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Tammy's Last Day with NSA

My last day with "no string attached"
By Tammy
*sighs* Celebrity is coming out which means it's bye bye bye to no strings attached for a while.*waves bye*

Here is how i will spend my night:

1)Listen to nsync's 1st album 2 times crying over the Fubu jerseys & hairdye jobs gone wrong.
2) Wonder if Justin& Brit Birt were dating back then or if they were "just friends".

(Geesh,yes Brit we know you have boobs,now can you please put them away now?)Lordy
3)Stare at all the good ol' pix of them when they just started, & listening to their 1st cd again.
4)Listen to no strings attached & cry over & over again (since u have been listening to this forever & it kinda has grown on you, like it's your baby or sumthin*shrugs*)
5) keep hitting repeat everytime you hit the end of "I Thought She Knew" never wanting this magical moment to end ;*(
6)Notice that it is now 7:00pm & you started listening to no strings attached at 11:00 am that same morning.
7)stare blankly at a wall for 15 minutes thinking of what to do next
8) figure out what you need is a nap & fall asleep dreaming of the new celebrity cd
9)I am awakened by my sister at 11:30pm to get ready to leave for "Midnight Madness@Media Play" to be the 1st 1 to get the new cd
10)jump into your mom's car quietly sneaking out of the house
11)get caught & spend 15 minutes explaining on "what exactly where we doing with her car"
12)finally let go at 11:45pm & rushes to the dang store in anticipation, listening to no strings attached for the very last time ever (ya right) & cry together along with your sister.
13)arrive at the store just in time seeing all the stupid teenyboppers around you screaming for no good reason at all, 1 chick is even carrying an I Love Nsync sign in her hand
14) laugh your a**es off at the stupid chick as she gets ambushed by yet another wild teenybopper & start to run for your life as she starts to chase after you too
15) store opens for 1/2 hour & run in looking down the aisle for the cd.
16) find it FINALLY 10 minutes before closing time, & yet you are still the 1st 1 to grab it
17) pay & run to the car to hear it screaming
18) see the still long line of teenyboppers trying to get into the store & turn the cd high blast singing along to "pop" just to anger them
19) finally get away from the angry mob of nsync fans that began to chase after you as you annoyed them & enjoy the ride home
20)fall asleep in car listening to "Gone" thinking that it would never end
21) walk up to your room & drop cd on the table not caring about it anymore & fall into bed sleeping till 12:00pm the next day.

That's just how my day was, maybe yours was similar, Oh ya if you were 1 of those stupid teenyboppers who keyed my mom's car, the police are after you so watch out!

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