Why Jeremiah 1 ?

Jeremiah 1 brings a warning to the Church today of what lies ahead if there is no repentance. It tells of Judiah's captivity for the sin of pride. In the book of Jeremiah it talks about a time when God removed his mercy & grace.

Yet Christians don't believe a loving God would remove His mercy & grace off America. Yet I was seeing his Judgments falling, according to his written word. I was amazed so few people could live today and not see it happening, right now, all around them!

The book of Jeremiah is a last days book. Three years ago when I came on line I had no idea of that fact. While trying to learn how to build my first web page, they ask for a name. I was Clueless as to what I should call my site. Then I thought about it and was going to name it After Eljiah. But Father led me to name it Jeremiah 1 instead. I didn't Realize then why, But I do now, That, That book speaks so prophetically of the lasts days.

Judah is a type of the church today. The church isn't the bride of Christ, as many have thought. The Church is the Ekklesia. The Ten Virgins.
The Bride is "Israel" and The Church is the " Body of Christ."
The Bride of Christ is true Israel.(born from above) The Wall,
Who was chosen in Him before the foundations of this world. She's here to help awaken the Ekklesia. Those of the church who were taken Captive at the 6th trumpet, and the time Revealing of the Man of Lawlessness..

Song Of Songs 8: 8
We have a little sister,(Ekklesia) and she hath no breasts: what shall we do for our sister in the day when she shall be spoken for? 9 If she be a wall, (a wise virgin) we will build upon her a palace of silver: and if she be a door,(foolish virgin) we will in close her with boards of cedar. 10 I am a wall, (Bride) and my breasts like towers: then was I in his eyes as one that found favour.

Truly Father has Chosen the foolish things to confound the wise! This was no plan of mine! Nor did I understand any of this in depth three years ago. It has been revelation from the Holy Spirit as I listened to Him. He is the Teacher.

He began to shown me things from the book of Jeremiah! I'd never studied it. Still haven't really study, studied it in full yet! But He's used it for conformation after conformation as I followed him!
Each Time it shook me to my core as I would again and again find conformations in the book of Jeremiah! I Still have a time with the message of Jeremiah! It just overwhelms me, Because I began to see the message of Jeremiah the prophet to Judah. That the time for repentance had come to a close. She was under His judgement and didn't even know she'd been taken captive!

I didn't come online with any idea of my own to do or write as I have! I wanted to share all He'd give me with others who would hear it. But that was all I had in mind! I hadn't yet received the revelations I now share. Revelation came as I followed the Holy Spirit. One thing at a time.

Many times I wanted to quit to delete and never come back online again. But My desire to serve him always overcame my desire to flee. (For I have long been a child acquainted with rejection. I should willing invite more?) (NOT!) But As Jeremiah said," His word was a fire shut up in my bones." and I could not run away.

Jeremiah 20:9 Then I said, I will not make mention of him, nor speak any more in his name. But his word was in mine heart as a burning fire shut up in my bones, and I was weary with forbearing, and I could not stay.

For you see Jeremiah 1 isn't mine, it is Fathers.


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