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Tammy's *NSYNC Dating Game!


*music from the dating game comes on, a camera moves to a darkened studio with a contestant and 5 singles sitting behind an individual wall,hiding the singles away from the contestant*

Host~ Hello and welcome to The *NDating Game, todays contestant is Tammy.

Tammy-:stares around kinda confused about how she got here: Excuse me sir...but how did I...

Host~*cuts her off* Today you will be finding your perfect match out of these 5 contestants.

*Camera moves to the other side of the wall where *Nsync is sitting,Justin is staring crosseyed twiddling his thumbs,JC is picking at his huge old veins,Chris is reading a"How To Improve Your Jokes," book,Joey is eating a bag or Dorito's Cool Ranch flavored chips, and Lance is just staring off into space*

Host~ Justin Timberlake*camera shows him as he stares straight smiling with a piece of lettuce in his teeth,the crowd of girls scream and boo at Tammy as she stare around lost*
JC Chavez*Jc looks up angrily*

JC~It's Chasez man, Shhh-zay,get it right

Host~Like we really care*continues with the list* Chris Kirkpatrick

Chris~ hey did you hear the one about the cat and the frog.....

Host~ No and frankly I don't want to Joey FATone

Joey~*looks up for the bag of chips and winks at the camera*

Host~ and Finally Lance Bass

Lance~* smiles at the camera* Howdy

Host~ Now you have had 10 questions pre-picked for you to ask the guys, ask away

Tammy~*Stares down at 10 3"x5" Bably-Blue index cards* Ok Bachelor number one, what do you look for in a girl?

Justin~ *stares around* Oh I am bachelor number 1.....ummm well ,yo I guess I look fors a goods personality yo, I am nots actuall ya bacherlor.....I am dating that one chica...Brit,ya ya homes.

Tammy~*raises an eyebrow* I think I may have understood one word in that sentence so Im gonna move on,bachelor number 3

Chris~*smiles and wait for question*

Tammy~Would you ever want to marry and have cildren?

JC,Joey,Lance&Justin~*burst into laughter as Chris stares at them angrily*

Chris~ Well yes I would...some day,I just haven't found the right lady yet.

Tammy~ I am well pleased with that answer,at least i understood what he was saying.

Chris~:slyly smiles over at Justin:

Justin~ Hey Tam's or whatev,how olds are ya girl?

Tammy~16 why?

*Everyone except for Chris laugh hysterically*

Chris~ it could work....I may be in jail for a few years,but hey I am up for a long distant relationship

Tammy~:screeches: heck naw, old enough to be my father

Chris~ age aint nothing but a number*Lance punches him in the arm*

Tammy~ umm ok...bachelor number 5,what is your favorite song?

Lance~*pauses for a short while* Peaches and Cream by 112

Joey~*snickers* That's my fave too.....ifyaknowwhatimsayin

Tammy~ well that takes care of your question then Joey,I was going to ask if you were still a virgin,but nevermind. So I only have bachelor number 2,how do you feel about drugs in America?

JC~*stares around nervously* I don't do them I swear.....

Tammy~ I didn't say you did....

JC~ oh..ok...umm well.....they are uhh bad for you....but sometimes I guess they are good,ya know stressful days ask for....

Tammy~ OK Nevermind then.....

Host~ OK well it's time for you to choose a winner

Tammy~*sighs and thinks of a good one to pick* Well bachelor number 1 is already taken & I don't want to cheat,bachelore number 2 has sumthin to do with......... ummm let's just say no*laughs* Haa haaa Just Say NO,mmmkay bachelor number 3 is how do I put it nicely?.......OLD for me so automatic no,bachelor number 4..........ummm bachelor number 5*pauses* I'm gonna go with with bachelor number 5.

All of *Nsync stares at Lance in disbelief

Lance~"Girl were you alone?"

Tammy~*runs to other side of wall& squeezes Lance until he runs away in fear*

Lance*screams highs pitched,which is kinda odd*

Tammy~ Come back Lancie,we would make beautiful children.......

Host~ well until next time I am Howie Dorough for *NDating,next time our contestant will be Tomato....good night to you all.