vent too, in a few days. I know what I'm gonna put on it, I just have so much homework! Uurgh! So remember, tell your friends! Thanks!

8-27-01 ~~ I was pretty sure today was going to be a bad day, because the first thing anybody said to me when I woke up was, "You know that singer Aaliyah? She was killed in a plane crash."
I liked Aaliyah. I was kind of looking forward to more songs.
But I was wrong, because other than that, my day has been pretty good. Except that I still need to make sure that I study for my test... because if I flunk it... I'm gonna kill myself. Not really, don't worry. But I'd be super mad. Anyhow, I put a new header graphic and a picture of a monkey scratching its head (LoL!) on the "We're Insane" page, which I guess has a new name:Strange Stuff. Also, I need your input on my site. The traffic to my site is slowing down, and it could be because it fell on the AOL search, but I think it's becuase this site is getting dull. I need a better poll, to start with. Anybody got any ideas? Sign the guestbook! Thanks!

8-25-01 ~~ Hey guess what, I made up a tounge twister. It goes:
Penny Pricker pickpocketed popular preps.
Say that three times fast, ha ha! *Evil look* Anyway, yesterday we were out shoppin', and I saw the music video for "Pop" twice. Once on the TVs at Sears and once on the TVs at Sam's Club. And even though I ran up to the TVs and watched it for a while both times, there were times when I was far away and I couldn't hear the song. And I kind of discovered something. If you watch the music video without sound, it looks like it's going twice as fast. It makes all the colors and visuals really stand out because you're not hearing the two-step beat of the music that goes with it. Try it! It just looks like you'd say, "What in the world is that?! It so fast and colorful!" Er whatever. Am I a dork or what. I know it sounds really stupid but just try it. Don't try to keep track of where the song is at, that ruins it. Yeah, that's it. I'm not a geek. Wait a minute, that is so 1990s. Only geeks say 'geek'. Oops.

8-24-01 ~~ Today I added a link to the *NSYNC Dance near the bottom of my main page. I didn't make the *NSYNC Dance but it's pretty cute. It says you can only move them around if you have Internet Explorer, but I've got AOL and it works. If you try to move the Lance on the bench at the bottom, his head comes off! Anyway, it's funny. That's all for today, I think.

8-21-01 ~~ Eeh, school wasn't that bad. I came home and helped my brother put BMX posters up on his wall, and since we were putting them up on his wall, it made me think of "Up Against the Wall". And my bro let me put my *NSYNC CD on his stereo the whole time we were putting up his posters! Well, except for the times he changed the CD to his home-burned single of "My Way" by Limp Bizkit. Yuck. Anyhow, I have to put this on here, it's for real, it comes up in a pop-up when you open the website. See for yourself:


Dear fans,

We have learned that recently a few people (not-yet apprehended) have been trying to meet *NSYNC fans by posing on the internet as one of the five of us *NSYNC guys or as an *NSYNC insider.

We don't know who these imposters are. We worry that their web chat room messages are part of a plan to lure our fans to show up alone in isolated places where our fans are told they will meet us or will meet someone who will take them to us. We hate to think what might happen to one of you if you fall for these fakers.

So listen up. If anyone tries to meet you by promising they can get you to meet one of us because they claim to work for us or be one of our close friends or family, don't believe them. Ignore them. Be safe, not sorry.

Be careful. We love the meetings we schedule with hundreds of fans every day on our tours. But the fans we meet with are always gathered in groups during regular hours in safe places and are escorted by groups of our staff. No exceptions. That way we're safe. You're safe.

Beware. None of us guys, and no one who works for us, ever sells *NSYNC concert tickets. That is all handled through Ticketmaster and SFX. As for passes to our 'meet and greets', sound check, or on-stage parties, these are never for sale; instead they are distributed by our sponsors for promotional purposes.

Be real. None of us -- Joey, J.C., Lance, Chris or Justin -- ever posts personal emails on chat rooms trying to meet people. Anyone who claims to be one of us on the Web is, at best, dreaming. At worst, they are perverts trying to get something precious from you by promising something from us. Don't fall for it.

Remember, without you, *NSYNC has nothing to celebrate. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts. Stay safe and always stay *NSYNC!

8-20-01 ~~ My last day as a free soul. School starts tomorrow. :-( Well anyhow... My dad says he might be 'working' on the computer later today. Which means he'll probably mess the whole thing up, and I might not be able to be online for quite a while. Like, a week, maybe. But if it's any longer than that, I'll go to the library and make updates to my site from there. So... did y'all watch *NSYNC on the Today show this morning? I didn't like the pants he was wearing, but other than that, Justin looked SO HOT! You could actually see his blue eyes! I haven't seen him look hot like that in a while. Now of course JC is always fine, but did anybody else think that with the hair and the clothes he was wearing this morning, he looked like something out of the Brady Bunch? Like Greg Brady or something? Anyway, I trust eveybody is gonna watch the Teen Choice Awards tonight? They're on FOX at 8/7 central.
I put on another new page today, called "We're Insane" and containing our crazy thoughts. So far I've only got Tammy's.
Did you see in the Guestbook that thing by somebody called Dema? How it's like some kind of poem to JC or something... so how did that line "How is Tomato" get in there? I'm fine, thank you. Ookaaayy... the guestbook is fun. Sign it! Yay! I'm being crazy! I think I'll go now, and hopefully, I'll be back soon. But incase I don't see ya... good afternoon, good evening and good night!

8-18-01 ~~ Hi Bianca! lol. Anyway, I put on a new wallpaper today, and as you can see, I changed the picture and scrolling text on the main page. I think I'll come back on later today and change the poll for sure and maybe change the music, I don't know.

8-17-01 ~~ Horray! The secret is out. My new section of the site is -- *NSYNC Libs! The link is on the main page, right below the link to this page. Have fun! I can't even do them, because our printer isn't hooked up now. So I hope they look okay printed, I couldn't really test it. Please sign the guestbook and tell me if you like the *NSYNC libs! Also, I haven't gotten any requests to have me link them yet. But that's okay. Alright, all right, I know. I need a new poll, and I also need to change that picture of the Celebrity album cover since it's getting boring, and I need to change the scrolling text. And I'll work on getting a MIDI of a song from Celebrity, but it's not that important right now. But I'll work on the other stuff and hopefully get it changed by the end of the week. Hey, I just thought of a new idea for a poll. Maybe I'll go change it now. Or maybe not. I guess we'll just have to see.

8-16-01 ~~ Oh internet, I've missed you so! But going to Jewels' for two days proved to actually be good for my site. How? I came up with the most brilliant idea for a new page. Well, it's actually a new idea with five new pages. I'm already working on it, it will most likely be on the site in less than a week. I'm not gonna tell you what it is right now because I'm sort of afraid somebody might steal my idea. But anyhow, trust me, I think it'll be really fun! It's something that involves your printer and you can do it with your friends... that's all I'll say for now. Besides that, I have two other things to tell you: First of all, Tammy had this idea for a page of nonesense where we can just kind of speak our minds and blow off steam. (Just what you've always wanted to read, right? Well hey, maybe it would be funny.) So I'm still trying to figure out how to make that page exactly, but I'll work on it. Second, the Official *NSYNC Website has been re-designed! It's Celebrity themed, it looks totally different and has tons of cool new stuff, and best of all, no more stupid Flash Player 4! Which means you don't have to wait a million years for it to load. It's really awesome and has a lot of new stuff, you could spend a lot of time on there! Check it out!

8-13-01 ~~ I spent all morning slaving away at my computer, head pounding, nose running, all for you! That's right YOU! Yes, I still have a cold. And yes, I did put on a new page - it's called Up Against the Wall? Sure...
Appreciate it. I only did it 'cause not as many people have been coming to my site lately as they used to. Oh yeah, and I did it 'cause it was fun and it took my mind off my troubles. Give me good old two-step any day to liven up my mood. :-)

8-12-01 ~~ Well, I don't really have anything to put on here right now. I'm working on stuff, really I am. But I have a cold today and I simply must watch the Boy Meets World "Matt-a-thon" today. That Matthew Lawrence was such a cutie in those shows. But what's with his hair in this new Jumping Ship Disney thing? Ugly. It's all long and stringy and it just ruins the whole thing. Oh well. It's almost time for back to school. Yuck. Okay so basically, trust me, you don't want any updates today. I have a cold, I'm mad at my brother, and the summer's gone by way too fast! So it would be ugly if I updated today. But keep comin' back, I promise I'll be in a better mood tomorrow and I'll try to put some new stuff on! There won't be any updates on Tuesday or Wednesday, though, 'cause I'm goin' to spend the night at Jewels'. See ya later!

8-10-01 ~~ I don't know about you, but I'm getting kind of sick of hearing that same old "This I Promise You" MIDI every time I open up the page. I'd change it, but the only other MIDIs on the site I got this one off are from NSA. So I think I'll just leave this one on until I find a MIDI from Celebrity. Okay well anyhow, I've been trying to think up new stuff for the site and I've got 2 things in mind. First of all, I think I'll make a links page, so that if you have an *NSYNC site, I can put a link to your site on my page. Second, I think I'll make a page of strange things about *NSYNC, like for example, the fact that everybody says 'keep it crunk' and makes it the name of their sites and stuff, and yet, nobody has ever heard Justin Timberlake say 'crunk' other than on "Giddy Up". It'll take me a while to work on that, but maybe I'll make the links page today. I dunno. I'll have to think about it. I'll also put on a new poll soon. This one is shocking me so far with your overwhelming love of Justin and Britney together. Whatever.

8-9-01 ~~ I feel so guilty. I didn't do anything for JC's birthday. I couldn't even make up a dumb song. I didn't even listen to the *NSYNC CD. I've done stuff for Joey, Justin, and Lance's birthdays - and I didn't do anything for JC's. We ended up going to the mall and didn't get home until like 9:00 and then I watched the Wayne Brady show cuz I taped it, and then I had to go to bed, I was so tired. I feel so so bad. :*-( Well anyway, at least the Wayne Brady show was okay! Lopsided Oreo!! I didn't get what he meant by 'Lopsided Oreo' at first, but then I figured it out and started cracking up. Well here's how I rate Justin's performance on the Wayne Brady show:

Beatboxing - 10
the thing about Willy Wonka - 9
the thing about the stud from Cruel Intentions - 2!
Hmm, looks like somebody is thinking of himself a little too much - Wayne and Brian had to reming Justin that this song is about Ann, not him! But didn't he look hot on that show? *Sigh* And his voice sounds so good. Brian McKnight was pretty good too, and I bet Justin was in a little Brian McKnight heaven since he loves him so much. Umm... and that's all I have to say about that. (Remember when JC said that on the MTV award thingie last year when the other guys wouldn't let him get up to the microphone??)

8-8-01 ~~ Happy birthday to JC!!! He's 25 today - how incredibly old. Ha ha. My mom was like, "He's just a little kid! 25!" Well anyhow, I was going to make up a birthday song for him like I did for Lance (scroll way, way down), but I couldn't think of very many things that rhymed with "C". What I did think of really had nothing to do with JC or music or anything. Oh well, happy birthday to him anyway! Even if I couldn't do it this time, want to see if Justin Timberlake is any good at coming up with funny stuff right on the spot? Watch The Wayne Brady Show tonight on ABC! Justin's gonna be on it! I think it's on at 8/7 central, but check the listings just to be sure. And oh yeah thanks again to the nice people who sign my guestbook! I love reading it!

8-6-01 ~~ Okay, I've finally got some things to say! The really important stuff isn't the first thing so keep reading even if this bores you at first. First of all, somebody signed my guestbook and said in big capital letters, "You need to do a Backstreet Boys web page *NSYNC is no good at all." Um, if *NSYNC is no good at all, what was she doing on an *NSYNC page??! Maybe she thought it was a hate page. But gee golly, she didn't have to sign the guestbook! Like I'm just gonna say "Okay, you're right, no more *NSYNC. I'm gonna do a BSB page now!" Um, no I don't think so! And her name was Britney. I bet you a million bucks it was NOT Britney Spears. Okay anyhow, for news: Joey has pnemonia! He is or was in the hospital and he missed a concert! Poor Joey! He's had the worst luck lately - first the leg injury and now this. Well, I hope Joey gets better soon! Pray for him everybody!
I changed around the Reviews page a little bit and added Tammy's review of Celebrity. All the things on the album that scare her scare me too. Also, I'm gonna make a Links page soon so that you, yes you can have a link to your site on this page. So right now, I'm working on making a links page, my Pinky and the Brain thing, and yes, I'm still trying to find a picture. Uurgh. Anyhow, I hope to M-I-C you real soon, K-E-Y? Because I like you! At least I think I do, since I've never met you...

8-4-01 ~~ Wow, I had so much fun today! I went to a water park. Gotta love those slides. Anyhow, I basically am working on three things right now: First of all, Tammy sent me her comical review of the new album, so I've gotta put that on here. Second, I've gotta make my own Pinky and the Brain thing. LoL. Third, I'm still lookin' for a decent picture for my new wallpaper. I decided that if I don't find one, I'm putting the background I have for it so far on here anyway. It's cool. So anyhow... almost time to go back to school! Oh joy (not). My mom got me 2 *NSYNC notebooks though, so it can't be that bad. Ha ha.

8-3-01 ~~ I put on a new Parody, "Tammy's Pinky and the Brain". I think I'm gonna make my own parody of that too. I'm so glad she thought of that, it's a really fun idea! I went and checked on the new wallpaper I put on yesterday, and I realized that it looks kinda fuzzy now since Angelfire converted it from a bitmap file to a jpeg file. Sorry, I can't do anything about that. I mean I could, if I downloaded this whole program thing, but I don't wanna mess with that. So maybe it won't be the best wallpaper ever. Oh well.
The Princess Diaries comes out today. Jewels and I are gonna go see that. Not today, but soon. We think it looks like a good movie, and we like Erik Von Detten. Ha ha. Anyway, as for news, it looks as if *NSYNC have beat everybody but themselves with sales of the Celebrtiy album. I didn't really expect them to beat their No Strings Attached sales record, simply because Celebrity wasn't as publicized and hyped about as NSA was. I'm just glad they beat Eminem. Yuck.

8-2-01, 5 hours later ~~ Okay, I whipped up a new wallpaper in about a half an hour that should make everyone happy, 'cause it's tiled, so it will fit any size screen. It's not the one I was workin' on before, but hey, it's better than just having one!

8-2-01 ~~ I have some kinda bad news. First of all, I can't find a picture of *NSYNC for my new wallpaper. I need one that's really big, like at least 600 x 800, where they're standing side by side. I posted something about it asking for pics on the AOL message board, but now I can't find the post, and nobody e-mailed me back about it. So I'll continue to keep searchin', and if I can't find a good one pretty soon, I'll make the wallpaper smaller. Okay, the other bad news is, I can't think of anything for a new poll! So I'm gonna just go to HTML Gear and sit there looking at the poll modifier page until I think of something. I'm afraid it might be kinda stupid though. Oh well, you can suffer through with a boring poll until I think of something better. I still can't believe that "Girlfriend" is doing so lousy in the poll, I like that song! But still, it's not my favorite, so I guess I wouldn't vote for it either. Well anyhow, thank you to the people who signed my guestbook, keep it up, I really appreciate it!

8-1-01 ~~ No! It can't be August already! August is when school starts! Nooo! Anyhow, I thought you guys might like to know something. Jewels has been on vacation in Canada for a few weeks, and she just came back about a week ago. She said that everybody in Canada sings "Girlfriend" instead of "Pop"! "Girlfriend" was the first single from Celebrity released in Canada. I thought that was kinda interesting, I don't know why. Anyhow, I'm working on a new wallpaper. Sorry, this one is 1024 x 768 again. The next one I make will be smaller. But if your screen is set to 800 x 600 or 640 x 480, you can still make my 1024 x 768 wallpapers fit on your screen by choosing "stretch" in the display settings window. So anyhow, I should have the new wallpaper up within the next few days. I'm also thinking of making a links page...

7-31-01 ~~ Hey everybody! Okay, there's some talk about some new virus thing going around, so I don't know if my parents are going to ban me from using the internet for a while or not. But, being optimistic and saying that they won't, I'll have some new stuff on here tomorrow or the next day. I'm going to work on some new wallpaper, a smaller size this time, and I'm also going to put on a new poll as soon as I think of a question! If you have any ideas for a new poll, sign the guestbook and tell me!

7-28-01 ~~ Guess what? I actually have nothing to say for once. Except that I might not have any updates for a few days cuz I'm gonna be kind of busy. So I'll probabaly update again on Wednesday, if not before that. I'll get up a new poll (if I can think of a poll question!) and maybe another wallpaper or some pictures or something. Hey get this. I'm IMing this girl who claims she's talking on her cell phone to Justin Timberlake right now. Yeah right. It's fun to mess with her though. Or him, or whoever this strange person is that I'm talking to. But you know how dumb I am? I'm actually telling this person what to say to Justin incase she's for real. How dumb is that. I'm so gullable. Anyhow, Jewels is comin' over for a couple days so I might be kinda busy with her, so I'll update again A.S.A.P.!

7-27-01 ~~ I just put on a wallpaper page. I've only got one so far but I'll try to do more if you guys like them.

7-26-01, 5 hours later ~~ Oh my gosh. I can't believe I did this. I completely left "Something Like You" out of the poll! What a total mistake, how could I have done that?! I'm going to go try to add it to the poll now, but I doubt it will stand much of a chance since it won't have had as much time on the poll as the other songs. Also, somebody asked in the guestbook why I don't have a lot of stuff in about the actual *NSYNC guys. Well, I could put in bios and all that, but you all know that stuff already! I'm trying to work on some reviews, which would be more about the guys, and get some good, hot, not funny pictures. So stick with me, I'm working on it!

7-26-01 ~~ I don't know if anybody else heard this, but I heard that Chris' thank yous aren't crazy -- they're symbolic! Like the earthquake is supposed to be their big break in Europe, the driver saying "where's my horse" is supposed to be Lou Pearlman saying "where's my money", etc. I never would have thought of it that way, but it makes a lot of sense! And if that's true, I have to say, Chris wrote that?! Anyhow... I added 2 new parodies today, and I added my review of the Celebrity album. I decided that Reviews need their own page, but you'll still have to come to this page to get to them. There's a link up at the top, or you can click here: Reviews.

7-25-01 ~~ Hope y'all are still hoppin' and poppin' to Celebrity! I just put on a thing about my day yesterday, and I might put some more stuff on later. And to Candy who signed my guestbook: Guess what, that's too bad for you.

7-24-01 ~~ AAAAAAAAAAHHHHHH!!! Celebrity is here!!! I woke up early in the morning just to make sure I would be able to get it, but there was actually nobody else at the store to buy it. It made me sad. I want tons of people to buy it so they'll break the record album sales!! Anyhow... ISN'T THIS ALBUM GREAT?!! I love it! You'll get to hear more about my day today, and a few other things too, as soon as I can find the time to make the pages and get them on here! Oh yeah, also, aren't the pictures in the CD booklet so weird and funny? Chris is making sure there's not too much cholesterol in those crackers. Anyhow... these are the new pages I'm hoping to get on my site within the next week or two:
About what I did today: "July 24, and how was your day?
About MyBud's last day with NSA: "Tammy's last day with No Strings Attached"
Two new parodies, "I'll Make Food For You" and "You Don't Have to Buy Me Clothes"
Reviews of "Road to Celebrity" and also maybe "The View" and "The Tonight Show with Jay Leno" (and *NSYNC!)
So hopefully I'll get that stuff on here soon, plus a less boring poll. Keep comin' and stay Celbritized!!!

7-23-01 ~~ 1 DAY UNTIL CELEBRITY!!! It seems like suddenly nobody likes my site! Well this is what I have to say about some of the stuff I saw in my guestbook: First of all, I'm not an *NSYNC hater. I love them so so much, I am an obsessed fan. I just like to make fun of them now and then! They even say that when they see themselves on TV, they start making fun of themselves. So if they can laugh about themselves, we should be able to laugh about them too! Second, I know I need more pictures, it's just that I don't want to steal them from anybody, and the best pictures are on the offical sites, and I definitley don't want to mess with those. Third, right now, my poll says more people like the parodies than hate them. Personally, I do think they're kind of stupid. But I have two new ones coming soon that will hopefully be better. They make more sense (I think) than the ones I have on here now. Okay, I'll be back tomorrow and tell you what I think of CELEBRITY!!!

7-21-01 ~~ Just watched "*NSYNC The Road to Celebrity on MTV!!! That was a great show, they're always so funny! I loved it when they performed "Gone", and I loved the Hypermix thing, and I loved it how whenever they showed the videos of *NSYNC dancing and JC would always be trying to do the dances in the little bubble in the corner. I promise a more thurough review of the show in a day or two, but for now, I'm just basking in thoughts of *NSYNC. Also, me and my new internet friend had a really funny instant message conversation about our fictional thoughts of Christina Aguilera vs. Fred Durst vs. Ricky Martin, and I'm gonna put that up on my site soon too, even though it has nothing to do with *NSYNC. So Pop on baby, and don't forget, 3 days till we all get Celebritized!!!

7-20-01, 9 hours later ~~ Hehehe, I forgot to mention that my mom voted in my poll. She voted for JC. She used to like Lance the best because she thought he seemed like "a nice boy", and she thought he was the best dancer. But then when we went to the concert, she saw all the energy JC put into his dancing and she decided she likes him best. I just thought that was funny.

7-20-01 ~~ Only four more days until the new CD comes out! I can't wait! I want to say thanks again to everybody who signed my guestbook. It really makes me happy when I read how much you guys like my site, and it promotes me to keep working on it and making it better! Did anybody else see the thing about *NSYNC on TRL yesterday (Thursday)? It was kind of the same old "they broke this record, they did this" kind of thing, but it was cool. I don't even care that *NSYNC's been at #3 lately on TRL, as long as it's on there somewhere and I get to see the video, that's good enough for me. I guess that sounds kind of un-devoted, but that's how I feel. Anyhow, where are all the Lance fans? Chris is beating Lance in the polls! Vote for Lance, my Lance Lovers! Stay *NSYNC all!

7-18-01 ~~ Horray! Everything seems to be working again, and my counter has passed 1000!! I'm so happy! Don't forget to watch MTV this Saturday around lunchtime, "*NSYNC: Road to Celebrity" is going to be on! And it's only six days until Celebrity comes out! I'll have to call the nearest Wal-Mart and see what time they open on Tuesday, because I'm going to be there the minute they open!

7-17-01, Ten minutes later ~~ Aah, I found it. This was on the Angelfire Feedback page:
"Angelfire Server Status: Since late in the evening of July 16, 2001, the domain has been experiencing DNS difficulties. This has caused disruption of service for portions of the Angelfire site, and our member sites. We are working to resolve the issue as quickly as possible. Thank you for your patience and we apologize for any inconvenience this may have caused."

7-17-01 ~~ I don't know if it's like this with everybody's computer or just with mine, but for me, some of the stuff on my page isn't working today. Pictures, music, backgrounds... I don't know what's wrong with it. All my HTML is okay, so it must be something with Angelfire or something like that. I hope it's just me and it's working okay for you guys! Thanks to everybody who signed my guestbook, I read it every day and I really appreciate it!

7-16-01, 15 minutes later ~~ I remembered two other things I wanted to say. First of all, everybody always (or at least always used to) talk about Chris bungee jumping. But has anybody ever actually seen him bungee jump? He's afraid of heights, for goodness sakes! So I don't know what's up with that. The other thing I wanted to say is, yesterday I was watching "Talk About Pop Music" on MTV and they were saying how they think pop has become too bland and it'll fade out soon. And I was thinking, yeah, that really could be true! I mean, there are so many boybands, female singers, girlgroups, etc., that it could get kinda boring. And so while they were talking about this, they were playing part of the "Pop" music video -- "What's the deal with this pop life and when is it gonna fade out? The thing you've got to realize, what we're doin' is not a trend, we've got the gift of melody, we're gonna bring it till the end!" And it got me thinking, even if the rest of pop music fades out, I think *NSYNC will still be around. Because they can really sing! They aren't just there to get marketed. They can really, really sing. I think the song "Pop" was a really great thing for them to do, to let everyone know that what they're doin' is not a trend. They've got the gift of melody, they're gonna bring it till the end!

7-16-01 ~~ Um, at the moment, Wade is coming in as your second favorite member of *NSYNC in the poll! I really meant it to be a funny thing (because of course he's not really in *NSYNC), but if you guys like him that much, okay! I think he's pretty funny. And of course, he deserves a lot of credit for making up all of *NSYNC's hot moves!!! Personally, I don't think he's anything to look at. But that's just me. So who did I vote for in the poll? I voted twice, once for Justin (our current leader at 11:40 a.m. today) and once for Busta. I'm gonna get a dog just like Busta someday and I'm gonna name it Busta. It's so ugly and yet so cute at the same time.
I'm gonna work on the picture page offline today, so I should have it on the site by tomorrow or the next day.

7-15-01 ~~ I just wanted to let you guys know that I'll be adding some new stuff soon. I'm going to have a page of funny pictures with captions, and I might make a page of funny quotes. Strange, when I started this site, I really meant for it to be a fan site and not a humor site so much... but *NSYNC is just so easy to joke about! I think I'll put on a new poll in a few minutes, maybe...

7-14-01 ~~ Added "This I Promise You" midi to the main page. It doesn't really sound like it all that much because it's only the background music to the song, it doesn't have the notes for the actual words they sing, but it's still nice. It was a lot less annoying than the "It's Gonna Be Me" and "Bye Bye Bye" midis I considered using.

7-11-01 ~~ I thought of something really funny. You know how they have those *NSYNC fruit snacks that are shaped like hearts, and I guess they're kind of like Gushers with juice inside, and they have one of the *NSYNC guys' names on each one? Well, you could really play with one of those fruit snacks -- rip it in half and say, "I broke JC's heart and I squeezed out the blood!" I thought of that when I saw them in Wal-Mart. What I think is: When you get to be on Oprah, you know you're good. When you get your own fruit snacks, you know you're a sell-out. Don't get me wrong, I LOVE *NSYNC!! But whoever came up with the fruit snack idea, I don't love them.

7-10-01 ~~ Yea! Real updates! I fixed that one link on the main page, and I put a new picture on there too! I need more though! Have some to give me? Read "How Do You Plead" to find out how.

7-8-01 ~~ I just wanted to say hi to all the people who come here from the AOL message board. Practically everybody is from that, since it will be exactly six million, two hundred fourty thousand, twenty-eight days before the searches finally decide to add my site. Thanks all you message boarders! Don't forget to give me ideas for new sections and a new poll, and sign the guestbook!

6-29-01 ~~ I don't really have anything to say... I just want you to know that I haven't forgotten about my site, and I'm still going to update... as soon as I have something to say!

6-17-01 ~~ AAHHHH!!!! I went to the Chicago concert yesterday! It took a long time to get there but we finally did. It was SO COOL!!! I've never seen *NSYNC before with only my eyes -- I've seen them on TV, but never just with the naked eye! It was such a good concert. I hand-wrote a 29 and a half-page review of it, but you're crazy if you think I'm going to type it all out and put it here! You'd never take the time to read the whole thing anyway. But it was a really good concert. Stuff is so expensive, though -- I got a T-shirt for $32 that I'm sure is worth no more than $5, and a picture of *NSYNC for $5, which I thought of this way: If you got a 90-page magazine for $3.75 (like J-14), one page would be equal to a fourth of a cent. This picture I got is only 8 and a half x 11 inches, but since it's on hard paper, I'll figure it's worth about one cent. And I paid five bucks!
To say all I can about the actual concert in the smallest amount of time possible: Lights, lasers, smoke, suprises, flying, bulls, (but not flying bulls), trampoline, sticky wall, moving floors, two stages, Mobius. You'll see. And there were lots of cute videos, too. All the new songs are really good. So if you're going to a concert, have fun!

6-13-01 ~~ Wowie! People actually visited my page! Thank you everybody! I see 'curly and natural' is winning in the poll at the moment. I guess it was okay... myself, I voted twice, once for short and bleached and once for short and dark. I liked it better short. But I don't like it buzzed very well. But at least it's not as bad as it was in like, January of 2000 when he had an afro thing ('huge hair' in the poll). Yuck. That wasn't pretty. I mean, with all Britney's extensions and those huge curls Justin had, they could have gotten lost in each other's hair!

5-30-01 ~~ So have you seen the new music video for "Pop?" The Making the Video for it is on MTV sometimes, but my TV guide is showing it as being half an hour long from now on. I watched it (and taped it!) the first time it was on, when it was an hour long. I could go on about it, but I don't have much time right now. So I'll just tell you the one important thing about the video, incase you miss the Making the Video. Joey hurt his leg and couldn't dance in the video, so they tried to make the coreographer (Wade) look like Joey and he did the dancing for Joey in most of the video. If you look closely, you can tell it's not Joey in the wide angle shots. But anyway, it's a great video -- lots of energy and too many girls. I don't know if they'll show it all the time, but Justin does this beatboxing sequence at the end of it. It's cool!

5-23-01 ~~ I would just like to say that I love Ed, Edd, & Eddy. Ed is so funny! I love the episode where Ed is allergic to rabbits. I know this has nothing to do with *NSYNC but I just want to share with the world how much I like that show.

5-20-01 ~~ I LOVE the new *NSYNC song, "Pop"! I thought I would hate it--I've been afraid of this 'new sound' they've been talking about--but I love it! I've memorized all the words. It's a really cool song... I think it sounds kind of like "Space Cowboy." I think you can listen to a clip of it at Anywayz, I just wanted to tell you how much I love it! The new CD, Celebrity is due out July 24. Most magazines say June 26 is the release date, but it's been moved up to July. I'm going to get it the day it comes out!

5-2-01 ~~ What happened to the butterflies? I mean, Britney used to be this sweet girl in a sports bra, and now she's this motercycle momma who makes music videos like "Stronger" and "Don't Let Me Be the Last to Know", which should be rated PG-13! Or maybe R! And all of a sudden, the Christina we know and love gets poodle hair and ripped dresses and sings with Li'l Kim in a video my brother's not allowed to watch! We find ourselves turning to 3LW, role models who look good but still wouldn't get us arrested if we dressed like them. And this is just for fun: As for Destiny's Child, I'm not gonna dis them on the internet 'cause my momma taught me better than that.

*NSYNC 2001 Pop Odyssey Tour Dates:
5/23 Jacksonville, FL
5/26 Hershey, PA
5/28 Hershey, PA
5/30 Foxboro, MA
5/31 Foxboro, MA
6/1 Foxboro, MA
6/3 East Rutherford, NJ
6/4 East Rutherford, NJ
6/5 East Rutherford, NJ
6/8 Cincinnati, OH
6/10 Buffalo, NY
6/13 Philadelphia, PA
6/16 Chicago, IL
6/17 Chicago, IL
6/19 Toronto, ON
6/22 Cleveland, OH
6/24 Minneapolis, MN
6/26 Milwaukee, WI
6/30 Detroit, MI
7/2 St. Louis, MO
7/4 Little Rock, AR
7/6 Houston, TX
7/8 Dallas, TX
7/10 Kansas City, MO
7/13 Denver, CO
7/16 San Diego, CA
7/18 Phoenix, AZ
7/21 Oakland, CA
7/22 Oakland, CA
7/24 Pasadena, CA
7/27 Las Vegas, NV
7/31 Tampa, FL
8/2 Miami, FL
8/5 San Antonio, TX
8/7 Birmingham, AL
8/9 Louisville, KY
8/11 Atlanta, GA
8/13 Washington, DC
8/16 Indianapolis, IN
8/18 Pittsburgh, PA
8/22 New Orleans, LA
8/24 Jackson, MS

5-1-01 ~~ I lied. Tour dates next time.

A birthday song for Lance (5/4):

Happy Birthday to Lance
He wears shiny pants
I'm going to the concert
So I can see him dance!

4-27-01 ~~ I think it stinks that *NSYNC didn't win any of the Nickelodeon Kids' Choice Awards, but at least they got slimed. I taped it and played it back in freeze-frame, which was really cool. I think I'm getting used to Justin's new haircut and JC's being in need of a haircut. My brother said he hopes they all have different haircuts from one another by the time we go to the concert, 'cause we're sitting so far away that otherwise we won't be able to tell who's who. So anyhow... *NSYNC's new album is supposed to come out near the end of June or beginning of July. I hear it's going to be called "Celebrity" and the first single form it is supposed to be called Pop. Can't get much more frank than that. I mean, *NSYNC is a group of celebrities who make pop music. And you thought they were creative. Well, that's it for now. I guess I'll put the tour dates for their Popodyssey tour in here next time.

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