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*NSYNC Libs!!!

I got the idea for this when I was doing Mad Libs with Jewels. I thought it was a really great idea 'cause I don't think anyone's thought of it before! See, these are *NSYNC-Libs! They're the closest I'm gonna get to giving you bios of *NSYNC. You print them out and play them with your friends! The links to the Libs are below, and here are the instuctions on how to play, incase you don't already know:

After you print out the *NSYNC libs, don't show them to your friends. Don't tell them who the lib is about, either. Ask them to give you words for the blank spaces by telling what is in the small print in parenthasees. A hint for making the *NSYNC Libs turn out better in the end is to tell your friends to come up with as many funny or gross words as they can think of. For nouns, living things like 'kids' or 'dog' are usually better than things like 'table' or 'wall'. If you're still stumped, here's an example of how to play:
Jewels:"Um... kids."
And then I write 'kids' in the blank space. And when I read the story back, that part says, "But now Chris can afford as many kids as he wants."

So have fun, you can print out as many as you want so you can play the same Lib over and over again with different people. Bring some to school or whatever! Your English teacher will be really happy that you're practicing your grammar. Ha ha. Have fun!

Chris Lib
Lance Lib
Justin Lib
JC Lib
Joey Lib

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