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This is an instant message conversation I was having with one of my buddies. We started out talking about *NSYNC, but then we somehow ended up with this...
Anyhow, we wrote it in two seperate IM conversations. It's basically our made-up-as-we-went-along story of Christina Aguilera, Ricky Martin, Fred Durst, Justin Timberlake and Britney Spears all beating up on each other. I counted how many times we typed "lol": 83 if I counted correctly. By the way, our screen names have been changed to protect our privacy, so don't go instant messaging or e-mailing "Tomato" or "MyBud", it's not us! Enjoy the story!

MyBud : I really like limp bizkit

Tomato : eeewwww, *barf* *hurl*

MyBud : lol u don't like them? lol

MyBud : i mostly listen to them when I have anger issues, lol

Tomato : lol! it's my way or the highway, so you better not like them (that's a pun, get it?) oh, i'm so stupid

MyBud : I don't waste money on buying the cd's though, i use napster, lol

MyBud : lol

Tomato : oh yeah, napster, the fabric of our lives

MyBud : lol

Tomato : hey if u think of anything for my site ever, e-mail it to me, ok?

MyBud : ok

MyBud : I have some now, so I was gonna start to write, lol

Tomato : sure! want to know something strange?

MyBud : sure? lol i guess

Tomato : the only time i ever want to listen to limp bizkit is when i see corn. not korn but real live corn. strange, huh?

MyBud : omg lol

MyBud : corn? LOL

MyBud : i usually listen when I need some1 else with a even more screwed life than mine, lol

Tomato : maybe it is because corn grows in strange ears, and limp bizkit is for strange ears to listen to

MyBud : lol

Tomato : yep, millionaires, they have a tough life

Tomato : j/k

MyBud : this 1 kid david is pretty strange, yup he is strange, lol

MyBud : lol

MyBud : I know,how do they handle all that $?

Tomato : ok...

Tomato : really, it's a sad thing, lol

MyBud : lol

Tomato : all the red baseball caps you want and still not happy

Tomato : :*-(

MyBud : lol

MyBud : it's probably cause christina turned him down

Tomato : yeah, thats it. they definitely seem way different than each other, i can't believe they ever went out!

Tomato : i had forgotten about that

MyBud : lol

MyBud : i'd be like afraid he'd break her or sumthin

Tomato : one of those times when he decides to "let it all come out"

Tomato : on Christina

MyBud : lol,I know

Tomato : so...

MyBud : Fred: hey you lil twig get the h*** over here

MyBud : Christina: leave me alone:screams high pitched:

Tomato : LOL!!! And now she sings nobody wants to be lonely

MyBud : lol

Tomato : she must really be desperate, lady marmalade and all

MyBud : Christina - screw fred, who needs him when you have ricky martin

Tomato : LOL!!!

MyBud : I know,*cough*clut*cough*

Tomato : u r 2 funny girl!

MyBud : lol

MyBud : thankies

Tomato : fred proceeds to throw christina out a window...

Tomato : on to the highway below...

MyBud : lol my way or the highway

Tomato : she screams, "Mocha Chocolata ya ya!" which she thinks is swearing in French, and is hit by a Mack truck

MyBud : lol

MyBud : omg LOL

Tomato : and that's the end of Christina

MyBud : aww how sad ;*(

MyBud : lol

MyBud : not

Tomato : lol! then Fred Durst and Ricky Martin get into a huge fight...

Tomato : Fred breaks Ricky in half...

MyBud : omg

Tomato : Ricky twitches and shakes his bon-bon or bom-bom or whatever it is...

MyBud : Ricky: I was livin la vida loca, now I'm livin la vida broka

MyBud : lol

Tomato : LOL!

Tomato : then Fred flips out and throws himself into the TV...

MyBud : lol

Tomato : gets electrocuted, falls onto the slanted floor...

Tomato : and starts rollin', rollin', rollin'!

MyBud : omg haa haa haaa!

Tomato : And rolls, out the window, gets hit by a different semi, and dies

MyBud : lol

Tomato : and all 3 are history

MyBud : *sniffs* ah well

Tomato : dj lethal spins tunes at his funeral

MyBud : lol "he checked out,checked out,checked out....of this world"

Tomato : LOL!! that's great... :-D

MyBud : lol

MyBud : & that freaky guy is dressed all freakish

Tomato : omg u read my mind!

Tomato : oh, i've got one!

MyBud : lol

MyBud : ok

Tomato : the tribute to Ricky at his funeral: "The Cup of Life". Ole Ole Ole!

MyBud : lol

MyBud : omg haa haa

MyBud : lol & at christina's funeral they had to use a child size casket

Tomato : Yeah! She wears size 2 i think, isn't that sad? Christina goes to Heaven and tells God what a girl wants...

MyBud : lol

Tomato : and Fred and Ricky are soon by her side

Tomato : of course, God had to bring Fred up from Hell... j/k!

MyBud : & the spirits of them are all fighting above the funeral

MyBud : omg, lol

MyBud : the freaky guy can see them since we all know he has connections to the underworld

Tomato : Yeah! And Ricky gets caught in Christina's huge poodle hair

MyBud : omg haa haaa

Tomato : Hey maybe I should put all this stuff on my site!

MyBud : Ricky: *cusses in Spanish* help me outta your big old poof of hair senorita

Tomato : lol!

MyBud : omg lol peeps would be all, ummm what were they smokin? lol

Tomato : haha!

MyBud : lol i would wanna see their comments

Tomato : i think i'll do that, if it's okay with you

MyBud : ya it's fine

Tomato : ok hang on a second i'm gonna copy what we have so far...

MyBud : I'd just like to say to all the peoples out there....I know I do belong in a straight jacket

MyBud : ok

~~~~~~~~~~~Part 2~~~~~~~~~~~~

Tomato : Yay! Shall we finish our tale of 3 singers?

MyBud : lol ya

Tomato : hang on a minute...

MyBud : ok

Tomato : ok, so we ended with everybody up in Heaven fighting

MyBud : lol yes

Tomato : and i think then... maybe...

MyBud : hmmm

Tomato : i just think for some reason we should add Little Nicky to the story now. Did u see that? It was stupid but it would work

MyBud : lol I never seen that movie, is it good?

Tomato : it's dumb

MyBud : oh

Tomato : ok, how about, christina falls through a cloud...

MyBud : lol christina become britney spears' "guardian angel"

MyBud : omg, lol

Tomato : that's better!!! and...

MyBud : lol

Tomato : she makes britney "stronger!"

MyBud : omg lmfao

MyBud : but....

MyBud : "ooops she did it again" more implants, tsk tsk

Tomato : lol!

MyBud : & then...

MyBud : after christina became her guardian angel.......Justin dumped her how umm sad?*cough*not*cough*

Tomato : why did he dump her? the christina influence?

MyBud : probably? lol

MyBud : she wanted revenge

Tomato : oh, i see

MyBud : & Fred,tsk tsk,.....he was now invisible...oh great, horror came to all women,

Tomato : LOL!

MyBud : he was now able to sneak into women's restrooms,*scream* bedrooms, changing rooms, heck any room with a chick in it

Tomato : and i'm alone here at the computer *i'm scared!*

Tomato : lol

MyBud : of course God had to deal with this.........& sent him to look over the bsb's AJ McLean

MyBud : lol

MyBud : now where do you suppose aj lands?

MyBud : In Rehab

Tomato : LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

MyBud : & that was the end of Fred's angel work

MyBud : LOL

Tomato : and he went to the angel retirement home

MyBud : lol where there he freaked out all the angels

MyBud : hmm now ricky martin though.......

Tomato : he was livin la vida loca

MyBud : lol

Tomato : he was.... ?'s guardian angel

Tomato : who should it be...

MyBud : Ricky told God that "nobody wants to be lonely" so he sent him to.....

MyBud : hmmmm

MyBud : Justin Timberlake

Tomato : lol, ok

MyBud : that's why he's been shaking his bon bon so much recently

Tomato : ricky or justin? lol

MyBud : have u noticed that? I have & it's kinda weird

MyBud : justin, lol

Tomato : ricky wondered what kind of music justin did, and then he said...

Tomato : this must be pop!

MyBud : lol

MyBud : Ricky starts doing the dance moves* p.pp.pppp.ppppOP!

Tomato : LOL!! ricky, justin, christina, and britney went on a double-date

MyBud : omg lol

Tomato : cuz nobody wanted to be lonely

MyBud : of course justin was a lil freaked out at the idea,

MyBud : lol!

Tomato : lol! but ricky and christina were invisible!!

MyBud : so I guess they had no clue it was a double date,lol

MyBud : until.....

Tomato : ricky and christina started glowing like on touched by an angel

MyBud : the waiter started bringing their table Mexican food, when brit & juju ordered Italian

MyBud : lol!

Tomato : yep! and then they all started fighting...

MyBud : lol!

Tomato : i smell another death or two coming on...

MyBud : brit's fake hair extensions were being pulled by christina & the people from other tables looked at them like freaks

MyBud : lol

Tomato : yeah! and ricky and justin started fighting too, and...

Tomato : ricky did his bon bon shake and knocked justin out

MyBud : lol

MyBud : he hit his head on brits new implants, splitting them

Tomato : OUCH!!! LOL!!!

MyBud : she got so depressed that she took a steak knife from the table & tried stabbing herself

MyBud : oh no brit brit ;*(

MyBud : lol

Tomato : she stabbed her stomach and double-pierced her belly button

MyBud : of course christina informed brit that the knife was actually a butter knife & she couldn't do much with that

MyBud : omg lol

Tomato : britney thought it was all justin's idea, the double date...

MyBud : ooooooh

Tomato : and she started beating up on him

MyBud : omg

Tomato : and he used to have curly hair, but she took her leg razor and in an attempt to cut him, sliced off his fro

MyBud : omg haa haaaa

MyBud : christina & ricky just sorta sat there watching them laughing

Tomato : then they got bored and went back to heaven

MyBud : lol

Tomato : and went to the retirement home

Tomato : with fred

MyBud : but fred kept watching on the big heaven screen tv

MyBud : lol

Tomato : cheering them on

Tomato : he wanted britney to win

MyBud : lol

Tomato : ok, maybe we can wrap this story up, i only have a few more minutes i can be online

MyBud : ok, lol hmm

MyBud : christina, ricky & fred lived...well dead in the heaven retirement home

Tomato : ok...

MyBud : happily

MyBud : lol

Tomato : and justin and britney killed each other at the same time

MyBud : lol

MyBud : all teenyboppers cried of course

MyBud : & nsync well faded away since most of the fans were umm justin's, lol

Tomato : and jc went solo, the end!

MyBud : lol yay!

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