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Tomato's Links

Horray! Links. Now your site can have its link on my page. How, you ask? Well, all you have to do is sign the guestbook on my main page, put your site's URL in the spot where it asks for it, and in the comments box, just type "Link me!" There's a catch though. I'm gonna go see your site and it'll only get on my links page if I approve of it. But you lucky gal you, there are only three reasons why I wouldn't! The only reasons I wouldn't approve of your site would be:
1. It wasn't an *NSYNC site
2. It was an *NSYNC hate page
or 3. It had too much swearing or explicit content, since I'm trying to keep everything about my page fairly clean.
So, that's all you gotta do! Oh yeah - If your site has a banner, and you want me to put that on my site instead of just a text link, type the location of the banner in the comments box. I'll also have some sites on here that didn't ask to be linked but are really cool. Thanks!


JK Double L

The *NSYNCerator

On The Line

On The Line Music (awesome site!)

Which *NSYNCer Is Your Soulmate?!

gottagetnsync [[dot]] com

Please help us SAVE THE FRO!

Bimbo and Blondie - A Jc and Justin humor page *still works!

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