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This is a disclaimer/rulebook/about me/explaination/FAQ's page. Everything all rolled up into one. Here goes:

1. If you don't have a sense of humor, don't come here. I don't hate *NSYNC, I love them. I make fun of my best friend, Jewels -- I tell her she has stinky feet and we even have this thing where we can call each other every lousy name we could think up, all by saying five words. It's hard to explain but that's not my point. My point is, just because you poke fun at somebody doesn't mean you hate them. Haven't you ever heard *NSYNC talk about how they make fun of themselves when they see themselves on TV? I rest my case.

2. Although I like all the boybands, no, I'm not going to make a Backstreet Boys page or an O-Town page or anything like that. There are plenty of them out there, so go find one! If you don't like *NSYNC, why are you wasting your time here?

3. PLEASE don't take anything from my site. Especially not the *NSYNC libs. The only things you can take is the Review I did of the Celebrity album, maybe some more reviews in the future, and I don't care if you take the pictures. The rules about using the Celebrity review are at the bottom of the Celebrity Review page. If you want to use anything else from my site, you have to ask me first. You can do that by signing the guestbook.

4. You're probably wondering why you can't e-mail me. Well, it's because I really, really don't want to get any viruses. So I figure the guestbook is the safe way to go. I read it almost every day, just like I would with e-mail. Also, I would let you send me instant messages, but since I'm on AOL, that would mean giving out my e-mail address too. And sure, I could just ignore mail from people I don't know, but I really don't want my mailbox getting filled up with all that.

5. You're also probably wondering what kind of a name Tomato is. Don't worry, it's not my real name. It's my nickname. I can't use my real name because it's a really uncommon name, and I'm not supposed to give out my real name over the internet anyway. Even the more regular-sounding name I use on the AOL message boards isn't my real name. And Tammy and I are NOT the same person, we're different people. Just so you don't get confused. Everything Tammy has made for the site has her name on it.

6. You don't know the value of a guestbook unless you have a website. Before I had my own site, I used to visit other people's sites, and I would think, "why would anybody bother to sign the guestbooks?" I never signed the guestbooks. But now I see that they're very important, because - A. They let you know what people think of your site, B. They let you know that people actually care enough to sign it, and C. They let you know that some people actually go beyond the main page. So now that I see that, I sign the guestbooks of most of the sites I visit. Please sign mine!

7. I update my Notes, News, and Reviews page almost every day, and usually add new stuff or make changes to the site every one or two weeks. I change the polls every time I can think of a new poll question, which can take a while! So if you have any ideas for new polls, sign the guestbook and tell me! And finally...

8. A lot of girls have thier pictures on their websites. You know I'm not gonna do that. This is the closest you're gonna get to what I look like (I made her myself!)

9. If you read this whole thing, you must have been very bored. I feel sorry for you. Thanks for reading it! Sign my guestbook and tell me if you got this far... 'cause I bet nobody will!

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